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    The Bendy Theocracy is a government absolutely based on alleged calling on Bendy for inspiration. It is ultra pro-choice and uses black pentagrams. He is ultra-anti-environmentalist as he sees animals as a good source of power. He came out in 1929, the time of the first Bendy cartoon "Little Devil Darlin'".



    • Libertarianism - They allow us to pump ink when we can!
    • Esoteric Fascism - A brother who may have a chance of bumping into Bendy.
    • Bendyism - My son who is more reliant on players other than Bendy himself.
    • Abortionism - The abortions are done when we need MORE ink. Take the revenue from the nearby clinic.
    • Radical Abortionism - If you have control, may you give us the main material revenue to power the ink machine?
    • Pink Capitalism - I know you might sell something that we may need...


    • Progressivism - Equality? Why not freedom?
    • Feminism / Masculism - Sexism of who can work here: Yes. But sexism of who is victim: No.
    • Capitalism - Stop buying too much from us! We need more ink figures! Money won't help!


    • National Socialism - Stop using up our yellow felt needed for rituals for summoning the Ink Demons for your six pointed stars!
    • National Traditionalism - Stop using our rainbow-colored felt needed for luring people in to our Ink Machine for your five pointed stars!
    • Environmentalism - We need animals for our Ink Machine! And you too!


    He is very inky, but not as inky as Bendyism. He takes many showers and has a lot of Mr. Plumber in the bathroom. He likes the Ouija board only if it is used around the Ink Machine in use for animism and the such. He always stays away from the Judeo-Christian theocracy balls and the nationalistic balls.


    1. Draw a grey ball. (#656565)
    2. Draw a dark beige bendy head. (#464636)
    3. Draw a pentagram (upside-down like a Satanist). (#1e1e1e)
    4. Draw eyes.

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