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    File:Flag of Bohmism.png
    Flag of bohmism

    Böhmism is an ideology based on opinions of user Wdcipher5. It is a Radically centrist ideology. Its economic position can range from tightly regulated Social democracy to Classical Liberalism. It is moderate progressive on social issues, but isnt opposed to conservatism, as long as it does not limit someones personal freedom.


    Böhmism believes that governement should be flexible and instead of adhering to an ideology or a certain school of economics, it should change based on circumstances.


    While prefering free markets, Böhmism believes that regulation is often needed to preserve freedom. The cases in which intervention is needed include: Enviromental protection, corporatocracy, monopoly, economic crisis or human rights abuses from companies. When none of these issues exist, fully free market can be estabilished until another issue comes up.


    While it believes anarchy to be the perfect society, it also acknowledges that such society is nearly impossible to achieve on a broad scale, without causing pain and suffering and sees it as utopiary. Otherwise, like with economy Böhmism prefers flexible government, that adapts to situation, instead of adhering to an ideology. It believes that the governement should provide social services, such as healthcare and education but also believes that in some countries implementing them immidietly might be a mistake and preffers slow reformation.


    Böhmism believes in a democratic government with ranked voting system.

    Social issues

    Böhmism believes in equality before the law despite of sexuality, gender or ethnic background. Böhmism hates identity politics and culture war and seeks to end them. It believes that ones sexual ethnic or gender identity should have minimal impact and prefers to judge individuals based on achievments, personality and personal history.


    There are only two genders, but the belief that there are more should be respected on the same level as a religion.

    In terms of gender equality, Bohmism believes that both genders should be equal and if one of them is for some reason treated unequally, the goverment should attempt to balance this. It believes that both men and women face some form of inequality in modern society and both should be helped.


    People should be able to have sex with and marry as they see fit as long as the counterpart consents and is not a minor. Adoption should also be legal. Transition to another gender should also be legal, but only if the transitioning has already gone trough puberty, if he/she has not, he/she should be offered psychological support until he/she does, or no longer identifies as transexual.


    Bohmism is pro-life. Abortion should be legal only in cases of rape, incest or health hazard for the mother.


    Böhmism believes in freedom of religion and religious expression as long as it doesnt violate the law.


    Böhmism supports enviromentalism and replacement of coal and oil as sources of energy. Particulary Thorium nuclear powerplants as they make way less waste and are more effective then air and solar energy, but also way cheaper and safer then uranium.

    Self regulation and threat of extremism

    This is a concept that believes that ideologies that likely wouldn work, such as socialism or anarchism can be very useful in preserving freedom. For instance: When corporacies treat workers badly and goverment isnt doing anything about it, a threat of a socialist group becoming relevant might force the corporate owners to start treating their workers in a better way. Similiarly, a threat of anarchist uprising, might make the government lower its authoritarian tendencies.

    Four spears

    Cuz spears are cooler then arrows.

    Four spears is a concept of opposition to Corporatocracy, fascism, ochlocracy and socialism. Böhmism believes that these four ideologies should be opposed as they limit personal freedom.


    note: The friends and enemies are purely based on ideological alingment, if your self insert is at the bottom of the list, it doesnt mean I personally hate you.

    Best Friends

    Self-insert friends

    • PirateTailism -Over all pretty based, but fortnite is cringe ngl
    • Arctoism-Social democracy and keynesian economics are really based
    • Ego Post-Humanism- Really based as a philosophy but I would never apply it as a political ideology.

    Friends with issues

    • Neocon-Cool it with the drone strikes buddy, but NATO is based
    • EU-Cool but cool it with the regulations, countries should decide that themselves to be able to adapt to situations
    • Kemalism-Based but too nationalistic

    Mixed opinion

    Mixed opinion self inserts

    • Marsism-Vizirism-Its wacky as hell and I like the division of economy to scales, but still too radical (And socialist)


    • Radfem-A bastardization of equality
    • Dengism-An amalganation of communism, fascim and capitalism, absolutly terrible
    • Falun Gong-A racist, homophobic cult, Just because CCP opresses you doesnt mean you get a pass

    Self insert enemies


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