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    Azovism is the Political ideology of Azov Battalion Founder Andriy Biletski and the Azov Battalion until he left it in 2016. He is often a scapegoat of Russian Propaganda, despite azov nowadays not being overtly far right, with only some of the members having neo nazi belief since most of them are now members of the Far-Right National Corps party of Ukraine.


    In 2007, during the period of his activity in the organization "Patriot of Ukraine", he wrote a program article "Ukrainian racial social-nationalism", in which he rejected democracy and liberalism, advocated the transformation of Ukraine into an empire and called for "racial cleansing" of the Ukrainian nation. Later, his quote from this article became known that "The historical mission of our Nation, in this turning point of the century, is to lead and lead the White peoples of the world in the last crusade for their existence. A campaign against subhumanity led by the Semites" . Nevertheless, in the summer of 2015, on the air of Public Television, when asked whether he distances himself from his past and whether he has changed his views, Biletsky denied his authorship and stated that this text was fabricated by the Russian special services. According to Vyacheslav Likhachev, a researcher of far-right movements, Andriy Biletsky is trying to whitewash his past, for this purpose the Internet archives of the websites of "Patriot of Ukraine" and SNA were destroyed, but in general, Biletsky did not "evolve", but mimics. In an interview in 2010, he claimed that he was in favor of a confederation of Ukraine and Russia with the center in Kyiv. Since 2016, he has been supporting the initiative to build an alternative geopolitical project - Intermarium. Biletskyi believes that the creation of the Baltic-Black Sea Union, the core of which should be Ukraine and Poland, will make it possible to face external challenges, including Russia. In his opinion, Ukraine's neighbors feel the danger from Russia much better; in addition, in the event of the formation of such a bloc, Ukraine will establish itself as an independent player in the international arena. Criticized the Minsk agreements as unfavorable for Ukraine and supported the military way of returning the occupied territories.




    • Nazism - you may have send (((degenerates))) into gas chambers, but you also did it for our people as well.
    • Zelenskyism - Why is our President a (((Liberal)))
    • Platformism - Even though you hate P*tin and the R****ies. You don't actually want to be rascist against them, and you're sympathetic to (((them)))?!?!


    • Russophilia - [Comment Removed by Moderator]
    • Putinism -Dirty neo-Bolshevik Mongoloid. Yes, we are Ukrainian Nazis and we will defeat you.
    • Rashism - NGL, We're really similar FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE [REDACTED]
    • Lukashenkoism - Another one, but this time a fan of (((Bolsheviks))) and [REDACTED]? DIE!
    • National Bolshevism-Ruzzian Soviet Vathik.You are not real fascist
    • Fourth Theory - Same as above.Bolshevism and Asiatism-this are literally Russia!
    • Kropotkinism - MY OPPOSITE!
    • Marxism–Leninism - Average Judeo-Bolshevik
    • Wagnerism - We are both Nazcaps... who hate each other because You're a filthy R**skie, So prepare to die!
    • Latuffism - Yes, I'm a Ukrainian Nazi, You [REDACTED]
    • LGBTism - Degenarate.
    • Trotskyism - A (((Communist))) traitor to the Ukrainian people.
    • Radical Marxism - (((Communist))), (((LGBTQ supporter))) and (((Anti-Racist))). How can a Ukraine supporter be like this?


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