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    Azarism is the ideology of the Grand Sage Azar during his reign. It is an Authoritarian, religious, and technocratic ideology well known for colluding with the Fatui, banning sabzeruz festivals, and being the most hated in the Genshin fandom trapping Kusanali. Azarism's rule on Sumeru ended after a huge coup by traveler, Cyno, Dehya, Rahman, Alhaitham, Nilou, Isak, and many Eremites ending his reign.


    Azarism is characterized as a very autocratic and corrupt rule having been able to garner enough power to imprison even other sages against him. Azarism also cooperates with a lot of Fatui especially Il Dottore on high levels of government and make deals with the Fatui to fulfill plans to replace Kusanali with another god. Azarism trapped Kusanali in a prison to prevent Kusanali from ever escaping. Azarism is highly authoritarian having banned festivals and plans that go against the idea of research and pursuing knowledge even banning art and dance. Azarism also likes to mess with the Akasha System and use it to control people's minds to the point where the Corps of Thirty can be pretty much used as his mindless puppets at his whim, at one point it put everyone into a forever dream known as the Samsara where the Sabzeruz festival was replayed over and over again until Nilou unknowingly being the host of the dream was able to free everyone from the Samsara. Azarism doesn't take Eremites that kindly and has pretty much made the condition of the Eremites land worse than before and used the wall as somewhat of an apartheid to keep the eremites in the desert from the Akademiya. Nevertheless Azarism sometimes likes to use Eremites and spread propaganda about King Deshret's return prompting a new ideology of Neo-Deshret Monarchism.


    Azarism is overly prideful and narcissist to the point he sees everyone as fools. Azarism is hard to talk to as he won't listen to anyone who isn't near his level of merit and will despise them for their alleged foolishness to them because to him everyone else is dumb and stupid and doesn't know any better than him. Azarism always likes to act wise and smart using very complex sentences and wording when he speaks. Azarism despises Eremites the most although he sometimes likes to use them as tools for his plots. Azarism cares very little about people and is very corrupt loving to plot in secrecy in order to create a new god like putting everyone in a dream and harvesting their dreams so much that Dunyarzad almost died if it wasn't for Kusanali. Azarism also hates anything that he deems as foolish and will ban them instantly including arts and dances. He seems to get very angry about any mention about Kusanali and will try to shut down anything related to Kusanali.



    • Rukkhadevata Theocracy - It was so sad when you died and Sumeru has lost its glory ever since and that stupid Kusanali is nothing but useless. We're better off to create our own god. WHAT DO YOU MEAN KUSANLI IS YOUR CHILD!!!
    • Noocracy - I am the wisest of all of Sumeru and deserve to rule however I like.
    • Autocracy - No one shall oppose the Grand Sage's rule and his wisdom, even other sages!
    • Meritocracy - He who doesn't have the merit just like me doesn't get to even speak with me let alone oppose me! What do you mean you're against corruption and that I'm a disgrace to you?
    • Akasha System - Useful tool to control the people with.
    • Thirtyism - My loyal faithful and mindless soldiers who do everything I say without hesitation.
    • Kleptocracy - I love my power and the cronies I have who are loyal to me!
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Thanks for helping me build a new god to revitalize Sumeru! I was planning to betray you after getting my new god.
    • Apartheid - Filthy Eremites deserve to live and starve in the desert!
    • Scaramouche Theocracy - If humanity cannot attain omniscience and omnipotence, then we shall create a god to reveal them! This is the pinnacle of human wisdom!
    • Authoritarianism - All plays and dance are frivolous activities and are meaningless in the land of knowledge and reason!
    • Social Authoritarianism - I changed the rules so that everyone who enters Sumeru will be provided with an Akasha System to make knowledge more easily accessible. This way I can gain more energy from the Samsara when I use the Akasha System to put them in an endless dream.
    • Humanism - Creating a god is the pinnacle of human wisdom!
    • Dottoreism - We are grateful to have you give us the gift of a new god to bestow upon Sumeru! What do you mean we are just your test subjects in an experiment?


    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - DON'T YOU FOOLS GET IT! I AM THE AKADEMIYA!!! (Breaks probably all the Six sins) Also the Matra shall work for me!
    • Eremitism - I definitely detest the filthy Eremites but they can be good pawns to my plans sometimes.
    • Neo-Deshret Monarchism - You claim to hate me but you're doing things for me just as planned.
    • Kakistocracy - I detest people like you in the land of knowledge and reason but you can be useful sometimes to accomplish my plans.
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - I like to turn people into my mindless tools. But I must agree with Alhaitham's analysis, Siraj is just out of his mind. It's only good when I do it.


    • Kusanali Theocracy - Useless god, soon I'll replace you with an even greater god! DAMN IT YOU COUPED ME!!! thanks for forgiving me though.
    • Police Statism - The Matra's only purpose is to do the bidding of the sages! No not the judgement of a god.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Oh please, you are foolish to even try to criticize me, the more you do the harsher your punishment will get! and maybe trap you in a Samsara just for my amusement!
    • Dreamism - Dreams does nothing but hinders the research of Sumeru! Also I can't make people suspect that they are in a dream when I implant the Samsara!
    • Liberalism - Foolish Liberals think my rule is unjust and unreasonable! They don't have the qualifications to ever speak to me let alone criticize my rule!
    • Sirajism - The idea of collective consciousness is very concerning that I asked Alhaitham to verify your theses and he rejected it so I will as well.
    • Anarcho-Entertainment - You are nothing but a foolish past time that hinders the research in the land of knowledge and reason.
    • Progressivism - And you stop wasting time on time-wasting drugs and get back to doing research and being reasonable.
    • Anarcho-Egoism - The only spook there is is not pursuing reason and knowledge!
    • Childhoodism - Kids are nothing but foolish and unreasonable!

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