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    Avid Kouch Thought (AKT) is a culturally right-wing to far-right, economically third-positionist, very authoritarian, and ultranationalist political ideology, that was the ideology of JJPMaster before her gender transition. He is a synthesis of Clerical Fascism, Environmentalism, and Distributism, while claiming to be a form of Authoritarian Democracy, despite often disregarding the "Democracy" part when it's convenient for him. He, despite blatantly being one, vehemently denies being a fascist, and is himself not aware of that.

    His ideology consists of an economic system that consists of a blend of Corporatism, Distributism and State Capitalism, that he called "lendism". In this system, the state has complete control over the economy through a central bank that is in possession of all currency in a given nation. This currency is distributed at the state's will to individuals or commercial entities that align with its interests, and is the only source of income for most individuals. He also advocate for a highly interventionist foreign policy, at times bordering on imperialism, motivated by extreme nationalism. He also believes in a very strong state that all individuals and companies are subservient to, but who also gives back to the people it deems worthy. He finally believes that this state should uphold traditional values, banning prostitution, abortion, same-sex marriage, and adultery.


    He is very arrogant, and believes that all other ideologies are inherently inferior to his. He, as previously mentioned, vehemently denies being a fascist, and will immediately   unperson anyone who disagrees.



    •   Longism - Literally me! Just give yourself a little more power, and then we'll talk.
    •   Clerical Fascism - Religious, cares about his nation, respects authority... wait, was I supposed to hate you?


    •   Distributism - Based Catholicism and third-positionism, but cringe decentralization.
    •   Objectivism - Cringe libertarianism and rationalism, but selfishness and subservience to (corporate) authority are based.
    •   Fascism - I have no idea why   "she" thinks I'm one of you; let's see here... I'm authoritarian, ultranationalistic, culturally reactionary, corporatist, militaristic, imperialistic... uh... you know what, maybe we can meet in the middle on this one.
    •   National Socialism - Whoa, calm down just a bit!
    •   Ingsoc - You need to calm down even more! Unpersoning is doubleplusbased though.
    •   Capitalism - You're really not gonna even try subservience to the state?
    •   Homofascism - A degenerate, but at least you're a fascist. Ignore the fact that I made vaginal sex illegal.


    •   Globalism - Free trade? No unnecessary wars? Really?
    •   Anti-Fascism - Terrorists!
    •   Anarchism - Aren't you just Anti-Fascism again?
    •   Chavismo - You ruined Venezuela!
    •   Marxism-Leninism - Commie scum! I mean, at least you respect authority?
    •   Marxism - Hey, the proletarians and bourgeois can work together for the benefit of the state each other!
    •   National Anarchism - Just like National Socialism but without the cool.
    •   Jazzyism - An attention-seeking degenerate who is a waste of space. "She" will never be a woman, let alone an anarchist.
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