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    Averagism is a fictional, civically far left, economically communalist ideology that advocates for everyone in a society to be the exact same. However, this ideology differs from Hive-Mind Collectivism, as the people in Averagism can still be sentient despite being in complete uniform. Averagism also goes to the point where even having numbers instead of names is inadequate, as different numbers would make each member different.
    Averagism is culturally variable, as ideolgies from both extremes of the cultural spectrum can employ uniformity, albeit in different ways (ex: ethnonationalism and forced race-mixing.)
    However, Averagism is not totalitarian, as Averagism is the only system where "a stateless, classless society" could realistically occur, as everyone is completely uniform and there is no division.
    Averagism is also not libertarian either, as an averagist society would look dystopian to anyone living outside of the society.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a blue ball
    2. Draw a white number sign
    3. Outline the number sign with a darker shade of blue
    4. Draw eyes, and you are done!


    Averagism is your average joe. He enjoys sports, fashion, and other things most people enjoy. Averagism is also extremely hostile to everyone that is too different. If born after 2000, Averagism will follow every trend on Instagram, TikTok, and other normie sites.



    • The Average Joe - My best friend, exactly like me.
    • Communalism - We should definitely share everything! But why do you not make an effort to make everyone the same?
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Making everyone the same is based, but why can't all of your members still be sentient?
    • Benefactorism - Almost perfect, but when will you learn that even different numbers can be used to differentiate people?
    • Mediocracy - Basically the less extreme version of me. We should make everyone mediocre.
    • Ethnonationalism - We should absolutely have everyone be the same ethnicity.
    • Interculturalism - Or force race-mixing if that doesn't work.
    • Radical Centrism and Anti-Anti-Centrism - We should make sure people have normal ideas and not radical ones!
    • Radical Apoliticism - A little violent, but he still got the spirit!
    • Mainstream Idea Jingoism - We should combat all ideas that are not mainstream!
    • Cogitattism - WAY too weird, but I'll let it pass this time as this is pretty much my goal.


    • Racial Nationalism - I appreciate your efforts of making everyone the same race, but you are still multiethnic.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Having a common culture is based, but you are still multiethnic.



    Old Portraits

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