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    Avata Thought is an ideology based on the thinking of Avata. No summary. This will be updated as I go.

    Economic Issues


    The problem with capitalism is that it is a self defeating system yet also self replecating system. Any failure of capitalism is the fault of its enemies. Homelessness is the fault of the individual, not the system. It is a notion of unlimited greed that leads way to delusions that the greed allocated to capital is normal, natural. The truth is that capitalism in its most basic sense is impossible. There are no free markets. The free market is in essense, as my technophilic "friend" File:-ism.png so greatly admits, impossible. A market is only as free as the government that prevents the coagulation of corporations lets it be. If a market is not regulated by the government, it will instead eventually fall into oligopoly or monopoly, and will thus be regulated by its own governmentesqe forces of corporations. To this end, the self destruction of the capitalist system is impossible. The capitalist system furthermore self replicating. It takes any attack on it and folds it into itself. There is a reason why slave shops ran by corporations create socialist and communist pins and posters, it is because there is a market for them. To the root it must be burned, the weeds of capital must be ripped up and we must pour bleach into the soil.

    The Degenerate Era

    "Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Decades. Each life, a faded lesser copy of the one before! Wake up, eat, work, sleep, reproduce and DIE.

    Vecna (Stranger Things; Season Four)

    The end is nigh. Capital has superseded its shell. The state bows to its will. The state at first crushed capital, the reactionary monarchies of the old days treated capital as a threat (rightfully, really) and crushed any liberal uprising they could. The liberal revolutions however, won in the end. The era of feudalism ceased. Reactionary Monarchism was dead. Capital still to this end was quite limited. Capital yet, grew. As limitations to capital grew, the bourgeoisie went around them, abused and exploited these limits. They moved onto lobbying, lobbying for less strict regulations, for the ability to continue work based discrimination, etc. Capital now in this end, effectively controls the government. It can just simply lobby away anything it finds gets in the way of its profiteering. The state is now no longer the controller of capital, but the one being controlled. The state is but a shell where capitalism is the system and the production force of the day, and capital runs unimpeded. The state is but a formality now.


    Communism is a complex and authentic ideology, spawning its head from the works of Marx and Engels, and minor stems off from Bakunin and Kropotkin. Unfortunately, the issue is no one can particularly agree on what communism even really is. The worst variants undoubtedly stem from the Stalinist branches, as they bring the muddiest waters and the worst interpretations of Marx's writings. Therefore I shall mostly ignore the Stalinist positions. Even without this however, we still enter issues. Communism is the true movement, the abolition of all as it currently exists, and yet it has failed in most earnest attempts to even reduce or crush any form of bourgeoisie influence both culturally and administratively. Communism is the ideology of the masses, yet must be pushed by force on an unwilling proletarian class, the class that communism supposedly is for. Communism is statist, except for when it isn't. This critique is of course barebones and not very in-depth, being more a baseline rather than an actual one. Further knowledge gained will render this section more developed, trust.

    Societal Issues

    The societal issues that we face today are entirely based on fiction. The race one perscribes to is a falsehood made up however many centuries ago to justify the actions of imperialism being committed. All factors of identity are all in all and totally made up. To this end, the identity must be atomized. Destroyed. Bent to the will of those wielding it, to call themselves what they wish and not be held back by the arbitrary nature of identity and the politics surrounding it. The true end of identity politics is the abolition of identity itself, as both the liberal side and the conservative sides of this argument have shown that they can not end it on their own. Should either side win, it still would not fix the issue, as the issue with identity politics is that it as other systems are self replicating, this through thought of mind, and emotional outbursts. In the end, everything people conflate as gender, from the foolish usage of words to denote someones identity, to the roles or objects tied to it, are all fake. A woman can not be defined. A male can't either. And even if they could be, by any faulty understanding of a lexicon or science, their definition would mean not anyway. The understanding of words shifts, and thus, they mean nothing. The goal of the abolition of identity is not everyone as a nonbinary pansexual, but to create a rainbow as thick and as beautiful as one can imagine, for every sense of impossibilty observed in the modern day to be accepted and recognized as real and possible. From all corners of contradiction.

    However, the abolition of identity on any wide scale is impossible. Due to the nature of humanity, no one will 100% agree all the time. And thats okay. What matters is what you the individual think. Not what some backwards hateful "individualist" conservative says or what out of touch commie states about you.

    All societal issues are based on nonsense. What ones religion is. What ones gender is. What ones race is. But never the individual themselves. Baseless, factless, tactless judgements over nonsense we made up to feel better about our petty and moronic hatred.


    The truth of human division is that it is not linguistic in nature. Any languages separated by an amount for long enough will split and differ. It is just the nature of how languages form, its why Italian & Romanian are so different, as opposed to still just being Latin. This therefore means that attempts at a global language are misguided at best, and genocidal at worst.


    Esperanto as a language was formed by Ludwik Zamenhof. Zamenhof sought to cure the poison of nationalism by creating an international language, which is what Esperanto was. Esperanto was a means to an end, for the European petty nationalisms. Now, as its failures to grow as an internationalist language are extremely apparent, yet, Esperantism still persisted. This now has ended in a group who speak an exclusively european language to seek its enforcement on non-europeans. Do you see the issue here? The issue with Esperanto is that it is european. It is entirely a european language. In Esperanto's aims to abolish nationalism, it merely only created a new nation, and a new nationalism, one that is more potent and theoretically oppressive than any other. Esperanto has failed its goal, it must be left behind as a remnant of a simpler era, one of colonialism and cultural replacement.

    What else?

    Minority languages (Ex. Wymysorys, Ket) must be, to any and all extents possible, preserved. Any and all linguistic death is a travesty. From sea to shining river, from the atlantic to the pacific, both sides of the world round, all endangered, dying languages must be preserved. This can be achieved by a more radical focus on ones community, teaching the young the language instead of the imposed standard. The world round. It is a shame for any language to perish in a time so peaceful.

    The rest of the Identity

    All from ones race to ones sexuality is false, made up. This is very obviously the case. Anything that differentiates a human being is merely just categorizational nonsense based on pseudoscience and a false sense of superiority. The simple fact that an Italian can be considered white by one white nationalist, and brown or arab or african by another, is simple proof to me at least that race is a bullshit concept, although this isn't really seen outside of the US now. Ethnicity is simply another idea. But ethnicity, too, is bullshit. What makes you a german? Or a pole? Or Mestizo? What makes you han, cherokee, or Zulu? Is it social? If so one can change their sociability. Is it a cultural aspect? The food you eat and such? Why can't one just adopt this? Perhaps it's relating to genetics, in which case the argument falls apart even more, because people admit, say that ethncities can be destroyed by inter-ethnic mixing, or genocide! It's flat out ridiculous. You can't exterminate an integral part of someone. And pray tell, what stops an ethnicity from being another? What makes modern Lebanese arabs, instead of phoenecian? Are the Cretians and Peloponnesians of today not the minoans and spartans of the modern years? Are the jews of today the same jews that stood in Jerusalem two thousand years ago? No? Then they don't exist! There are no ethnicities!

    To move to sexuality and gender, these too are just simply bullshit. To start with gender, the easy aspect, it just is so obviously made up. People admit that being girly as a man, or manly as a girl, makes you a girl or a man respectively, until it stops being an insult, then it's the opposite way around. I hate to break it to you, but thats stupid as shit. Gender furthermore doesn't make sense in any way if you admit to the existence of the nonbinary, because you seperate it from the sex binary (which isn't all that binary!), and lead it to being able to be whatever a person desires it to be. If you can recognize that there are people with a gender not of male or female, you can recognize that the ideation of gender, as roles one must take up, is fucking nonsense, and is being replaced in the preferable nonsense that gender is something that someone claims they are, a man is something that is abstract. As is a woman. A creature perhaps? None of these words hold any meaning other than the ones you give them, and the meanings associated with man, woman, and other related terms are becoming de-roleified. They are losing their gender roles, as more gender non-conformity begins.

    Sexuality is distantly related. It simply, like gender, doesn't matter. As it relates to sex and romance, it also doesn't matter. A sexual, romantic, platonic attraction is all different, just because you kiss men and fuck women, doesn't mean you aren't straight, or gay, or whatever else you call yourself, or just because you only find romantic attraction doesn't mean you aren't also not homosexual, or heterosexual. As gender is deconstructed, sexuality is as well. If everything goes in the way that genders are constructed, formulated, dealt with, aknowledged, sexuality as well collapses into a thriving mess of what people say their own experiences are, and this is simply what we should desire.

    Relationship Anarchism

    Relationship Anarchism (RA) as it occurs to the sexuality and gender questions is sort of the ultimate form of polyamory, or "whoring" if you view it as negative. One simply doesn't care. The relationships one has with the people they do are consentual, and based on what each person wants to do. The structure of relationships are dismantled, your friends, your partners, etc, all destroyed. Do you desire to kiss your friends? Go for it. Do you want sexual relationships with partners? Yup! What about just cuddling with anyone? That's your choice. The relationship anarchist cares not for the seperation of friend and partner, or the seperation of sexual, romantic, and platonic boundries for each of these relationships, they instead value the consent of the people they with. Romantic, platonic, and sexual contact, whenever both want, when they both want it.

    The State

    As an anarchist, I of course, am against the state. Yet, you may wonder, why I support things like Palestine. This is simple. The anarchist is for the liberation of people from oppression, capital, state, etc. This includes colonialism and genocide. Thus is so. The reason I am against the state is simple. No, it isn't because it's a monopoly on violence, my issue isn't that I can't shoot someone dead and not get away with it, my issue, rather, is that the state in all forms is used to benefit the people controlling it, for their own selfish desires, the false epitome of greed, than the broader society for everyone's selfish needs. The selfishness of man has been corrupted by state and capital to crush the people who desire freedom and true selfishness so it may continue. The true selfishness of man is to aid those when it aids himself. The state crushes this with the false promise of security. Thank god for the state, now instead of getting shot up by a terrorist in my home, I can get shot up by a terrorist on the other side of the world who want's our empire gone for destroying their home and stealing their resources. Whatever would I do without that?

    The state is for itself and its controllers. Democracy doesn't work. If it truly did anything we would have seen a change in systems by now. There would be less unnecessary bloodshed, there would be less homelessness, less everything, and yet these things still thrive. Any other form of rule is similarly obtuse. Whereas democracy can destroy itself with simple ruthless populism (a la Weimar Republic), you could instead have an autocracy where your king, emperor is insane, and destroys the empire. Or how about an oligarchy? Well now you've changed the issue from one person, or everyone, to a few set of individuals not set to work in the interests of the people either for good or for bad, to be in charge. All governments have flaws, all of which when done causes itself to implode. A bad king causes the kingdom to explode, bad oligarchs cause states to collapse, and bad democracies cause states to fall to power hungry dictators who will, just as a bad king, or a bad oligarch, cause its country ruin. Therefore, the most logical assessment, is to forego all forms of state rule, for all of them lead to strife.

    School(s) of Thought

    Positive Kraterocracy

    Postitive Kraterocracy (or PosiKrat) is an ideology which believes that the inherent nature of kraterocracy is for it to destroy itself via the weak and downtrodden overthrowing and crushing the strong. It believes that the ultimate show of strength is the weak crushing the strong because the Strong simply can't show true strength against each other or the weak. It generally believes that the weak should unite to overthrow all showing of strength, including race supremacism, ethnosupremacism, queerphobia, religious domination, etc. It is against the state and capitalism too, viewing these both as methods of crushing the weak, and it views Strongmen as products of the state that must be destroyed.

    Full fleshing out coming soon.

    Other Nonsense


    Theory I've Read

    - All is Nothing to Me

    - Principles of Communism

    - Post-Civ!

    - On Authority

    Theory I'm Reading

    - Critique of the Gotha Program

    - The Right to be Greedy

    Theory I Plan to Read

    - The Communist Manifesto

    - Society and the Spectacle

    - Armed Joy

    - It's Crazy How Many Things Don't Exist

    - Capitalist Realism

    Theory Recommendations

    Feel free to add! Please put it in the same way I have up there ( [[File:IdeologyIcon.png]] - '''{{Theory Name}}''' )


    Avata Thought Flag

    Avata Thought Flag
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    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Positive Kraterocracy Flag

    Positive Kraterocracy Flag

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    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255


    Just Like Me!

    Good Enough For Me

    • Probably a meme, but still. - Despite the fact this is probably just a meme with a seperate page, this is still desirable. Better than absolutely nothing.
      • - nope! genuinely believe this.

    Neither Good Nor Evil

    • 'Strayan ConBert - Oh brother.
    • Another average socialist - Well, y'know?
    • Liberalism with a Human Face - Statusquoism but like, better.
    • British Liberal Communism - Again, another average socialist. But, you even out the boringness of traditional state socialists with the cool new prospect of being a liberal as well! How convenient for me.
    • MISTER BEAAAAAAAAAAST - More liberalism. More capitalism. More painful averageness. At least give me some wacky ultranationalism or something, cmon!
    • Nature-Technology Synthesis - Can you even really call this a self insert? It's less of a self insert and more of a gang developed inside of another gang. Either way, it's quite the interest to see technophiles admit the necessity of nature, even if you still want to technophy it... I'll keep this page in mind.
    • Unabashed Liberal Socialism - I respect a self proclaimed liberal/reformist over a liberal who hides in fear for what they know they are. I still dislike the general idea of how you want things to change though.

    The Politically Undesireable

    • Indo-Stalinism - By the rules of le anarchismus, you mvst be banished to No...
    • Unabashed Capitalist Nonsense - Better than literally nothing but I would still prefer you to you know, not be a capitalist, statist, or anything else really. Though, I suppose we all dream about something sometimes.
    • Literally Western Marxism-Leninism - You went from a liberal anarchist to a liberal communist. Although, you seem to be ultrizing, so it's whatever I guess.
    • Liberal Libertarian Socialist #475684 - Anti-extremist? Horrible! Extremism is what truly gets things done dont you know!
    • Scorpism - This is just what he was before he became a monarchoid, but desiring separation from America. Nothing interesting. Also your hatred of anarchists is just so cliche and boring... better than "anarcho-hitler"posting but still.
    • Ego-Progressivism - For someone who claims to be against worshipping things, even putting down people like Yani for "worshipping nothing", when you yourself worship reason and logic as opposed to religion. Stirner would have HATED your takes on religion, for you are a pious atheist. Despite the fact you claim to be so free from geists, you yourself are not free from the geist of worshipping science as god, instead of Thor or YHWH. Congratulations on contradicting yourself in the easiest way possible not to.

    Besides that your ideology is like... fine I guess. Certainly better than most people here. Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

    • File:-ism.png Technophilic Asexualism - A quick skim over your page brings me back memories of when I first made long harrowing (useless, ultimately meaningless) critiques of your "ideology". To be frank, your conception of the world is so unbelievably propagandized in favor of America that I can't even really comment on your foreign views, literally nothing there is any different than what I expect except for maybe a few miscellaneous ideas about certain countries. <s<Oh by the way, Ukraine is following the way of Saddam, Bin Laden, and Qaddafi, straight to hell as nothing but a pawn, there will be no country sized NATO base! You recognize that free market capitalism is in of itself an oxymoron, an impossibility, but then why do you continue to champion the capitalist idea? It literally is built on an impossibility, nothing about the original idea of capitalism remains. Oh, and EUGENICS, my favorite. What would be the point, technophile? Genes are meant to be unpredictable. For being a social darwinist you seem to not really want to be one, out of what? Some fucked up sense of justice, a fetish for destroying the disabled without having to kill them all, what's your reasoning -? If you don't want to be a social darwinist then just don't be one, you don't have to use eugenics as a cover for not being entirely heartless. Tell me further, why even waste your time with satiation of people? Just tell them the liberal democracy they've been lead to believe is real is a fucking lie already. There is no democracy under the blacksun, etc. You don't need to make a useless layered cake of government systems because your government is literally an autocracy in a smooth layer of paint, it's nothing more than a waste of government resources to allow limited elections for a small group of people who, most likely, won't even vote in the first place! It's just NOT NECESSARY! "Oh what would you know about government rule", brother hundreds of years of government have happened before me to prove that the people when they reach a point don't care about fucking democracy, this country barely cares about the facade outside of pretending that the Republicans and Democrats are any different, either side just wants to crush the other. Democracy doesn't work forever. It's easily destroyed. Oh right I forgot, you're an illiberal democrat which renders the entire ideology of democracy entirely fucking useless because it's not real democracy until the people vote in favor of whatever you want. As I mentioned before, Autocracy fails because of a shitty ruler (which you have appeared to fix with your "rigorous" testing) oligarchy fails because of a collection of the corrupt, democracy literally kills itself from the nature of its existence. You simply waste your time by trying to make democracy work. Didn't your Counterpart already give up democracy in favor of some stupid autocratic bullshit? I mean, his shit won't ever be introduced ever, no matter how close to power he gets, but still. Everything else about this bullshit just doesn't work. It's overcomplicated and overly technologically larpy. America will never be as you wish it were, it is destined for collapse and ruin. YOU will never be able to say that you influenced this rotting corpse outside of being it's uncritical dickrider. Eat shit.
    • An assault on all that is good in the world - Bro really said " Hamilton's a monarchist? Well shit!"
    • Not Critical Race Theory, nor Cathode Ray Tube - Boring reactionarism. Yawn. Something something spook.
    • Andorran KFC-ocracy - You manage to actually bring interest. I'll cease on shallow insults for now, even though you so thoroughly bury yourself in the geist that is capital. Tell me, why are you a kraterocrat? It simply doesn't make sense. Especially considering the fact that kraterocracy, in its purest form, is an ideology of the masses rather than the individual tyrant. The truest form of strength is not a strongman subjugating the weak, for the weak do not allow for the strongman to effectively prove his strength, nor the strong against the strong, because one must lose even if they are ultimately the same strength, but rather the weak subjugating the strong, or ultimately eliminating them, as the weak show their true strength when they crush the strongmen. Kraterocracy is in this way, an ideology of the masses and is therefore self-destructive (as is democracy and capitalism to an extent), rendering it entirely useless.
    • Ego-Stalinism - This is just a poorly thought out argument against egoism. "What if its in my ego to be a dictator?", on the same level as r/FullEgoism questions.
    • Niiloism - Ehhh? This guy sounds stupid ngl.

    S Tier

    The Abyssinia Himself Bery is my favorite german! Hes a great dude to talk to, glory to the 'ciety!
    Anti-White Patriot Shrekism 🫡 (Also a cool dude to talk to and stuff)
    Sinae Sister My sister <3
    Me-dicks Chaodicks Funny pole. We share interests in games n stuff.
    World's Best Aycee Alt Based fellow UT autist! The best council member :3

    A Tier

    My Favorite 'Strayan Cool guy, shit politics, thats bout it!
    Minnesotan Sewer Communist We talk about gommunism, hes helped me understand a lot.
    Fennec Commie The main drive behind my understanding of communism.

    B Tier

    I love Poland, The Song, The Guy Funny polish leebral. He's pretty cool yeah. Used to annoy me a lot but we've become better "friends" I guess in the past few days.

    C Tier

    D Tier

    File:-ism.png If 2016 became a bitter college student I like talking to you about mutual experiences we've had and some other unrelated stuff, you're still a piece of shit.
    Strongest Disciple of Vaush You know why.

    F Tier

    You suffer from Liberal Manchilditis: It's Terminal.

    Gangs and Stuff


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    Baundoun Addeth me, uncristly daemon.

     Niiloism - add me?

    Ego-Stalinism - add me?


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