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    Auto-Racism is an ideology that believes that people from a certain race should have discrimination and hate against their own races. This ideology can also be separated into three other ideologies

    Versions of Auto-Racism:

    Black Auto-Racism

    Black Auto-Racism believes that black people should have discrimination agains other black people, so black auto-racists participates in hate groups against blacks like the KKK or white nationalists groups.

    White Auto-Racism

    White Auto-Racism believes that white people should have discrimination against other white people, mainly for hating blacks and colonization, so most white auto-racists support the blacks and hate whites.

    Satirical Auto-Racism

    Satirical Auto-Racism believes that people should mock theirselfes based on their race and make racist jokes with theirselfes, it's all for the jokes and it's not even considerated real racism.


    Auto-Racism is always upset about his own race and always says that his own race sucks and that he wish he was from the other race, but no one understands him.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Auto-Racism (Black)
    Flag of Auto-Racism (White)
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with black/white
    3. Draw a white/black slightly diagonal line
    4. Draw two white/black person on each side of the line
    5. Make the eye(s) and your done!
      1. Make a green hair, a big red nose and some purple eye borders for Satirical Auto-Racism
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    white 255,255,255 #FFFFFF







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