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    Note: This concept was shamelessly stolen from PCBA Civil War by Airisu, but she stole this concept from Marvel so IDGAF.

    Introductory Synopsis


    Beautiful peace. For millenia, authoritarians and anarchists have coexisted peacefully without any sort of fighting (except in the comment sections, you guys need to grow up). That all changed when the auths started to attack moderate anarchist communes. Initially, the self-insert anarchists didn’t care. They were just cringe moderates.

    A few months later, the entire normal compass was under auth control. Self-inserts started to notice, but they didn’t care. This carelessness proved to be their undoing, as mere years later, the vast cyborg armies of F.I.A.T and Plenderplarism, the drug/machine-enhanced genetically-modified superbeasts bred by Heinrich Cheungism, the strict hierarchies and command structures of Nullism and the malicious spyware employed by IngSoc marched throughout the off-compass. Self-inserts of the Anarchy started to freak out and rightfully so.

    The first self-insert to fall was Potashism. It was but a small commune inhabiting the space outside of the LibLeft quadrant, so it was swamped within a day. Later, the Denatian Model, Kira Kween Thought and Afunhumaninterism all fell to the blitzkrieg. By this point, however, the libs strengthened their defenses and successfully repelled a few invasions, but it was too late. The auths controlled everything, save for the most extreme and unholy ideologies. In their new lands, they instituted an ultra-Orwellian nightmare to keep the libs in check: Uber-IngSoc. It was perfectly centrist, neither left nor right and was created with samples from all of the Authoritarian self-inserts. Libs in captured territory now spent their days mining and doing menial/hard labor instead of doing whatever libs do.

    However, there was still plenty of resistance within the lib territories. To protect the remaining hyper/omni ideologies from being harnessed by the auths, massive fortresses were built around them to secure and contain their power. The International Lib Resistance (ILR), headed by Airisuism, was fighting a futile, yet inspirational guerilla war against IngSoc. What will happen? Who will win? What will be the cost? Stay tuned.

    Chapter 1: Auth

    The situation was all under control. The fortress protecting Azathoth was about to fall, splitting the entire lib off-compass in half and allowing access into the forbidden territories. However, there was a thorn in the massive Auth incursion’s side; Airisu. She and her band of LibLefts were fighting with all of their power against the Auths, but as her soldiers tired, the situation became more and more hopeless. Eventually, the outer walls and the forcefield protecting the fortress fell, prompting the release of a recreational McNuke as a last resort.

    Unfortunately, one of the sadistic military commanders of the Auth army, Chief Scientist F.I.A.T, was there to make sure that this did not go without a hitch. Sure, he was overcompensating, sending all of his elite forces against the fort, but there was no room for errors. A brutal and drawn-out strike was required, so that’s exactly what he did. As the McNuke careened towards the battlefield, F.I.A.T had one of his pet projects, a prototype Megawatt laser in its final developmental phases, shoot the nuke down with extreme accuracy. This not only rendered the Lib’s most powerful weapon useless, but it revealed that F.I.A.T had no intention on playing fair. Airisuism realized this when F.I.A.T aimed the Megawatt laser at Azathoth’s containment cell; he didn’t want to capture it, as capturing Azathoth was impossible, but he wanted to free it. And that’s what he did.

    Azathoth had been contained in its cell for the past few million years. Now that it was free, it immediately wiped out whatever was left of the fortress. Then, in a rare act of appreciation, he flew off, leaving the Auths to celebrate. Of all of the Libs in the fortress, only fourteen made it out alive. One of them was Airisu. Luckily, she did not bring her entire band with her, but this was still a crippling loss.

    F.I.A.T was contacted immediately by the Commander in Chief of the entire army; IngSoc. After congratulating F.I.A.T on his victory, he said that the ruined fortress was now under his sole supervision and that F.I.A.T was to vacate immediately, but to leave his forces behind. And with that, F.I.A.T and his huge ass laser teleported home.

    Chapter 2: Lib

    Days after the fall of Azathoth, the Libs were still recovering from the crippling blow that they received. Azathoth was no longer a threat; it retreated into the forbidden regions, but the losses were still catastrophic. That is, until Inkysoc found something.

    “Look here. I found a way to beef up our forces.”

    “That’s the third time this month you’ve found a way to beef up our forces,” said JoeyFloppaism. Normally, these two ideologies would never work together, but facing the death of everything they held dear, they found themselves at an impasse.

    “This one’s different. It increases muscle density by a factor of two, while only having a mortality rate of 5%.”

    After that, Inkysoc worked on perfecting the new formula, but someone was spying on him. Someone...sinister.

    Airisuism and her forces decided that fighting a guerilla war wasn’t enough anymore. To stand a chance against the massive Auth army, they needed to be organized. So, they joined the recently-cobbled together Freedom Soldiers as elite forces. However, Airisuism still had something on her mind; F.I.A.T. She wondered how one self-insert could be so sadistic and evil to use a laser that big in warfare. It was then that she decided that before even thinking about gaining any lost territory back, F.I.A.T had to go. The problem was that F.I.A.T was an excellent fighter, on par with Airisuism herself. Unfortunately, he knew this, so he constructed a suit of chromium power armor for himself for whenever he was forced to leave his labs in the off-compass AuthUnity to make himself OP. Whatever she could throw at him, he would counter with ten times the brutality. That’s why she needed a new strategy. One that not even F.I.A.T could outfox.

    Chapter 3: Auth

    F.I.A.T was having a very good day. Not only did he destroy the LibCenter keep and successfully test his laser (although that was a few days ago), but the High Quartermaster (the guy who controls industry and logistics) of the Auth Empire, Nullism, asked him to research quantum computers personally so that he could expedite the production of the terafactories (very huge factories) that littered the outskirts of the Auth quadrants. That was a few months ago, and F.I.A.T was almost done. Not only would this help Nullism, but it would also help F.I.A.T’s fellow scientist, Heinrich-Cheungism. Both of them were Chief Scientists, but F.I.A.T worked more on siege weapons, artillery, defense systems and robots, while Cheungism worked more on biological/chemical weapons, small arms, melee weapons and beasts of battle. Both of them were critical to the development of the Auth empire. Heinrich was running out of ideas for more animals to genetically modify for war, but with a quantum computer, all he had to do was build and modify it.

    However, there was a hitch in F.I.A.T’s big day. Intelligence from Marxism-Leninism indicated that Airisu was planning on taking F.I.A.T out. “Aww HELL NAW,” yelled F.I.A.T as he started to brainstorm even more OP weapons to give himself. What’s worse is that F.I.A.T also gained intelligence that Inkysoc and JoeyFloppaism were due to make a superserum somewhat soon. “PAIN TIME!!!” yelled F.I.A.T again as he started work on his most potent sniper rifle; the Antimatter Annihilator.

    Across the compass, into the territorries of Off-Compass AuthCenter, IngSoc pondered what his next move should be. He had the Libs by their balls, but, knowing Libs, he knew that if even some of them remained Lib, the empire would ALWAYS be under threat. This gave IngSoc a headache, so he called in his personal jester/fool, Plenderplarism, to entertain him with stories of L.A.R.Ping and hyper-dystopian beliefs. And...that’s it.

    Chapter 4: Lib

    A few months had passed, and Airisuism had stalked pretty much everywhere she could in search of F.I.A.T. No matter how hard she looked, she could not find him. Sure, she killed a few Auths along the way, but she knew that this was pointless, because the Auths had another very broken technology; post-mortem transference of conscience. Provided by Heinrich-Cheungism, this allowed dead soldiers to simply have their memories and consciousnesses transferred into a synthetic body. No waste of training, no waste of time. At least she blew through a few of their resources, though.

    Although her fight as of this moment was futile, Airisuism was still an extremely skilled fighter, being proficient in three martial arts and being able to lift one thousand pounds. Unfortunately, all of the Auth’s elite corps could do that too, so she wasn’t really special compared to them, but she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to the lower-level grunts. This becomes relevant later.

    Inkysoc and JoeyFloppaism weren’t doing so hot, either. Not only did Inkysoc’s new formula fail, but apparently, there was an error in the base formula itself. The only good news was that they were extremely close to the superserum itself, but they still were not anywhere close to completing it. Yet.

    Chapter 5: Auth

    Despite all of his rage, F.I.A.T was having trouble. The antimatter cartridges needed to self-contain the shots were already extremely expensive by themselves, but it also appeared that, due to the fact that it's antimatter, the explosion produced not only damages the barrels of most existing gun templates that use the same caliber, but it also damages the delicate inner workings of the gun itself. This was giving him a fucking headache. Worse yet, a temporal distortion that occurred when Azathoth was freed allowed SELF INSERTS FROM THE FUTURE to invade the 2020-ian landscape. Among them were hordes of Left Communists and a fuckton of Egoists, for some reason. And there were a LOT of them. Although the auths could pretty much recycle bodies at will, there were now a LOT more libertarians than Auths. So, he went to his private quarters and started to think.

    Meanwhile, IngSoc wasn't doing so well. He was simply not authoritarian enough to continue ruling the Auth empire, so he transformed into a hideous and far more powerful ideology; IngBur. There was only three steps in his master plan left, and once he had that, nothing would be able to stop him.

    Hein, on the other hand, abandoned capitalism for the most part and started to embrace the more esoteric aspects of life, including financing many operations to weird dig sites in order to find good shit. This was not going well, until he found an odd relic that told of ideologies so cursed and so powerful that they couldn't even be contained by the Omni-Ideologies. Hein decided to investigate, but there were still two fortresses left; surrounding Omni-Force and Omni-Free.

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