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    Authoritarian Urbism is the combination Authoritarianism and Urbism. There's a IRL example of a citystate that is pretty much authoritarian urbism to the term isn't really used for it. The example being Singapore.


    Authoritarian Urbism believes that a urbist society should be ruled authoritarian this could have many reasons for example one being that the city needs to be authoritarian ruled to keep up with the big nationstates.

    Personality and Behavior

    Authoritarian Urbism is generally a very strict ball. He's also a big urbanite and a fan of urban life. Because of that he's generally annoyed and angry when people ruin his urban experience by for example throwing chewing gum onto the streat.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a inverted triangle with the Urbist blue.
    3. Colour the rest in a darker gray.
    4. (Optional) Give the ball a little flag of Singapore.
    5. Add eyes and then you're done!



    • Authoritarianism - Our city needs a strong authority or else people will spit their chewing gum on our beautiful roads!
    • Singapore - Singapore is so fucking based!
    • Urbism - I love my city!!


    • Anarcho-Urbism - I love my city too but you NEED a strict government for them!


    • European Federalism - So many cities are not only together in one nation, that nation is not even authoritarian! Truley disgusting!
    • World Federalism - I'm out of words for this shit.
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