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    Authoritarian Systemism is an authoritarian right, culturally centered, and slightly nationalistic that believes systemist goals need to be accomplished with a strong amount of authority. It may be more welcome to government surveillance, tough-on-crime policies, and even more policing.




    • Systemism - Libertarianism is bad but you're based overall.
    • National Afunhumaninterism - Extremely conservative and a lot too upsetting and radical at times; and we have different views on LGBT for sure. But a statist, capitalist, and an anti-abortionist make you very based for a radical rightist.
    • Authoritarian Traditionalism - The state is based but social conservatism is too restrictive on cultural norms.
    • Radical Systemism - Systemist concepts are good but anarchism is filthy.
    • Rebelism - I see that your cultural and environmental views are far too restrictive; your gerontocracy is worthy of destruction as well. Your statism and capitalism could prove good.


    • Right-Democratism - Oxymoron who thinks he can ruin the name of the right.
    • Democratism - Fraudulent racist socialist! Stop funding Antifa!
    • Left-Democratism - Democratism but SO MUCH MORE HONEST.
    • Airisuism - Communism Syndicalism and anarchism are two of the worst things in this world combined.
    • Antifa - F*cker who loots our businesses and attacks our police.
    • Bidenism - You're never infiltrating my government you KKKommunist!

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