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    Authoritarian Scarletism

    Authoritarian Scarletism is an economically and culturally center-left and authoritarian ideology.

    Main differences between Authoritarian Scarletism and Scarletism

    Authoritarian Scarletism believes in a one party state and authoritarianism at all times, not just when a country is undeveloped. All other parties and ideologies would be banned, particularly LibRight ideologies. She would also oppose gun rights, support indoctrinating the youth, and apart from military and police, the only people with gun rights would be those part of government backed paramilitary organizations. She also may or may not support State Atheism, depending on the situation



    Authoritarian Scarletism is picky on who she likes and as such, doesn’t have many friends.

    Kemalism - basically me but applied to Turkey.

    Titoism - great economics and overall based. Barbara Pit was beautiful, btw. We should do one together, but let’s also include LibRights in the mix.

    Peronism - based! But why all the pro-fascist and isolationist shit?

    Longism - again, based. But why are you so religious?

    Gaddafism - while a bit too culturally right for me, I’ll let that slide. You’re a great leader

    Ho Chi Minh Thought - too economically left for my liking, but who cares? We both like authoritarianism and I also admire how you break free from French imperialists.

    Social Authoritarianism - basically me. Based!

    Goulash Communism - seems alright ngl

    African Socialism - good more often than not

    Dengism - based except for foreign policy.


    Scarletism - I love your ideas, but why do you support democracy? Though at least you use me for the third world, but what is up with this “transition to permanent democracy”? Why do that when we can stay in power forever

    Social Democracy - based economics, cringe democracy.

    Nordic Model - I like Denmark and Norway’s economics but stop being a liberal.

    Zapatism - fighting against neoliberals is based, libertarianism isn’t.

    Khrushchevism - I like your Destalization and authoritarianism, but stop with the ML bullshit.

    Corporatism - good economic system, but you’re fascist more often than not


    Literally any LibRight ideology - off to the camps with you!

    Proto-Scarletism - sickening neocon rightist. Idk how I am related to you.

    Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism - back off, imperialist fucks. Attack me and I unleash havoc in your land.

    National Socialism - how about I send you to the death camps instead?

    Stalinism - oh, so I’m a “social fascist”? Off to the camps with your friend above (who is actually fascist). Idc if you betrayed him later on


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