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    Authoritarian Progressivism

    Authoritarian Progressivism, shortened to AuthProg, is an economically ambiguous (though usually center-left or left-wing), authoritarian and socially progressive to ultraprogressive ideology who supports the creation of a strong state that opposes democracy; it also uses authoritarian methods to enforce culturally and socially progressive values (sometimes additionally supporting technological progress). It believes that the state is the best apparatus for ensuring true social equality and creating a more open and inclusive society, as well as driving society forward to embrace progressive ideals such as women's rights, separation of church and state, abolition of regressive traditions and adherence to science and reason.

    It supports either a benevolent dictatorship or a technocracy that supports progressivism and sometimes additionally advocates for a social safety net that would benefit the populace. He asserts that his methods are necessary to ensure that conservative ideas on society and culture he sees as "oppressive" or "reactionary" cannot gain power in the political sphere, thus ensuring unimpeded social progress and an equal society for all.


    The Progressive State

    Under construction!

    Science and Equality

    Cultural Revolution

    Rejection of Religion


    How to draw

    If you don't want to get arrested, it is suggested you break traditional norms while drawing this ball.

    Flag of Authoritarian Progressivism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color the ball black.
    3. Draw a green inverted triangle in the middle of the ball.
    4. Add the eyes and you're done.
    5. Optional: Add a military-style peaked cap with some manner of stereotypical progressive insignia (LGBT pride flag, Twitter logo etc.).
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #49DB0B 73, 219, 11
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20



    • Matriarchy - 👏 More female dictators! 👏
    • Social Authoritarianism - Free healthcare and a strong state? I like what I see here! (Shame about your more conservative supporters such as Lukashenko, though.)
    • Technocracy - A strong state run by the intelligentsia that pushes science and progress forward? Count me in!
    • Maoism - This "Cultural Revolution" of yours sounds fascinating, let's do another!
    • Hoxhaism - Improving women's rights in a patriarchal society and shutting down every religious institution in the country? Based as hell!
    • Kemalism - I love your heavy-handed approach to progress! You're a little too friendly with democracy for my tastes but you're a valuable comrade nevertheless.
    • Jacobinism - Robespierre did nothing wrong!
    • Enlightened Absolutism - My dear friend from the royal family, we both love Enlightenment values and strong leadership! You'll be spared from the guillotine.
    • State Liberalism - The most, and perhaps the only, truly respectable liberal.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Progress and force together? Awesome! Let's go beat up some close-minded racists together!
    • Eco-Authoritarianism - My more environmentally-minded counterpart. But some of you suck.
    • De Francism - You're the closest anyone's ever been to me in real life! State-mandated race-mixing, you say? I know a few countries that could really use that...
    • State Atheism - Religious institutions are reactionary forces that need to be fought with all our strength! Though some of us, like Atatürk, preferred secularism over you.
    • Scientocracy - Yes to rationalism and the scientific method! Down with superstition! Wait... what do you mean, I'm "too authoritarian"?
    • Miguel Diaz-Canel Thought - Love how you handle those bigoted gusanos!


    • Satanic Theocracy - We both dislike conservative morality and favour strength and power, but... you scare me.
    • Civil Libertarianism - So you want gay rights, but not government surveillance? What if some bigots attack them?
    • Progressive Fascism - Chauvinistic fascist pig! Wait... you want to enforce progressive ideals through an authoritarian state too?
    • Reformism - It depends. Atatürk really liked you, Mao did not.
    • The Democratic Party - You don't want to implement an authoritarian state that crushes traditional values? I wish you were as based as Fox News says you are.
    • Fordism - You do a nice job with clearing away tradition and family values, but you're more of an authoritarian hedonist than a real progressive.
    • Liberalism - I like some your ideas, especially on progress and inclusivity, but can you please stop with this "freedom of speech" nonsense?
    • Futurism - Violently resisting tradition with as much force as possible? I love that! Why do you hang out with fascists and anarchists so much though?
    • Homofascism - Racist ultranationalist bigot! We both support a strong state with LGBT rights though, so that's nice?


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