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    Authoritarian Naturism is a ideology that wants nudism under an authoritarian government, more specifically, to enforce naturism upon others.


    Authoritarian Naturism also known as State enforced Nudity wants people to be nude. The people who are forced to be nude can vary from "inferiour" people, to just woman, to everyone. Policies of a normal authoritarian nudist government might be: Banning clothes and locking people up who might produce or wear clothes in secret.

    Personality and Behavior

    Most other naturists follow the general idea that nudism should be something done voluntarily, and not forced unto others, but Authoritarian Naturism is different, for he believes that the best way for a nudist society or colony to fuction and thrive, is to implement mandatory naturism within it's borders, to ensure that everyone follows nudism, and keep the malicious influence of clothes out of it, lest they treaten the survival of the colony.

    Furthermore, in constrast to most other naturists and enviromentalists, who have a live and let live attitude, Authoritarian naturism wants to enforce its laws, and codes of conduct through the colony in order for all it's members to be disciplined and lawful, to discourage crime and counter-productive behavior, punish those who damage the enviroment, or threaten his leadership, and above all else, to ensure to keep clothes out at all costs.

    As such, one of his favourite hobbies is to routinely forcibly strip people of their garments before burning them in the fire pit, all for the good of the naturist cause of course.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Authoritarian Naturism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a White inverted triangle in the center.
    3. Fill the two sides with Green.
    4. Draw a Green fig leaf on the lower parts of it's body.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!



    • Naturalist Fascism - My more nationalist brother.
    • Eco-Fascism - To be honest, he's a bit too crazy for me, but we still bond during the yearly tribal nude dance.
    • Eco-Authoritarianism - My twin who has yet to see the light of naturism.
    • Authoritarian Primitivism - Power to the High Chief!
    • National Primitivism - Let's burn some filthy textiles together!
    • IngNatur - My Big Brother.
    • Conservative Naturism - He has the right values and ideas, but it's methods just require some improvement.
    • CFNMism - I believe that Women should be forced to be naked too, but males it's a good start.
    • CMNFism - I believe that Men should be forced to be naked too, but females it's a good start.
    • CNBNBism - I believe that Enbies should be forced to be naked too, but binary people it's a good start. Also you are even better than the last two because you disrobe the most people.


    • Anarcho-Naturism - How do you expect for a nudist society to function without rules to mantain order and keep clothes out ?
    • Naturist Feminism - Protests aren't my thing, but i like your spirit girl!
    • Naturist Masculism - The fact that you are naked is good, but you should stop behaving like a obnoxious unruly fratboy.
    • Catboy Naturism - My god, you are even more troublesome and wild than the last one.
    • Eco-Anarchism - Anarchy is dumb, you should think about introducing some proper goverment, laws, and leadership if you want for your society to survive. Not to mention to ditch clothes.
    • Naturist Industrialism - You are fine as long as you don't try to pollute the enviroment or produce outlawed garments.


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