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    Pan-Right Totalitarianism


    Pan-Right Totalitarianism is an off-compass culturally right, off-compass economically right, off-compass authoritarian (totaltiarian) ideology. Its economic views are centered around laissez-faire economics. It combines the capitalism and authoritarianism of File:Authoritarian Capitalism.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism with the far-right cultural views of Nazi.pngNational Socialism, although it's arguable right of Nazism. It embodies everything Pan-Left Anarchism is against. They believe society should be run with a strong military and by a strong military dictator.


    One day, the founder of Pan-Left Anarchism was bored. So they decided to create an ideology that goes against everything they stood for just for the fun of it.


    Economic Views

    ANCWMC is off-compass economically right. It believes there should be a period of time when there's a completely free market, allowing some people to climb to the top. Then, they want the market to be completely controlled. This way, the people who climbed to the top get all sorts of special privileges while the rest of the nation suffers. They think the only way to get wealth after that period of time should be to be born into wealth.

    National Views and Foreign Affairs

    ANCWMC is an ultranationalistic ideology. They believe all connections and communications with the rest of the world should be cut off, unless they're fighting a war against another country. They think their country first, all other countries last. They take great pride in their nationalist identity.

    Governmental Views

    ANCWMC is an authoritarian ideology that believes the state should be controlled by a military dictator with absolute power. Their military set up looks like this: Military dictator on top, then adviser, who gives advice to the dictator, Lieutenants, who command the squads, and soldiers. They believe every male should be required to serve in the military from age 16 to 39. They also believe there should only be male dictators.

    Cultural Views

    Pan-Left Anarchism is off-compass culturally right.

    Free Speech

    ANCWMC is anti-free speech. They think that anyone who speaks out against the state or in favor of minorities should be put to death by the state imminently.

    LGTBQ issues

    ANCWMC believes same-sex marriage should be illegal. They also believe there are only two genders, male and female. Anyone who is openly gay or uses pronouns besides he/him or she/her should be sentenced to death. They think the same should go for those who use pronouns besides those they were born with. They think trans surgery should be illegal too.

    Racial Issues

    ANCWMC are white supremacists who want a white ethnostate. Once they take over, they want to kill anyone who isn't white or of European descent.

    Animals, Nature, and The Environment

    ANCWMC want to enforce mandatory eating of meat. They encourage animal abuse and give no regard to the environment. They think that destroying the environment is important to create a future with production and pollution-producing factories.


    ANCWMC think schools should raise kids telling them that the state is good. They think they should incorporate a pushing of traditional and religious values in schools.


    ANCWMC believe all drugs should be illegalized. They think using drugs should be punishable by death.

    Gender Issues

    ANCWMC believes in traditional gender roles to the point women are just slaves of men. They're also pro-life and think abortion should be illegal in all cases.


    They think bigotry is just swell.


    They like war. They use war to crush other nations.


    They're neutral in terms of life.

    In Conclusion...

    ANCWMC think this future is important to preserve the values of white people . They think this future can be achieved through members of their political party being elected.

    Personality and Behavior

    Pan-Left Anarchism uses he/him pronouns. He's usually yelling racist propaganda. He's nice to straight cis white Christian men, but if you're anything besides, run.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Loud, fiery voice
    • Hates society and it's very foundations. Thinks it should be more racist.
    • Very energetic and dangerously charismatic.
    • Has a super large ego and is overly self confident.

    How to Draw

    File:Flag of AuthNatCap w- Militaristic Characteristics.png
    The Flag of Authoritarian National Capitalism with Militaristic Characteristics

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a smaller ball in the middle.
    3. Draw a line vertically through the middle, but make sure to not make it visible over the smaller ball.
    4. Color the right half red.
    5. Color the left half yellow.
    6. Keep the smaller ball white.
    7. Draw a swastika with two diagonal lines going through it in the middle of the smaller ball.
    8. Draw the two eyes and you're done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #de0000ff 222, 0, 0
    Yellow #feff00ff 254, 255, 0
    Black #202020 32, 32, 32




    • Anpacf.pngAnarcho-Pacifism - You're an anarchist but at least you aren't trying to use violence against the state..
    • Ormarxf.pngMarxism- Look, man. You have bad ideas, but you've inspired many totalitarians.
    • Panleftist.pngPan-Leftism- You want to unite the left, but you're siding with authoritarians. So that part is fine.
    • Post-Left Anarchism.pngPost-Left Anarchism- It's bad that you're trying to get rid of the state, but you hate the left.
    • Bhl.pngBleeding-Heart Libertarianism-Your cultural views are cringe, but you're a capitalist.
    • EdPatrumismicon.pngEdPatrumism- You're totalitarian! And you think leftists shouldn't have free speech! However, pacifism, environmentalism, and feminism is cringe.
    • SJW.webpSJW- Your cultural views are pretty much cringe, but you're authoritarian.
    • Pinkcap.pngPink Capitalism- Cringe culturally, but you're a capitalist.
    • File:Dylan-mini.pngDylanism- You're a capitalist, but your cultural views are left leaning.
    • PirTail.pngPirateTailism- You're culturally left, but also a capitalist.


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