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    Authoritarian Nacrinism

    Authoritarian Nacrinism is the Authoritarian (and more realistic-ish) variant of Nacrinism. It's goals are centered around stabilising a nation through ethical means before said nation can fully transition into 'True Nacrinism'. In an Authoritarian Nacrinist nation, all values of Nacrinism are kept in place, however the means of which they are enforced are more restrictive. Democracy is not practised, with the ruling Nacrinist party taking control in all positions of government. Party members debate with eachother in parliament just like normal democracies to decide the passing of laws, because "While they may be on the same boat, it is not to be assumed that they share the same methods of sailing."

    Authoritarian Nacrinism is restrictive for reason of stability. Like Nacrinism, it devotes itself to implementing everything gradually without jumping straight in, as doing so can harm effectiveness of the ideology. It's views on sex are essentially the same, however the penalties for breaking the laws on sex are somewhat harsher under Authoritarian Nacrinism compared to normal Nacrinism. IngNac is considered to be it's more authoritarian variant.

    'True Justice'

    Authoritarian Nacrinism possesses its own unique policy that it called "True Justice". It is a policy that aims to decide sentencing for criminals effectively. Rehabilitation does not always work on certain criminals, many may simply need punitive justice instead, or some may require a mix of both. In basic terms, it assesses each criminal individually to decide what the best course of action to take would be to ensure (the best they can) that the criminal does not reoffend. This also means that there exist different types of prisons: Rehabilitative prisons, Punitive prisons, Death prisons (for those on death row) and mixed prisons (these 4 prison types are also present in normal Nacrinism).Corporal punishment is included in this too, however it is only reserved for certain crimes. Prisoners will not be subject to a beating simply for poor behaviour in prison unless they have done any of the following: seriously harmed an inmate or guard, sexually assaulted another inmate or guard or starting a riot. More serious offenses while in prison, such as murder or torture, will mean that the prisoner that committed the act may possibly be subject to execution. Speaking of which, the death penalty exists for certain crimes, but the crimes punishable by death are the same as with normal Nacrinism.

    The flag of Authoritarian Nacrinism

    Secret police

    Many would assume that there would exist a secret police force under the ideology, and to an extent, they would be correct. They rely on the populace. The people are the secret police. The government offers money to any citizen that finds and reports any instances of sexual activity (The government pays whoever reports to them once per successful report. There is no set pay rate). While invasive, it's an effective way to keep the populace from doing the deed, for they never know if anyone will find out. Of course, people that falsely report instances of sexual activity will be subject to prosecution.

    Authoritarian Nacrinism's position on the compass.
    8Values axes for Authoritarian Nacrinism


    Nacrinism - The core of my existence. I am his more restrictive counterpart. But trust me, it's for your own good.

    Market Socialism - My economic model. All workers rejoice.

    Titoism - We share very similar values, and you're as based as I am. Smrt fasizmu, sloboda narodu!

    Anti-Pornography - Porn is corruptive to the mind. I agree that it must be eradicated at all costs.

    Antisexualism - Eliminate sex.


    IngNac - Too restrictive, even for me. However we share similar values. And we both know much of a threat that whoreish fucktard is.

    Statism - Good, but you don't go far enough.

    Juche - Love the strictness on sex, but you go too far authoritarian, which is ironic coming from a fellow authoritarian such as myself.


    That whoreish fucktard - Enemy of the state, Enemy of the people. YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE!


    National Socialism - Rot in hell nazi.

    Ingcock - Subjecting people to state-enforced rape? What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

    Fascism - Burn.

    Zionism - Your actions are unforgivable. End the genocide and Free Palestine. Burn in hell Netanyahu. Israel does not deserve to exist. (I am in no way anti-Semitic)

    Any sexual ideology - Too many to list, but my opinions are obvious.

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