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    Authoritarian Mattism

    Authoritarian Mattism is the authoritarian version of Mattism. It is culturally left-wing, economically third positionist, civically authoritarian, and adopts neo-corporatist economics.

    Sec.png Government Sec.png
    Authoritarian Mattism is civically authoritarian, but opposes totalitarianism, and believes the government should be ran by technocrats.

    Social corpratism.png Economics Social corpratism.png
    Authoritarian Mattism is an economically third-positionist ideology, adopting neo-corporatism. It seeks to have a strong welfare state based on a strictly regulated market economy.

    Authprog.png Culture Authprog.png
    Authoritarian Mattism is a culturally progressive ideology, and sees that the best way to instill progressive values is to do so by force, to prevent a conservative culture from arising. It seeks to destroy anything that is "reactionary" by forceful means.

    Tucn-EcoAuth.png Environmentalism Tucn-EcoAuth.png
    Authoritarian Mattism is an environmentalist ideology, and believes the best way to combat climate change is through a strong state.

    Stateath.png Religion Stateath.png
    Authoritarian Mattism is a state atheist ideology, and seeks to separate religion from both the government and the general populace through positive atheist policies. These policies would include the abolishment of religious schools, mandating secularism in the public sphere, ect. Although, it will still allow for people to be religious, they cannot express their beliefs outside of designated sites.

    Internation.png Foreign Policy Internation.png
    Authoritarian Mattism is an internationalist ideology, seeking to create an alliance of nations to uphold progressive values through an authoritarian state. As for trade, it varies.




    • Progress.png Progressivism - You're ok, but you're too soft on conservatives!
    • Civlibert.png Civil Libertarianism - I like your endorsement of LGBT rights, but freedom of speech is overrated! What if people say stuff that threatens to undue our progressive culture?
    • Fut2.png Futurism - Based, but totalitarianism is kinda cringe.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Good economics, but democracy is cringe.



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