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    Authoritarian Conservative Socialism

    Authoritarian Conservative Socialism is an authoritarian, culturally right and economically left ideology. It supports conservative social values along with socialist economics governed by an authoritarian governement.

    Socialism is thought to be a great way to conserve traditions, ensure the welfare of the people and create a cohesive society. Its economics are a way to make sure that society is focused on communitarian values where everyone looks after his fellow man, as opposed to the individualist values of Capitalism. There is also a paternal aspect to them as they limit the individual's economic freedom to ensure moral virtue and public health, restricting un-ethical consumption and immoral markets.

    Conservatism is another major part of the ideology. It believes that it is necessary to preserve old norms and culture, sometimes embracing Christian values as well. These are thought to ensure social stability, promote virtuous actions and have an inherent moral quality to them. This is sometimes combined with nationalist talking points, protecting the nation's culture and self-determination.

    The last pillar of the ideology is that of authority. It believes in a strong government which has the ability to ensure a safe environment and limit decadent behaviour. While its economics may have an egalitarian quality to them, its civic beliefs are very hierarchical. The strong state is sometimes combined with a populist leader which will make sure that the will of the people comes first.


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