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    Authoritarian Capitalist Minecraftian Rejectionism

    Authoritarian Capitalist Minecraftian Rejectionism is an authoritarian right, mostly apolitical, and Minecraftian ideology that states that an authoritarian capitalist society must be implemented within Minecraft while not allowing real-world politics to be discussed in the server.

    It is technically isolationist because it really doesn't want to have any other business with servers. And it especially hates the influence of other servers in his own.



    • Ingcap - Me put in praxis.
    • Apoliticism - I don't want politics publicly discussed in my server. Or better yet, I don't want religion discussed in my server!
    • Moderate Adultism - Big boi chat be based but nothing else besides that.


    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Ok but didn't know why i changed spawn rates before. I also hate your economics somewhat, but you're OK.
    • Gamerism - I run a decently-sized server on Minecraft, which is technically a game. But please don't mention the other games in my server or you'll get kicked!


    • Ancient Debris Accelerationism - I didn't RUIN it, I REBALANCED the spawn rate!
    • All other games and Minecraft servers except for his own - I don't want anyone to mention your name!
    • Anarcho-Minecraftism - Filthy rebel faction that was made to rebel against my authority.
    • Sexocracy - Stop building giant c*cks in my server!
    • Ingcock - Stop swinging that c*ck in my server! You just degrade it!
    • Anarcho-Gambling - I said, NO CASINOS! Not even with just betting your diamonds!
    • Netherite Standard - The Central Bank of Noodleland will not stand for the netherite standard. Fiat forever!
    • Austrolibertarianism - See above but also libertarian and overly laissez-faire.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color the ball black on the left and brown on the right.
    3. Draw an inverted triangle inside of the ball. Color the left side of the inverted triangle yellow and the right side white.
    4. Draw the eyes.
    5. Optional: Add a top-hat or monocle to the ball.

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