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    Authoritarian Airisuism

    Authoritarian Airisuism is a strain of Airisuism that supports the ideology's ideals but believes that for them to work, a very strong state must be established. It believes that catboys must mandatorily be distributed to the public in order for them to f*ck or date. It also mandates LGBT rights as well as non liberal and radical authoritarian feminism and environmentalism. She absolutely despises right wingers and capitalism and extremely libertarian leftist ideologies.




    • Airisuism - Even if you hate the state, which is cringe of you, you're a model citizen.
    • File:Qtrad.png Queer Traditionalism - You're a cultural rightist which is so disgusting, but support of gay rights is always needed in society.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Socialism is great, as the workers should own all means of production. You hate the state, which is a bad thing because socialism needs a state to work right.
    • Tranarchy - You support transgender rights but you think you can protect them without a government? You can't.
    • Queer Anarchism - I love homosexuality and pride, but your civil views are cringe.
    • Neo-Airisuism - Anarchy is unbased, but I will state-fund the PKK.


    • Hoppeanism - Anarchist conservatarded crapitalist. Literally hell.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Removing the state is bad. And don't even get me talking on how bad your exploitation of the working class is.
    • Heteronationalism - Culturally right straight pride nazism is extreme cursed. STFU.
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