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    Auth-Anti Totalitarianism

    Auth-Anti Totalitarianism is when an authoritarian person opposes Totalitarianism. It is usually benevolent and teaches people that safety is much more important than freedom. Freedom should be limited to a degree that would not impede stability. It hates genocide so much and often attacks totalitarian countries.



    • Authoritarian Democracy - Many of us are Literally you!
    • Statism - Just the moderate version of me.
    • Tridemism - You took the absolute monarchy down, based! It’s such a great shame that you didn’t eliminate the totalitarian commies though.
    • Titoism - Great job for defeating the Nazis and the Ustase and standing up against Stalin’s totalitarian regime! Very brave and based!!
    • Kemalism - Based for overthrowing the genocidal Three Pashas and defeating imperialist powers with a modern secular republic that focused on the democratization and social progress of Turkey. You also opposed both communism and fascism.
    • Anti-Totalitarianism - Totalitarianism is doing crimes of against humanity, I will push them to hell!
    • PAPism - Based for creating a dominant party system that cares about the people by developing Singapore into one of the world most prosperous nations.
    • Trotskyism - Down with Stalin's totalitarian regime! And you are also an authoritarian.


    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Stop saying that all dictators are bad! Being a libertarian is naive and would easily be replaced by totards, just what China and Russia experienced under Mao and Stalin.
    • Authoritarianism - Dad, the state is based but we have to oppose totards.
    • Leninism - Your civic axis is meh and you shouldn’t have banned all of your opposition.
    • Dengism - Getting rid of Mao’s totalitarianism and his Gang of Four was based but some of you like Xi are sus.


    • Totalitarianism - Oppressive and dystopian. Authoritarianism and the state are supposed to guide the people, not oppress them!
    • Stalinism - Same as above, but you destroyed the Nazis and saved the world. Just ignore what the west did in the western front and the African front, and FDR’s massive land lease for the Soviets.
    • Ingsoc - Ready to be nuked?
    • Nazism - Genocidal totalitarian tyrant! You are a disgrace of authoritarian ideologies.
    • Maoism - Genocidal totalitarian communist maniac! The KMT should have eliminated you!

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