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    Austrometbolism is an economically far-right, laissez-faire, culturally conservative, authoritarian, and socially reactionary ideology believing much of the new-age attitude towards things are decadent or degenerate. For this, he is sometimes referred to as an Altlfash.png alt-lite fascist, though is not quite as extreme as one, nor is he corporatist; it supports a very free market and economy. He believes markets would be freer in a world without Pinkcap.png homosexual pride. Austrometbolism can be seen as a slightly different strain of METBOL.png Metbolism that is more likely to side with Rightunity-yellow.png Right-Unity and Libright-yellow.png Libertarian-Right ideologies than it will with like-minded traditionalist Authunity.png Authoritarian-Unity ideologies or other likewise ideologies inhabiting different quadrants.


    Business and Economics

    Austrometbolism supports the Homestead Principle and free trade with a highly free market with the few restrictions being sexual services and most drugs. He supports gun, land, and property ownership. Taxation is seen as theft.


    Austrometbolism supports Civnat.png Civic Nationalism and Natcon.png National Conservatism because he believes it is good for upholding good values and morals and creates a unifying common-ground among most people.


    Austrometbolism supports some level of environmental regulations such as laws against over-pollution, though isn't against industrialization, and the prohibition of hunting endangered or threatened animals so they don't go extinct and so the land does not come to utter waste.

    Bodily Autonomy

    Austrometbolism's stance on bodily autonomy states that prostitution, gender transitions, homosexual relations and to a strong extent, psychiatric medicine/pills and plastic surgery should be illegal; and that free-sex lifestyles, masturbation, and premarital sex, though not illegal, is something that should be heavily looked down upon. Plastic surgery is only acceptable if someone suffers a severe injury; for example, if a fraction of their face was shot off.


    Austrometbolism is in favor of creating LGBT-free zones as a means of countering "lgbt ideologies". This typically means that displays of public lgbt pride and the teaching of lgbt ideologies in schools is disallowed, as well as most other issues concerning the lgbt community, such as testosterone/estrogen implants or puberty blockers, and the aforementioned subjects spoken of in the Bodily Autonomy segment.

    Psychiatric Treatment

    Austrometbolism believes medicine and pills should not be used to treat or cope mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ect; and should instead be treated with therapy, life style changes, and/or the support of loving individuals around them, though it is not required to seek therapy because Austrometbolism sees the idea of therapy to be generally shilled. The use of lesser "drugs" such as alcohol, sugar, junk food, ect. to cope with problems will not be illegal, but should be discouraged by doctors if it becomes obsessive.

    Free Internet

    Austrometbolism sees the internet as more of a public domain that anyone across the world can contribute too, so he believes that the government should not sensor it and believes everyone should be able to access anything on the internet (Given they've got a computer), even if a certain website goes against our ideas; just so long as it doesn't break basic US laws.


    Austrometbolism can be depicted as the Austrian version of METBOL.png Metbolism with Cball-Austria.png Austrian heritage and Modnat.png Austrian national pride. He has an immense admiration for laissez-faire markets.

    How to draw

    Austrometbolian flag.png
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a white Nordic cross with a black outline.
    3. Draw a thick black cross-line going through the Nordic cross.
    4. Fill the top left and bottom right inside parts of the cross red.
    5. Fill the top left and bottom right quadrants outside of the cross white.
    6. Fill the bottom left and top right quadrants red.
    7. Add the eyes.

    You're done!




    • Comflop.png Communist JoeyFloppaism - I like his main ideas but f*ck off with the communism.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Allows TenCent to thrive, which is good, but you might be a fake capitalist.
    • Nothisispatrick.png Daveism - Culturally conservative which is based, but socialism is counterproductive to that goal.
    • LWNT.png Left-Wing National Traditionalism - Too extreme even for me when it comes to culture and civil issues, and is also a commie which is BAD, but your goals of a sexually pure state are based like mine.
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - I like your market goals, but progressivism and support of (((them))) is antithetical to the goal of free markets for all.
    • Lex.png Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Your markets are based, but your anarchy will just corrode that, and so are your radical (((LGBT))) ideas.



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