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    Austro-Bendyism is an economically strongly right ideology with an emphasis on the Ink Machine. It is a totally free market (except that all abortions are legal so the ink machine can take baby material). He is strongly pro-choice and pro-infanticide.


    He is more like his father Bendyism than his father Austrobert. He hates Rebelism and his brother Systemism for trying so hard to stop the abortions.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw 3 bars, the top and bottom ones red (#ee2436), and the middle one white (#ffffff).
    3. Draw a beige (#f9b4e7) Bendy head silhouette.
    4. Draw the eyes.




    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - Pro-life! I can't do anything around you. But loves free markets.
    • Systemism.png Systemism - More pro-life than before. So how can our Ink Machine(s) be powered if abortions are banned?! At least we share the love and passion for the free market.
    • Natbendy.png National Bendyism - Power the ink machine with abortion! You hate the Jews, though. I am not an Anti-semite.


    • Rebelism.png Rebelism - Pro-life like the stupid system. You are a bit worse though because we can't even use animals because you're so much for the "VICTIMS, VICTIMS, VICTIMS!"
    • National Traditionalism.png National Traditionalism - Like your brother who won't give me my baby parts! Pro-life and homophobic EXTREMIST! LITERAL NAZI!
    • Communism.png The entire economic far-left - Filthy communist bigots!

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