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    Austrian Nazism is a ideology that is based on National Socialism that was located in Austria and it has a political group of it called The German National Socialist Workers' Party that is similar to The NSDAP Group that was located in Germany after World War One in 1920 at Munich.

    The German National Socialist Workers' Party was created by Theodor Habicht who is later a Wehrmacht soldier along with Hans Knirsch & Rudolf Jung after a older political party they have created called The German Workers Party in 1903 that was been in The Austrian Empire before World War One started.

    There is a Neo Nazi political party in Austria have been created after World War Two and it was called The National Democratic Party since it was founded in 11th February 1967 after it came from The Freedom Party Of Austria but it was disbanded at 25th June 1988 because of Liberal Laws.

    The July Putsch of 1934 is when Austrian Nazis along with The SS Standarte 89 have killed Engelbert Dollfuss who is a Austrofascist that leads Austria after a civil war between Fascists & Leftists and Austrian Nazis wanted a policy of German unity called Aunchless to created Großdeutschland.



    • National Socialism - Adolf Hitler was an Austrian that wanted to unite all the German peoples.
    • Proto-Nazism - This is me when I become a Austrian Nazi before the German Nazis existed.
    • Social Darwinism - You have show what people that I don't need.
    • Protectionism- We need to be more like America but as a European country.
    • Anti-Semitism - I have seen Adolf Hitler getting rejected by Liberals for being a innocent artist.
    • Anti-Communism - National Socialism is the real Socialism.
    • Stratocracy - The Battle of Gallica sucks but Operation Barbarossa is based.
    • Corporatism - There will be a cold war between Capitalists, Corporatists & Communists.


    • Austrofascism - You are dead but at least you are a Fascist instead of a Hippie.
    • Anti-Capitalism - You are a Communist but at least I can make you not a Communist.
    • Habsburgism - You are not too bad even you are Incest but hey you can have a war with Russia again.
    • İttihadism - You are a poop but we don't have to fight each other anymore.
    • White Movement - I think letting Germany sent a Communist to your land in war is a terrible idea ever.
    • Fascism - I need to claim the southern land you called northern.


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