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    The Auschwitz Model is the way Nazi Germany's concentration camps were run and how they were used. It should be noted that "Auschwitz" is not just one camp, but a complex of them numbering around 40. Jews were the main group subjected to these camps, but homosexuals, gypsies, polish, the disabled, twins and just about anyone who is deemed "Untermensch", though Jews were the main target.

    Subjects would be forced to ride a train to these camps, and under their dominion, would be forced to do labor until they were eventually killed, making their motto, "Work sets you free", very ironic and untrue. More often than not, subjects would be gassed to death locked in a chamber, though fire pits, brute violence, starvation and scientific experimentation were also causes of death. Along with ethnic cleansing, scientific research was also a justification for these camps and some subjects would have to forego cruel and unthinkable experimentations.

    Life in these camps was dictated by SS soldiers and subjects were pretty much forced to do whatever they were told to do by them. Initially, jews would have their teeth checked so any gold teeth could be pulled out, and they would have numbered tattooed to their arms, which would become their names. Subjects often wouldn't ever see their family members ever again, as males and females were separated into separate camps. After a gassing, jew bodies would be incinerated in furnaces.


    • Acts like an SS guard.
      • Can also act like a doctor, dentist or scientist.
    • Very cruel and oppressive.
    • Hates it when neo-Nazis say the holocaust never happened.

    How to draw

    Symbol of Auschwitz Model
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a yellow star of David inside it.
    3. Write "Jude" on the star.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. (Optional) Give the ball a Nazi / SS hat and a luger gun.

    You're done!





    Further Information


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