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    Aurorism is the official ideology of the micronation Yusienia. It is developed by the Princess of Yusienia, Her Serene Highness Aurora Twinkle. The ideology was inherited from Paleoaurorism, Twinkle's ideology before the founding of the Hexasophy.


    The main idea of Aurorism is Hexasophy, a political theory consists of six principles: Unity, Liberty, Diversity, Kindness, Inclusiveness and Neutrality. The six principles have no specific explanation beyond a single sentence for each principle, this allowing everyone to interpret Hexasophy in their own way. Aurorism rarely considers specific issues and policies directly. Aurorism believes that politics is based on interpersonal relationships. It also believes that sincerity and trust between people can create a great success of a community. It believes that human, human's life and rights and freedoms of human are the highest values.


    I should understand it even if I don't do it.

    Aurora Twinkle

    Set a goal and continually approaching it with auto-suggestion is one of the life methods used by Aurora Twinkle.


    Aurorism believes that the sovereignty of a nation comes unconditionally from the people, so a nation must have at least one citizen in order to make it valid. Aurorism also believes that everyone has the right to choose, join, withdraw, create and dissolve their own nation. A country should try to open its borders to immigrants unless the immigrant has been proven to be a heinous person.

    Ceremonial Authoritarianism

    Although Aurorism pursues authoritarian aesthetics, it still refuses to establish political state apparatuses (such as police and army), so it is impossible to achieve true Authoritarian rule under Aurorism. This is called ceremonial authoritarianism by Twinkle.

    Art Theory

    Influenced by romantic nationalist art, Aurorist art embraced re-enchantment and partly embraced aestheticism, focusing on synaesthesia, empathy, and visceral belief in beautiful supernatural things (such as fairies and magic). Aurorist art is also influenced by analog horror, and therefore advocates "writing the supernatural that we have access to in our lives".


    Diplomatically, Aurorism generally maintains Turkmenistan-style permanent neutrality and prides itself on its neutrality.

    How to Draw

    1 Draw a ball. 2 Draw a tricolour of gold, green and blue. 3 Draw a gold six-pointed star in the center. 4 Add eyes and you're done.


    Best Friends Forever

    Milk Tea Alliance - Give me a cup of black tea macchiato, please.


    Multiculturalism - Let's respect diversity and keep our nation inclusive.
    Harmonism - Hail the Six Elements of Harmony!
    Kemalism - Six Arrows, Six Principles!
    Vermontese Progressivism - I will vote for you, Bernie!
    Pink Distributism - Let's own our little lands to set our little interesting nations on it.
    Owfism - Hi there!


    European Union - I respect your idea, but why talking this stupid "data protection"?
    Xenogender Salazarism - Friend! I like your aesthetic, but I'm secular and you are religious.
    Thunbergism - Hej my friend, we are both autistic and almost same age, why you are rich, but I'm not?
    Guo Wengui Thought - I hate terrorists. Anyway, thanks for inspired me for creating a nation.


    China - Tear down the Great Fire Wall!
    Parentism - Don't ruin my nation!
    Alexis Tsipras - At least do something please..
    Patriarchy - I hate you.
    Kyriakos Mitsotakis - I'm full.
    Corporatocracy - You ruined everything. You destroy freedom of information, you destroy labor rights, and you monopolize everything.
    Nomocracy - different country have different laws! This is not good for freedom of information.
    Cyberocracy - Computers have no eyes, computers have no hearts.
    Metaxism - Please protect minority languages.

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