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    Aurora Doctrine was born when Killer Kitty, formed an Alliance between Users that preached basic Liberal virtues such as: a Market-Based economy, Liberal Democracy, Humans Rights and Liberty.

    It also counters extremism from both sides of the Spectrum of the PCBA, such as the Far-left and the Far-Right , which they view as not far from each other. Seeking a Third-Way between these two Alternatives.

    Users that Participate in the Aurora

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    Aurora Members, put yuh quotes here now - Member #Φ

    In the stage of life, anarchy is the stage, and God is the director.” - Spek

    The Socialists think that hating Rich people is a way to progress, while Laizzes-Faire Capitalists think that hating Poor people is the right thing. but we all know that it's neither hating the Rich or the Poor, but hating these two Classist freaks!” - Killer Kitty

    Is it excusable for theoretical reasons for billions to be impoverished and die under extremist systems of both ends?” - Spek

    I am a nationalist not in idolising our past, but in hoping for the best future for my nation. We should focus not on what our ancestors achieved in the past, but what we are achieving now and will achieve in the near future.” - TheSilliestOfGoobers

    "In a modern sense, most, if not all, politicians are criminals. They would all much rather argue with their opposition and live in luxury off taxpayers' money than put their promised reforms in place." - TheSilliestOfGoobers

    Is it by any means justifiable that the left, that, mind you, despises the right so much, does the same things as it: building a perfect system for an elite to opress the masses." - TheSilliestOfGoobers

    All modern states are oligarchies in denial. An elite that has the same, regressive views that only secure their power exists in every single country." - TheSilliestOfGoobers

    Relationships with other Gangs

    • Hegemony Thought - Our predecessor, it's a shame that you aren't that active.
    • Ricardolings - a bunch of Demsocks, not more to say. atleast we admire your Market-friendlyness.
    • Loizzes-Fairoids - While we are kind off more Regulated than yours, we will still fight against the Artelings and Schizosphere!
    • Schizosphere - Too much Schizosphrenia and less Rationality.


    • Neo-Glencoeism- Can I join?
    • Template:Name- - How...inefficient.
    • WTF is this shit?! Capitalist, Individualist, and believer of the horseshit theory?!(By an anonymous)
      • Template:Name- - We all know it's you, dude (most intelligent Serb frfr).
        • Atronism - Fascists thinking they're the smartest people on Earth by clicking View History:
    •  Noteism - blasphemy, there will always be war and nothing will be able to fix it
    • Neo-Optimateism - New group? Nice!
    • Vwichitswih Doctrine Hey, may I please join?
    • - Interesting, so I'm far-right. Good thing I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.
    • Modular - Democracy, liberty, choose one.
    • Gooberism - don't mind me, just joining some fellow liberals.
    • The AFM: Ermmmm, we're actually, literally just a capitalist united front (this includes Liberals and Keynesians (as much as File:-flash.gif he hates to admit it) against Socdems, Marketsocs and other economic filth. We're pretty much aligned De-Facto, you know!
      • ermmm [jargon here]
        • errrrrmmmmmmm [proceeds to cite a source from one of the most boring books on the planet to out-jargon your jargon]
          • eerrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ackshually [starts using verifiable and truthful sources]
            • ERRRRRRRRMMMMMM [unironically cites Jordan Peterson]
    • Tankis2000/AquilesP. Add me pls? 👉👈
    • Armandonian Cooperativism - Do you have a discord server?
    • CHROMATISM Can I join?
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