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    AuroraFurism is the ideology of the AuroraFurries. Simply put, there goal is to dump a bunch of yiff on /b/ and a bunch of other *chan boards where they are not wanted. They don't like to call these operations "raids", and instead opting to call them "sages", implying profound wisdom.

    "Our purpose is to provide a service to ourselves and others. It goes beyond simply spreading and sharing yiff for us all to enjoy, but also building a community for those furs who do not fit the stereotype. This is a place where you don't have to be embarrassed about being a furry. That's what we are all about"
    -Jay, justifying the group's purpose to newcomers.

    All in all, the AuroraFurries are a bunch of wanna-be trolls attempting to make a name for themselves and become Internet famous, but little do they know the Aurorafurries are not even recognized by most 4channers, or 4chan related groups. In fact this is shit that nobody cares about but them.


    If AuroraFurism is not jerking off to furry porn, then he's posting it; usually were there are large pockets of anti-furries, where he expects to debate them strangely by only posting more material for them to fight. Any real question like "Why do you do this" or "Why do you just dump porn?" usually interrupts their rather otherwise bad day. After a long day of saging, they like to meet up at u18chan, the group's home base. Like all furry groups, the lack of a clear goal limits anything productive or useful that could ever come out of it. They also hate ED for documenting them.

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