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    Atronism is the self-insert ideology of Atronic. It focuses on communism and revolution against the bourgeoisie in power. It is extremely progressive in nature, and has a high regard for technological progress, though not its main goal. Atronism advocates for all of Earth to unite under communism and for a stateless, classless society to rise up.

    Political Journey

    Childhood > / Liberalism/American Democratism > Democratic Socialism > Socialism > Marxism-Leninism > Social Democracy > Trotskyism > Marxism > Atronism (//) > That weird apolitical phase I had for like 5 days > Atronism


    (Please note that these beliefs would be in a completely perfect vision of my ideology, but I would definitely be open to some of these ideas shifting if not properly worked.)


    The government is governed by a People's Council comprised of twelve individuals, democratically elected by the populace through the employment of ranked voting, thereby ensuring a collective leadership structure, instead of an individualistic one. The country is to be divided into provinces, each with its own constituency empowered to elect four representatives to the People's Congress. It is through the People's Congress that legislative initiatives are introduced and subsequently voted upon. Upon being presented with legislation, the People's Council has the prerogative to either endorse or veto it. In addition, the People's Council reserves the authority to independently enact legislation. Should the need arise, the People's Congress may expel a member, whether from its own ranks or the People's Council, albeit the People's Council may only expel one of its own.


    The ownership of shops and factories is communally vested in the workers. Compensation for labor is commensurate with its worth, ensuring that labour is proportionate to its output. Individuals are assigned careers with their ability and preference. A statutory floor of 2 hours and ceiling of 8 hours per shift is imposed on workers' labor. The weekend period is mandatory, and at least two breaks are stipulated for workers within their shift. All commodities are disseminated and retailed by the workers of the factory where they are produced.


    Education is offered free of charge, yet admission to a university is dependent upon the attainment of commendable grades. Pupils are instructed in English, as well as a second language, be it Esperanto, Spanish, French or Chinese. In addition, the curriculum encompasses Mathematics, Science, History, Writing, Geography, and specialized subjects such as Physical Education, Art, Music, and IT. Commencing in third grade, pupils are introduced to communism, taught to embrace an open-minded perspective while also familiarizing themselves with the hardships of capitalism and the advantages of communism. In sixth grade, pupils are assigned to study the Communist Manifesto, while in eighth grade, Das Kapital is introduced. During high school, students' readings are extended to include additional materials such as The State and Revolution and Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung. While science is allocated greater emphasis, religious inclinations (including atheism and agnosticism) are never mentioned when relevant to the lesson.


    Military budgets are restrained, yet not to the extent that soldiers are reduced to residing in rotting barracks and endowed with rusted firearms as tokens of encouragement. Solely defensive wars would be waged, yet assistance would be extended to fellow communist countries and groups. Willing citizens are entitled to military training in case of emergencies. Compulsory drafting in the military is not imposed. Following the realization of a communist society, the necessity for military forces would be none.

    Daily Life

    Living spaces, food, and water are distributed free of charge, thereby eliminating homelessness, malnourishment, and dehydration. The government regulates the production of food, water, and medication, storing it in distribution centers for the populace to take without cost. Housing is allocated based on family size. Single individuals without partners or family members are granted modestly sized apartments or houses. Furthermore, individuals are at free will to join a commune. Residing in the commune is not accompanied by any fees, but communal maintenance by residents are expected. Wages are reserved for personal wants and desires. Gender is not phased out of society but is rather affirmed in its varied and unique expressions. Whether one identifies as a particular gender or not, all genders are accorded legal recognition. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is stocked in distribution centers, available for all to acquire. Upon checking out the medication, the government acknowledges the initiation of one's legal use of HRT. One year after beginning HRT, transition surgeries become available. It is possible to request a record of the initial checkout of the medicine. Healthcare is accessible to all without cost. Public utilities such as electricity, water, and gas will be abolished as the government will supply these services free of charge. New modes of transportation will be embraced in society. Funding for automobiles and roads will be diverted to fund free, accessible, and eco-friendly public transportation. Bigotry of any kind is prohibited, and the display of Nazi or fascist imagery in a favorable light is punishable by life imprisonment. Disabled individuals are eligible for subsidies, and the government will examine the family of the disabled person to find the most qualified caretaker. If no appropriate caretaker is identified, one will be employed. If a caretaker is found to be mistreating a disabled person, they will be also be condemned to life imprisonment. If a disabled individual is capable of caring for themselves, they will have the option of not having a caretaker. Pedophiles and zoophiles will receive mental health treatment, but will be charged if found sexually harassing minors or animals.

    Theory and Texts

    Recently, I have noticed a chunk of the left-wing community becoming increasingly more conservative. Now, this wouldn’t usually make me suspicious, but I have become aware of the situation. More and more people are entering this sect of communism, and I fear that the left may one day become nothing more than a collection of right-wing trash only held up by the wise words of Marx.

    I, as a self-proclaimed hyperprogressive, am obviously very hopeful that this will not become normal for our ideology. Why are we embracing these barbaric ideas? We as the left should be the ones looking for the future, watching and striving to become the very best of humanity. Communism, socialism, and all leftist ideologies were created for unity and comradeship. If you are a leftist, you are in support of equality for all. There cannot be any genocide of the “inferior race that is destroying the proletariat” or a division by race and sexuality.

    And so I say, do not destroy them. Destroy the roots of which they have been seeded unto. We, as the progressives, have a duty not just to spread unity and goodwill on Earth, but to convert and convince.

    So what makes this ideology so appealing? Truthfully, I don’t know. Conservatism has always been a very weird concept. I’ve always loved the thrill of a good political debate, but the real reason I love it is to find out what’s going on in the opponent’s head. If you know why they believe what they do, you can find ways to convince them out of it. This is one of the reasons why I strive to read books that are considered right-wing or capitalist. Now, back to the main point.

    I’ve never really been given a reason why, so I am forced to infer. I believe that conservative socialism is appealing because of wrongful interpretations. For one, it could be because of someone’s former ideological views. If you do not put a filter on a rightist turning into a leftist, they will turn out like this. Then again, there are also leftists turning more conservative by the day. I say propaganda!! Haha, no, but rightist propaganda is a big factor in it. I feel like conservative socialists have just gotten on the wrong highway. They have been taught the right ideas, but have interpreted them the wrong way. What we need to do is make them see why we are correct. No bullshit, just pure facts. We need to debate and convince. If they block, delete, et cetera, do not consider it a victory. Outreach is important, and you need to make sure to push them onto the right path.


    Books I Have Completed

    Goldman, Emma

    • Anarchism and Other Essays

    Kropotkin, Peter

    • The Conquest of Bread

    Lenin, Vladimir

    • The State and Revolution

    Mao, Zedong

    • The Little Red Book

    Marx, Karl

    • Das Kapital
    • The Communist Manifesto

    Orwell, George

    • 1984

    Smith, Adam

    • The Wealth of Nations

    Stalin, Joseph

    • Dialectical and Historical Materialism

    Books I Am Reading

    Engels, Friedrich

    • Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

    Harvey, David

    • A Companion to Marx's Capital

    Luxemburg, Rosa

    • Reform or Revolution?

    Orwell, George

    • Animal Farm

    Postone, Moishe

    • Time, Labor, and Social Domination

    Reading List

    Harvey's Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism

    How to Draw

    Drawing Atronism takes 6 steps:

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw 4 cyan stripes.
    3. Draw a red right triangle on the left.
    4. Draw a hammer and sickle with a Soviet red and yellow star.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're finished!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #cd0000 205, 0, 0
    Cyan #0fe0fa 15, 224, 250
    Yellow #fed202 254, 210, 2
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255


    I am going to reorganize the Self-Insert list, so watch out for that :)

    Best Friends


    • Gen Z Communism Acts more like a conservative strawman, but it's OK.
    • Maoism - Maoism is cool, sad to see it go in China. For the love of god why did you let the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward get out of hand?
    • Marxism-Leninism - A little more, please. [Insert wall of text explaining how I'm not a tankie]




    • Pink Capitalism - A fake progressive looking to make a quick buck.
    • Conservative Socialism - Pretty shitty social policies. I won't accept you as a socialist.
    • Radical Feminism - Feminism is pretty cool and you seem like a revolutionary so I'll acc- why are you transmisian
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Could you start telling the truth and just call yourself a capitalist?


    Add a comment if you would like to enter your self-insert into the list.

    Best Friends

    • Neo-Kiraism - Holy shit, you are beautiful. Our ideologies are extremely compatible.
    • Cheese Communism - I see no downsides. Love it.
    • Neo-Spartacism - We're almost the same, love it.
    • Ascheominhism - You said it the best, we're pretty much matching in everything but social views, which you only lean to the right a little bit. I love a refreshing dose of United Frontism in the morning.
    • Iberian Communism - Amazing ideology, almost every aspect of it is completed to perfection.


    • Owfism - You have become based. I applaud you.
    • File:MATTball.png American Social Democracy - Your economic model is too capitalist for my liking, but at least it's somewhat planned. You're also a progressive, which is good in my books.
    • Nekoqingist Bolshevism - Cultural centrist, but I can't deny that he's got style with everything else.
    • Neo-Rocksism - *heavy sigh* I am required by left-unity traditional law to not call you an anarkiddie... 😞 (No, but really, your viewpoints look great so far, even if your page is limited :D)
    • O'Langism- A lot better than I originally assumed you were. Most of your ideals are fine with me.
    • Floofel's Thought - Love me some grains. You have some good ideas and are very respectable.
    • HelloThere314ism - I obviously can't complain about the anarchism, but I do like the anti-nihilism. Your ideology is very well-rounded in general. Also, you somehow listened to my complaining and actually changed my rating, which is nice!
    • National Fracturism - I'm confused as to why you would want to shatter the world's countries like glass, and you should move a bit more economically to the left, but otherwise your ideology is pretty based.
    • Io - Now, I'm not one to usually write a paragraph for each person in my relationships tab, but I decided this case would be special. To start, I have to admit, I was absolutely furious when I first saw my rating. I can tolerate being called a "fake leftist" and such, but calling me a reactionary was simply absurd. After reflecting on your opinion, though, I do understand where you're coming from now. I can see the effects of being too nostalgic of the revolution, and I do see my flaws in being too utopian as well. I, initially, was going to put you in the Enemy tab, but I have decided that you are actually pretty OK in terms of ideology. I love the intense stress you have on progressivism, and the Work and Play segment is almost flawless. I have to say, I personally don't like Individualism as much as you do. I feel like Individualism would make people selfish and egotistical, which is a quality that I do not enjoy. Overall, I have to say, you are pretty enlightened, even if you dislike my ideology.
    • - You're fine, but a transitional state is needed. Other than that, your ideology seems like it would work. (You're not dead!)
    • Liberty-Loverism - I love your ideas as a whole. Very well thought out in general, and though I contest the free market, you're still a great friend to keep close.
    • Nayism - I mean, seems kinda based, but you only focus on either Anti-Centrism or turning people into furries.


    • Glencoeism - He's a decent guy, but a liberal.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - "Liberalism and socialism go together like bread and butter." 😐
    • Pantheonism - Nay, comrade. It is you who should embrace ideological orthodoxy.
    • Savage Granny Smithism Conservative socialism, but at least you believe in getting rid of markets.
    • Amism Love the economics and the transhumanism, but jeez, leave out some of the conservatism.
    • Altemism - I wanted to like some of your ideas, but for the love of god please shift a bit to the left culturally.
    • Bourgeoisie destroyerism - Gigachad communism, but same problem as the above. Why would you embrace a society that has been proven to yield incredibly worse results than others? There isn't even a justification for going back, it just feels like it's for the aesthetics. And this is ignoring all of the Nazi shit.
    • CarrotsRppl2ism - Egh, too much rightism. Egotistical people are also insufferable.



    • BERNHEism - Don't like the fascist tendencies, and you seem to mostly just consist of imperfections.

    Note: a "dead" self-insert is a user ideology that follows at least one of these criteria: The creator of the self-insert has not edited the page in 3 months, the creator has retired from politics, the creator's ideology has changed, or the creator has had their page deleted.

    Best Friends

    • Arthurwp - What you have on your page right now is extremely well-polished. Love what you've done.


    • Torch Socialism - The only market socialist I respect. His other policies are great.
    • 620 Thought - Cultural centrist, but we share a hatred of revisionism.
    • Rocksism - Markets aren't my thing, but you seem fine. He's also a Pastafarian, which makes him the coolest fucking dude in the world.
    • ComradeAlaois - You have good ideas, but why all the conservatism? I believe that tradition should be memorialized and kept in good condition, but we need to progress to greater things as time goes on.


    • File:Council.png CouncilGuy - You seem like a cool dude, but I have a hatred for Nihilism that goes deeper than a political opinion.



    • Implianium - So you've got a gore fetish, kinda weird but I don't see a prob- holy fucking shit



    New Model Of Cheesenism - pls add me bud?
  • Atronism - Gotcha.
  • File:MATTball.png American Social Democracy - Add me pls?

    Owfism - Add me please?

    Owfism - Can you draw an image for my ideology? The current one I have really isnt that good

    Template:Inexistent-Template - Add me?

    Glencoeism - add me plz also link to ideology: https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/Glencoeism#South_Floridan_Environmental_Seperatism

    • Atronism - What a coincidence! It seems I already added you before you asked.

    Nekoqing- add me

    - Add me?

    BasedManism - Add me?

    Neo-Kiraism - add me

    File:Council.png CouncilGuy - add me?

    - Add me?
    - I am a left-anarchist synthesist btw, I don't consider "right-anarchists" as anarchists so I didn't see the need to specify.
    • Atronism - Oh, thank god. I thought you were one of those quacks who considered Anarcho-Capitalism an actual ideology. I'll move you up on the list.

    Neo-Kiraism - holy shit furry atronism when 😳 /hj

    • Atronism - i am scared but extremely intrigued to find out about what you're going to attempt to do in the future

    Owfism - What do you mean when you say that in 2nd grade communism should be taught? You mean like basic definitions of it or what?

    • Atronism - Yes, the basic details of it.

    Implianium - Add me

    • Atronism - That feels oddly threatening but OK.

    Owfism - I re-added you, can you update relations based on my new ideology?

    Rocksism - Add me please?

    Glencoeism- can you draw a image for me?

    • Atronism - Would you like any specific details?
      • Add my Hat +Sniper rifle

    O'Langism- Add me?

    Reginald Thought - add me

    User:The Conservative Christian Commie - Yo, add Savage Granny Smith! 😊

    Rocksism - By anti-revisionism, do you mean you are against Khrushchev or Gorbachev's reforms (and if it's the former, what is your opinion on Stalin)?

    • Atronism - I am against both of them. Khrushchev was OK, but I believe Molotov could've done better. Gorbachev was a liberal who dealt the final blow to the Soviet Union. Stalin was a very good economic leader, but a filthy conservative and way too authoritarian.

    Fluffy Thought - Added you, may you add me? Neo-Rocksism - Update relations? I am now an insolent anarkiddie :D

    O'Langism - My ideology kinda changed. Update relations?

    Floofel's Thought - Added ya, add me please?

    O'Langism - Your ideology is quite cool ngl.

    ComradeAlaois - Add me :3

    O'Langism - Do you have any suggestions for simple introductions to Marxist theory? I've read the Communist Manifesto, but seeing as that can be interpreted from an anarchist perspective or Marxist one, I'd prefer truly Marxist literature as opposed to just communist literature in general.

    • Atronism - Here's some things I picked out from my reading list. At least a couple of these should work.
    • Time, Labor, and Social Domination (Moishe Postone)
    • An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory (Ernest Mandel)
    • A Companion to Marx's Capital (David Harvey)
    • Karl Marx's Theory Of Revolution (Hal Draper)
    • Marxist Theory and the Development of Capitalism (David McNally)
    • The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act (Fredric Jameson)
    • Prison Notebooks (Antonio Gramsci)

    Nayism - You know what i will say, so i will just say it. Add me.

    - Hello! I added your ideology on my page. It will be updated soon. Also, I recommend these books: <Socialisme utopique et socialisme scientifique> by Fredrich Engels, <Sozialreform oder Revolution> by Rosa Luxemburg, <Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism> by Vladimir Ilich Lenin, <Entropy: A New World View> by Jeremy Rifkin, <Burn It Down! Feminist Manifestos for the Revolution> by Breanne Fahs, <The Magic of Reality> by Richard Dawkins.

    Neo-Kiraism - pssst whats ur discord :3c

    • Atronism - I guess I should put my discord onto my user wiki now that I'm a bit more socially online. (axxy#2761)

    HelloThere314 - Add me?

    • Atronism - Of course, in a little bit, but please be more cautious where you put your comments! I had to fish yours out of the archived comments.
      • HelloThere314 - I'm so sorry! I just scrolled to the bottom out of instinct
        • Atronism - No problem at all, the formatting here is a bit messy. I sometimes do it myself!
    • Market Syndicalism - Yo, add me?

    Neo-Majapahitism - add me

    • Atronism - Yeah, sure. Did you know I found your comment in the middle of the archived comments? Like, not even in the end. Just plopped down in the middle.

    Altem101 - Can you add me?

    Bourgeoisie destroyerism - You wanna add me?

    Ascheominhism - Can you add me? I added you.

    • Atronism - Oh, how convenient! I'll add you. By the way, if you don't mind, I stole the code for your comment template.

    National Fracturism - Do the thing.

    • Atronism - Error: Cannot render object(the thing).

    BERNHEism - Add me (for the lulz)? Will add you back...whenever.

    Io - Add me?

    • Atronism - Of course, you've already added me.

    Arthurwp - Can you add me?

    Io - Hey buddy i don't hate you i just think revolutions are cringe.

    • Atronism - That's also something I wanted to point out. I've never actually stated it in my page, which, I should, but I am completely open to democratic reforms. I just favor revolution over them. That probably changes nothing, but still.
    - How are you?
    • Atronism Fine, I'm just speed-reading as much theory as I can this weekend. You?
      • - I’m fine too.
        • Atronism - Hey, also wondering, your page redirects to a new one, so I can only assume your ideology has changed drastically. Can I know what the changes are?
          • - I identify with communalism/democratic confederslism instead of anarchism now, I’ll obviously go into more detail on more differences when I work on the page but that’s the biggest change.

    O'Langism - Do you have a sandbox alt history page, and if not, wanna work on one together?

    • Atronism - I've never really had any sandbox pages, so it would be fun to do that. If you'd like we can communicate on Discord.

    Cheese Communism - Can you add me?

    O'Langism - Thoughts on Stalin?

    • Atronism - I've said it before and I'll say it again: great economics, terrible cultural views. Would have liked it if Lenin lived a bit longer, but without the NEP.

    Liberty-Loverism - Really based, One of the least authoritarian orthodox Marxists I've seen so far! Mind adding me now that I've added you?

    - Hey, just a warning that ur template didn't work in my page, and also, can u add me? :)
    • Atronism - I fixed it, thanks for telling me! You've been added.

    Liberty-Loverism -Do you plan on archiving the old version of the page? It seems like your doing some massive revisions?

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