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    Atikismo is a self-insert ideology, LibRight and anarchist, who supports free markets and private property and voluntary association

    Foundations and Beliefs

    Its principles would be practically the same as those of anarcho-capitalism, but placing greater importance on voluntarism, thus agreeing that leftists form their own societies as long as they do so without coercing anyone


    Atikismo attaches great importance to decentralization not only in the process of reaching an anarchist society, it also does so when it comes to current political issues, always promoting solutions given in a decentralized way, and not any other than that of the state.

    Social Views

    Recurrently he has a conservative vision of society, somewhat similar to the PCB-Altl.png Alt-lite, but he do that only does to tiggred progressives, since his views are (at heart) Libertarian





    • PCB-SJW.png SJW You are cringe
    • PCB-Ancom.png Anarcho-communism Capitalism is private property and free market, and that can be done without the need of the state and in an anarchist society, so yes, ancaps are anarchist.
    • Fem.png Feminism The only thing you are looking for is for women to be above men.
    • Statesoc.png State Socialism DOES NOT WORK
    • Furry.png Furryocracy I hate furrys
    • Antifur.png Antifur lefty, furry and SJW, grossest thing i've ever seen
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