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    Atheist Progressivism

    Atheist Progressivism is an ideology which espouses an agreeableness between atheism and progressivism; simply it is the ideology of progressives who are atheists, and vice versa.


    Atheist Progressivism is the synthesis between atheism and progressivism. He believes that progressing societal institutions and values naturally are atheistic in nature, since religions have often advocated against progressive values like LGBT rights and abortion. However, he might think religion is incompatible with progressivism, or may just be secular.


    Atheism Plus was a movement that originated in 2012 by the blogger named Jey McCreight. The movement encouraged progressive atheists to address issues like social justice, including: feminism, anti-racism, homophobia, and transphobia. The Atheism+ movement was different from philosophies like secular humanism that have ideological overlap because atheism+ was more specific on issues and only included atheists.

    Personality and Behavior

    Atheist Progressivism either acts like a stereotypical intellectual atheist who debates religious conservatives and religion in-general, or is a secularist who tolerates religious beliefs so long as they respect him back.




    • LGBT Christianity - Why are you a Christian?
    • State Atheism - Isn't this going a bit too far? Why not work with people who will respect my beliefs?
    • Atheist Conservatism - You're an atheist, but you side with the people who actively work against your beliefs?


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