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    Atheist feminism is a branch of feminism that also advocates atheism. Atheist feminists hold that religion is a prominent source of female oppression and inequality, believing that the majority of the religions are sexist and oppressive towards women. In addition, atheist feminism opposes sexism within the atheist population.


    Atheist feminism asserts the equality of men and women in a faithless society. It cites organized religion as a main source of female oppression, gender inequality, and overall suppression of sexual freedom and basic human rights. For atheist feminists, joining a faith is a submission to patriarchy and an acceptance of the anti-female actions condoned by the organized religions.


    This group of feminists who renounce faith on a basis of gender inequality has appeared in numbers only recently. Annie Laurie Gaylor co-founded the largest organization for atheists and agnostics, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, in 1978. Her work with the foundation and her publishing on women and religion has inspired much of the organization of this sect of feminism.



    • Atheist Progressivism - Religions are naturally oppressive, atheism and feminism logically go together.
    • Feminism - The fight for women's rights is important against oppressive religious institutions.
    • LGBTism - Religions are often homophobic, we should protect lgbt rights from homophobic religious people.


    • Men's Liberation - You're alright, but I get weird vibes from you.
    • Anarcha-Feminism - Many of you guys are atheists, but I'm not sure about anarchism.
    • Dawkinsism - You claim to be a feminist, but many of my followers don't like you.



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