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    Note: This page is Obsolete. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. I brought it back for historical purposes.

    Astrodiscordianism is the (very WIP) ideology of Erissky. It's mostly focused on Post-Humanity, Meta-Insurrection, and Meta-Capitalism.

    Icons: (////)


    * Computerization

    • Techno-Aristocracy
    • Patchwork
    • Galactic Patchwork
    • Post-Libertarianism
    • Private Government
    • Private Law
    • Anarcho-Frontierism

    * Property as Prize

  • Gig Economy (and Beyond It)
  • Market Anarchism
  • Meta-Capitalism/Beyond Laissez-Faire
  • Microcompetitivism
  • Private Militarism
  • Biocapitalism

  • * Abolition of Boredom

  • Transformism
  • Meta-Insurrection
  • Hedonism
  • Neo-Gladiatorism
  • Futurism
  • Hyper-Individualism
  • Postgenderism
  • Post-Humanism
  • Queer Liberation

  • * Cyber-Nihilism

  • Galacticism
  • Post-Artifism
  • Post-Post-Humanism

  • * Binarism

  • Communism
  • Conservatism
  • Democracy
  • Egalitarianism
  • Fascism
  • Humanism
  • IP
  • Liberalism
  • Paternalism
  • Police
  • Populism
  • Reformism
  • Socialism

  • Beliefs

    Leviathans, Their Opponents, and their Eternal Wars


    Death of the Nation-State

    Trade Republics of Then and Now

    State: The Structure

    Corporation:The Assembly

    Individual: The Nexus

    All's Fair in Love and War

    Self-Employment on All Scales Possible

    Queer Liberation and Freedom of Form

    In Praise of Arson

    Survive. Adapt. Improve.

    Adventures in Speed and Surreal

    Fun for Fun’s Sake

    Freedom in Business

    Globalization and Neo-Medievalism

    Nature Is Our Playground

    Flesh Not As Stone, But As Clay

    Humanity‘s Twilight

    The Wonders of the Stars


    Partners in Crime

    • Cyberdelic Egoism - You know how to party! Praise be to the wired, praise be to the eldritch digital monsters who lie deep inside its millions of miles of printed circuits. (100/100)
    • Neo-Optimateism - You understand the beauty of the darkness, and have been a key factor leading to my transformation into a Post-Rightist. (100/100)
    • Aristocratic Futurism - Futurism, Nietzscheanism, Aristocracy, even Dionysianism! I literally cannot find a part of your ideology I dislike. (100/100)


    • Glorified Communism - Like you said yourself, we have many similarities, but of course come to different conclusions. You want insurrection towards communization, I want insurrection towards fun and profit. We are not the same. (80/100)


    • Schumacherianism - I guess there are worse on this site but you have a pretty jumbled mess of ideas. Taxation and regulation are enslaving, yes, but so is environmental regulation. However, you're very right on the nature of moderate "progressives". Neo-Libertarianism is good but we support it for vastly different reasons. You think it spreads " freedom" and "liberty", I recognize it cultivates profit and power. (45/100)
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - You don't seem to grasp Stirner very well. Socialism is anti-individual and prioritizes and idealizes the working class above all. Your belief in "rights", utilitarianism, and democracy all put your moniker of "Ego-" into question. It's laughable you support China over Taiwan because the latter was "an extreme dictatorship that used violence against all opposition.", as if China wasn't and still isn't. Also, why not both? (30/100)


    • Neo-Klevism - Lib number #389327. Embrace Experimentalism. Embrace the alien and bizarre, against the stagnating forces of Moderation. (20/100)
    • Meowxism - I like you but I unfortunately can't say the same for your ideology :( It makes zero sense for any queer person to support MLs the likes of Stalin and Hoxha. At least you're Ultraprogressive I suppose, but in a Communist way so I can't exactly relate. (15/100)
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Tasteless. Boring and done to death. There's no future to be had sticking with the basest of the most basic ideas. Life is chaotic, unpredictable, so it only makes sense for us to adapt to it's conditions. Liberalism is a dead end, and so are all of it's children. (10/100)


    • Post-Calculustism - Yeah I'm not gonna sugar-coat it. You suck now. Critical of "idealization" while putting all your faith in the most idealist of beliefs. I don't "idealize" the queer. I take it for what it is, just as everyone else. Whether you like it or not, you're one of us. Your church would abandon you at the drop of a hat if it needed to. Why vow "allegiance" to anyone? Another idealist quirk. To vow allegiance to anything other than oneself is misdirection and self-abandonment in the pursuit of "higher goals". Also, I'd say "Existential Anarchy" is a misnomer. I prefer Cosmic Chaos. Anarchy and Chaos aren't the same. (10/100)

    Partners in Crime






    • - Comment from the bottom. Discuss or ask to be added.
    • Schumacherianism - Add me? :D
      • - Done, add back? :3
    • pls add meh, typical anfash post-idk neologic hyper-media(tized/ted) meta-ism
      • Yo, erissky btw, READ THIS - he disavowed being otherkin but you still get my point. many otherkin are rational and decide to be christian.
        • - Snore. My faith is in myself. God can go suck a fat one. But he won't, the prude.
    • - Add me back?
      • - Donezo.
    • I have become a theocrat update me to abhorrent please Cosmic Cataclysm. Also, responding to what you said about me being critical of idealization is not some kind of absolute doctrine I take. I’m just saying your ideal society is well, a dystopia. I guess you could say an eidolon worm even. You’ll never have a capitalist otherkin gay warfare society with duel economy and a private government. It’s not going to happen. Violence isn’t going to create your easily collapsible anti-utopia anytime soon. You do hold your alleigance to being queer, don’t even try to say I’m wrong. And you do idealize it too. You treat being otherkin or trans or whatever like it’s the second coming of Jesus Christ. It’s an appropriation of identity and aesthetics for an ideology, the curse so much of this wiki has. Saying ‘I’m the princess of discord!!!!11111’ is not a theory-revelation.
      • - Waow! My ideal society won't magically happen!? Crazy. It's almost like I don't think that at all or something... Also I'm adding you to abhorrent not for the Theocracy, but for the comic sans.
    • Meowxism - haiii add me :3 !!
      • - Sure thing :3
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I added you, can you add me? >////<
    • Salvationism - update me please
    • - Add me please! Also what should I add to my page, as it isn’t finished.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - Yo, I've gotten a bit of a glow up recently. I don't believe in human "rights" or utilitarianism anymore. This probably won't change your views of me too much, but I thought I should let you know. (Also my views on China and Taiwan changed, I think they both suck.)
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism Can you add me?



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