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    Assimilationism is a broad sociological phenomenon, which makes people desire or feel obligated to assimilate into some multi-person entity or social structure. It can be as small as a friend group, a family, a school, or a workplace, and as large as things like a religious sect, a gender role, or a nation. Assimilationism believes heavily in codified appropriate behavior that is defined by a majoritarian mainstream. Assimilating into this mainstream can take the form of copying behavior, correcting own behavior, and even correcting the behavior of others, in order to be as socially acceptable as possible.

    Some societies value social assimilation more heavily than others. There are of course many exceptions, but generally, more conservative and monocultural societies and communities tend to value social assimilation of its members more, while more progressive and multicultural societies and communities tend to value social assimilationism of its members less.

    Respectability Politics

    Respectability politics is a form of Assimilationism, and is a social and political strategy where a minority group makes a conscious effort to abandon or punish overly non-conventional or disagreeable parts of their identity, in order to fit in with the majority and gain their respect. Within sociology, this term is mostly pejorative and used to criticize.


    Assimilationism wants every group of people it sees to function smoothly, and will go out of its way to ensure this. Assimilationism is frequently seen telling other balls how to act in order to fit in to a group, often through whispers and coded messages. Assimilationism has very little sense of self, and they thus have no internal identity outside of following what everyone else around them wants and does.


    Normal assimilators

    • Communitarianism - Becoming one with the community is great!
    • Collectivism - Abandon self-interest, do as the collective does.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Immigrants and minorities should work to fit in to their nations if they want to be respected.
    • Deontology - It's good to follow norms of behavior, otherwise we'd be in chaos.
    • Theocracies - Very good, strict, and brutal implementation of my ideas.
    • Authoritarian Pacifism - I, too, love stability and non-disturbance.
    • Ochlocracy - ...However, if the majority wants something, you should follow along.
    • Moderatism - To stay assimilated in society, it really helps to stay within the Overton Window.
    • School System - I like how codified and standardizing this system is. Heck, even the kids are helping, by imposing social norms upon each other.
    • Confucianism - One of the best philosophies, which still holds massive sway in East Asia.


    • SJW - Very good at making sure people stay in line with your ideas. However, relative to society at large, you are still a weirdo.
    • Discriminationism - Depends whether the group thinks certain kinds of discrimination are good or acceptable.
    • Cultism - A very extreme and weird version of me.
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - An outlandishly extreme and weird version of me.


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