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    Assadism is an  AuthLeft to AuthUnity and Cultural Center ideology.

    It was historically authoritarian left or authoritarian unity under Hafez al-Assad but under Bashar's Government it became authoritarian capitalist.


    Hafez al-Assad participated in the 1963 Syrian coup d'état which brought the Syrian regional branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party to power. After serving as defense minister for a few years he initiated another coup which ousted the de facto leader Salah Jadid and appointed himself as leader of Syria. Hafez imposed change on the Ba'ath government when he took power, by imposing capitalism and limited liberalization of the economy thus moving the Syrian Ba'ath Party away from its socialist roots.

    As President, Hafez organized state services along sectarian lines the Sunnis became the heads of political institutions, while the Alawites took control of the military, intelligence, and security apparatuses. Even though Hafez sided with the Soviet Union in the cold war against Israel, he prosecuted and repressed leftists such as supporters of Salah Jadid, at home. Hafez's policies indirectly led to the establishment of a "new elite" as state officials used their positions for personal gain resulting in spikes of corruption.

    From the 1970s to the early 1980s the Alawite Dynasty found its power and grip over Syria challenged by a series of revolts and armed insurgencies of Sunni Islamists, mainly members of the Muslim Brotherhood which aimed to overthrow the secular Ba'athist dictatorship. The Islamist uprising reached its climax in the 1982 Hama uprising and massacre, which resulted in tens of thousands of casualties and resulted in Hafez eliminating all political opposition and establishing a totalitarian dictatorship.

    Following the death of Hafez al-Assad in 2000 and the succession of his son, Bashar to the presidency, political repression diminished significantly in what was known as Damascus Spring. Bashar attempted to improve relations with the west through market liberal reforms such as the privatization of education, healthcare, the banking sector, and the media. However, corruption only increased, and the Syrian opposition began to organize foreign powers came to decide that Assad had to go.

    How to paint

    Hafez al-Assadism

    Bashar al-Assadism



    • Ba'athism — I'm literally him. Anyways, his is contesting this.
    • Brezhnev Doctrine — Thanks for supporting Hafez al-Assad. Anyways, we are not true communists (we're not communists even), though.
    • Juche — I was totalitarian during 1980s, and also Bashar is a son of our former president Hafez. Hereditary dictatorship is based. Also we both supported Iran over Iraq.
    • Castroism — Based comrade from Cuba. You needed to launch these missiles to bomb damn USA and save the world from their imperialism even if it would provoke nuclear war .
    • Chavismo — Hugo Chavez was based, and Maduro is strongly opposes western imperialism. I like him.
    • Dengism — One of the best allies of Bashar.
    • Fourth Theory — It's based. But don't be such religious and christian. Anyways, he is much better than neoconservatism.
    • Gaddafism — he's also arab and also socialist. To be religious is cringe, but he strongly opposed to neocucks. They overthrew him later. RIP Legend.
    • Gaullism — Jacques Chirac was based for opposing american invasion in Iraq.
    • Lukashenkoism — Russian puppet friend is my friend. He is actually based and we both supports Russia over ukrainian traitors.
    • National Capitalism — Wagner Group is helping Bashar over american interventionists, that's based.
    • Putinism — Actually the best ally! Thanks for saving Bashar from neoconservatives and terrorists.
    • Stratocracy — Hafez became leader of Syria by coup. He also was militarist leninism, but only aesthetically.
    • Paleoconservatism — Based for opposing US military interventions in the Middle East.


    • Arab Socialism — yes, we are arabs and socialists, but it isn't enough to call us pan-arabists.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism — Hafez was more softened to market, and Bashar accepted capitalism. However he rejected this since 2012.
    • Illiberal Democracy — I don't like democracy, but Bashar accepted some democracy since 2012.
    • Islamic Capitalism — First you helped the West fund terrorist groups against me but MBS and MBZ eventually came to support me and I've recently been reaching out to Saudi Arabia and the UAE for peace. The West shall no longer divide the Arab world.
    • Christian Theocracy and Islamic Theocracy — Church and mosque united through love and faith. Still is dirty theocrats.
    • Marxism-Leninism — I'm not communist, but Hafez had alliance with Brezhnev, even if it was for pragmatic reasons.
    • Neoconservatism — I hate you and everything you did but Bashar participated in the CIA torture and rendition program in the early 2000s.


    • Bibism — Could you stop bombing me for 2 seconds, please...
    • Jadidism — Corrective movement go brrrrrr....
    • Saddamism — Dogmatic Sunni chauvinist. Hafez even aided the US during the 2nd Gulf War to stop your illegal occupation of Kuwait.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism — There's no "Moderate" Syrian opposition and you're on the CIA pay-roll.
    • Jihadism — Barrel bombs go brrrrrr…
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