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    aspergism is an religiun where a random sperg called WillM3LuvTrains finalyl finds a wife and f*cks her for absolutely no reason but then discovers that it actually was a 75 yr old negro gangsta and then the man gets its n*ggas to gangr*pe the sperg and then licks his cock and then obese nevada-tan eats everyone and then the jewish gestapo come and eats nevada-tans diarrhea and then f*cks her for googolplex years and then hitler puts his finger throug nevata-dans vagina and then marries Allah and Jesus simultanereously and then everyone goes to Mongolia until a horse came and nevada-tan ate it and then the gangsta goes yo yo yo homie nevada-tan and then nevada-tan eats him and she eats every universes in existenc and then Jesus came out of nevadatans assh*le and then took 666 viagra then his dick grew 9 000 0000299999999 inches and impaled nevada-tan and then freed the universe then had sex with it and then a fucking dog came and crucified Jesus for zero reason because fuck logic and then Terrance4Eves from DeviantArt appears and prays to the crucified Jesus and then Yume Nikki appears and then gets crucified and then the crucified Jesus has sex with it for no reason and then GOD appeared and then licks the dead nevada-tans feet and then satan appears and fucking destroy all universes of all of everything that fucking exist.


    assburgers - i love sticking burgers up my ass
    i has sex with everyone

    > This is a joke page so don't spam me with your "RARSIST" bullshit

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