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    "I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own."

    Asian Supremacism is an ideology which advocates for the organization of society around the central fact of the spiritual, genetic, and cultural superiority of East Asian peoples. While Asian Supremacism varies in his support of communism and democracy, he tends to support a fascist traditionalist state with a racial system ranging from apartheid to complete genocide of all non-Asians. While Asian Supremacists support ultra nationalism as a mode of organization, they are also to some degree internationalist, supporting the ascendancy of pure Asians in all nations around the world. While Asian Supremacism takes inspiration from many previous civilizations, in specific it (when not in China or Korea) tends to champion Imperial Japan as a model for future organization, idolizing their use of mass rape, slavery, and warfare to create a pan-Asian traditionalist state (though they often disavow some of the massacres of Asian peoples by the Japanese).


    Because Asian Supremacism is not a written doctrine, and is often not explicitly stated, the specific principles may vary by person, but the general gist of their beliefs tends to be as follows.

    Asian Supremacism

    The central tenant of Asian Supremacism is a belief that East Asian peoples are genetically, spiritually, and/or culturally superior to all other races. Citing average grades, iq, wealth mobility, and productivity, as well as relatively low crime rates, Asian Supremacists claim that the White Supremacist formula is wrong as the data backs up Asians better displaying the traits which White Supremacists claim indicates their greatness. Who is included as Asian varies wildly from movement to movement, and many use different past Empires as claims to legitimacy. Regardless, Asian Supremacism at least self identifies as being Pan-Asian, and while typically Nationalist supports all Asian movements.

    Flag of Asian Supremacism


    In line with many traditional values and Lee Kuan Yew’s description of “Asian Values”, Asian Supremacists tend to view collectivism as inherent to Asian identity. Asians are expected to have filial piety, work for the benefit of their nation, and generally stay in tune with society. This view of human nature is in conflict with how Asian Supremacists view the natures of other racists. Whites are seen as being hyper individualistic, destroying harmony and causing destructive conflict. Arabs are seen as extremely religious, whereas Asian religions are more secular and rational, Arabic religiosity is simply an expression of lunacy and submissiveness. And so on. To Asian Supremacists, the individual means nothing before the collective, and anyone who subscribes to Liberal individualism has been tricked by White Colonialism.


    Asian Supremacists believe that Asian civilization was once the greatest in the world, but was destroyed by White Colonialism ie the Century of Humiliation. In the past, the Chinese Empires were the premier world power, like the Roman Empire if it had begun earlier and ended in the 20th century. The Mongols and Huns ravaged Europe with ease. In politics and philosophy, Asia had no equal, pioneering rationalist religions, meritocratic government, and popular sovereignty. In the end, the primary thing that brought Asia down in the eyes of the Asian Supremacists was decadence, as the gunpowder invented by Asians was wielded against them by the scheming White powers. Because Asian traditions developed during the peak of Asian civilization, and were created by the inherent superior instincts of Asians rather than the new customs created by Whites, they must be returned to if greatness is to be restored.


    Viewing themselves as the most intelligent of all races, Asian Supremacists believe that Asia must adapt to the modern day. While tradition must be worshipped, Asian Supremacists also see innovation and modernization as Asian traditions. After all, if the Whites defeated Asian civilization, there must be something to learn from this defeat. What style this modernism takes varies among Asian Supremacists, sometimes being embodied by a belief in semi-liberalism, communism, fascism, or technocracy. While the roots of Asian society must not be overturned, Asian Supremacists strongly believe reform is needed.


    Asian Supremacism is known to be quite arrogant and academically intelligent, but deeply insecure on a deeper level. He often believes he has gotten the short end of the societal stick, having to work harder and for less reward than balls of other races. Constantly bemoaning his perceived lack of racial masculinity, he overcompensates by obsessing over asserting dominance and power over those around him.


    Chosen People

    • Fascism - While the people of Asia are infinitely adaptable, we find again and again that Asians have an inherent collectivist bond of tradition, love, and kindness not present in other inferior races.
    • Pan-Asianism - People of Asia, unite!
    • Xi Jinping Thought - You are reviving Chinese culture, obliterating western homosexual degeneracy, crushing backwards Islamism, and asserting Asia’s rightful place on the world stage!
    • Showa Statism - Banzai!!! Purging the colonist scum from our homelands and taking their inferior women, you proved to the world that the white race is not superior.
    • Chinese Theocracy - The Chinese empires of old remind us of the age when Asians ruled over the barbarians of the West. An age we are quickly returning to.
    • Juche - You are a beacon of resistance against the degenerate West.
    • Racism - The pseudoscience of the old white supremacist system must be entirely overthrown, but this does not mean we cannot recognize the obvious reality that some people are better than others.
    • Tridemism - You are the father of modern Asia. Combining the progressive scientific advances of the West with the superior traditions of the East you created a new political model which helped to end the decline of our people. Unlike many other Asian l*berals, you even recognized the superiority of our race though you changed your mind on this later in life.
    • Chiangism - You’re basically Tridemism if he was redpilled. You salvaged the core of what made Sun Yat-sen great but replaced the individualism with collectivism and democracy with guidance, to create a new more efficient system. If only you had been able to work with Japan…
    • Wang Jingwei Thought - You’re basically Chiang Kai-shek if he was redpilled. Rather than taking a centrist route like Chiang, you boldly chose to embrace Fascism and work with the Japanese to create a new collectivist Asia free of imperialism and degenerate progressivism.
    • Khanism - With nothing but horses and bows you conquered the world and subjugated the Slavs and the Arabs, spreading superior Asian genes across the world. The name Ghenghis Khan will echo eternally in the annals of history, and we will endeavor to live up to your standard.
    • Nazism - Your theory of racial science was slightly off, but you acknowledged Asians as a parallel race to Aryans, worked with the Japanese, and gave us a systematic model to create a pure Asian society.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - Your victory against the French and American imperialists proves that even with nothing, the Asian will alone is enough for victory against even the mightiest of enemies.
    • Patriarchy - Asian men have and must always rule over society. If Asian women are not kept in their place, the whole of societal harmony will be irreversibly upset.
    • State Shintoism - The race as a religion. Banzai!
    • Scientocracy - Your advancement was the one positive achievement of the Whites, but we created you, and we will bring you further than those of inferior intellects could ever dream of.
    • Ottomanism - Even if you took on many of the customs of the Arabs, you were nonetheless a people of the Asian steppes, and by conquering the Roman Empire you proved the historic inevitability of the triumph of Asian civilization over White civilization. Plus, you got rid of those Armenian subhumans.
    • Kemalism - Even if you were somewhat cucked by White L*beralism, you did destroy the backwards tendency of Arabic Islam within the Turkish people. In addition, you defeated the west, restored Turkey’s greatness, and created a new national identity for our Asian enclave in the West to hold on to.
    • Turkish Idealism - Rejecting the degenerative influences of the Arabs and Whites, you proudly proclaim the independence and superiority of the Turkish race.
    • Pol Potism - A great man who destroyed the French cucks, created a pure Asian state, and eliminated all remaining colonial influences in Cambodia.
    • Burmese Way to Socialism - More like based way to being based. And what’s this? Gang rapes and ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims? Omega based.
    • Buddhist Theocracy - A virtuous compass for Asian moral development.
    • Meritocracy - Merit has always been a tradition of Asian peoples, and even from the lowest of positions we have throughout history grappled our way up to the top of even the most racist and unfair systems.
    • Mussolinism - You’re white, and I don’t really care that much about your dad, but girl, I gotta admit, Tokyo Fantasy kinda slaps.
    • Lee Kuan Yew Thought - A great man and a model for Asian modernization.

    Allies in Prosperity

    • Anti-Americanism - Even though America is fundamentally a White Imperialist power, it always had a higher view of us than many of the European powers, and has in modern days helped to establish many stable Asian nations.
    • Black Nationalism - Many of us joined you in the US, and you helped many of us become conscious of our racial identities. However, even if you are our allies in the battle against the White World Order, most of you are still just monkeys at the end of the day.
    • Yellow Feminism - Look, we both agree that you are objectified and demeaned by White men. However, I can see why they’d be attracted to you. Asian women are the most beautiful in the world, and your submissiveness and loyalty are good things! Don’t abandon your heritage and traditions just because of some sexpat assholes.


    • White Nationalism - Not only will you not have a nation, you will not have a species when we are done with you.
    • Latin Americanism - Look, if you want to send us more maids and farm workers, that's cool, but don't expect to be treated like our equals.
    • WMAFism - This is literally worse than the Holocaust.
    • Milk Tea Alliance - Race traitors who are trying to burn down China so that the West can subject us to another century of humiliation.
    • Pan-Arabism - It doesn’t matter how many Arabs work together, you are inherently a weak and submissive species.
    • Asian Apoliticism - You are the reason our people are being trampled on by the inferiors of the world.
    • Islamic Feminism - The only girls I see kneeling more than you are prostitutes.
    • European Federalism - You really think Whites will ever stop backstabbing each other long enough to form a federation?
    • White Feminism - The fact that your men let you act like this says so much about your species.
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