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    Ascheominhism It is a general pro-radical Socialist ideology, civically moderate (but usually trend authoritarian), culturally progressive ( And still preserving harmless culture and tradition at same times).

    This ideology are opposed to Anti-LGBTQ+, Anticoms, cappies, imperialist, traitors of socialism, and fashs ideologies.


    Get the powers

    The only effective way to gain power is revolution, and there is no optimal solution other than this. A regime built through electoral struggles can easily be overthrown by anticoms. Only revolution and the establishment of a socialist country can truly liberate the people; and the revolution will unite all oppressed people, whether they are middle-class intellectuals, the proletariat, or the petty bourgeoisie. Once the revolution occurs, it will break out in all parts of the country at the same time; the intellectuals will spread the news of the revolution, the middle class will occupy the cities (after get the victorys will have succes in assisting the revolution in the surrounding areas); the proletariat will occupy the factories and villages. In this whole process, the revolution must be rooted in the people spontaneously.

    Spread the revolution

    A country's revolution begins with its own revolutionary forces. However, when the revolutionary force matures, it shows that local class contradictions are greater than ethnic contradictions. At this time, the revolutionary army can intervene to help local revolutionary forces and attack local reactionaries and capitalists.

    However, if the local revolutionary forces are facing failure, it means that there is no need for revolution in this place for the time being, and the local class conflicts have not yet reached the level of irreconcilable class conflicts, so we will temporarily stop for a while, but we will welcome other places revolutionaries come to learn to think.


    Immediately carry out nationalization reforms after the revolution is successful and stable (acquisition or confiscation of most private enterprises, but confiscation is a priority, and public-private partnerships are allowed in a small part), and use trade unions to manage factories and other means of production. At the same time, promote agricultural collectivization and comprehensively establish The rural commune system is managed by farmers' associations, while promoting rural industrialization policies, carrying out urbanization, promoting the development of county towns, and gradually reducing the gap between urban and rural areas; and then strengthening the rights of trade unions in cities and improving the independence of trade unions themselves. In addition, education, medical care, and housing benefits will be greatly improved, but some means of living will also be rationed or purchased in limited quantities, and a certain amount of taxation will be increased at the same time; the proletariat such as workers will truly become the masters of the country.

    Through this path, a proletarian society based on a planned economy combining worker guidance and information cybernetics will be built. In this process, ecological protection is also an indispensable part, and opposition to consumerism and de-marketization maybe help to achieve this goal. The oppressors and those who do not work will not be able to eat, and the working people will become the masters. And taxes and Social Security should be raised, and benefits and rationing will partially replace purchases. The agricultural system will be more centralized and collectivized, and all land will be shared and managed to facilitate the further mechanization and modernization of agriculture.

    The houses will be state-owned assets, and will be distributed on the basis of workplaces to ensure the availability of housing and the environment for workers. (This is a welfare, that free costs but cannot inherited.)


    The establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat is a long process, and we must fight the domestic counter-revolutionaries for a long time; in the process of fighting and criticizing them, the violence are inevitable. But this process must be carried out in democratical form, and freedom of speech must be guaranteed (but this is based on the identification with Marxism). There is universal suffrage, and elections are based on the workplace. Elections are based on the results of the votes of each factory and collective farm. The main role of the revolutionary party will be the education of revolutionary ideas and solidarity with the supporters of the revolution, rather than possessing authoritarian political power. Due to the hypocritical nature of bourgeois "democracy", the way to establish a socialist state in capitalist countries is generally various forms of armed struggle, such as guerrilla warfare, riots, urban guerrilla warfare and coups, but does not include peaceful methods such as parliamentary elections, because If so, we will either be wiped out or degenerate.

    Demonstrations are generally legal, but subject to some regulation, and there should be a dialogue with the marchers, and their opinions will be adopted.


    Same-sex marriage should be legalized, and the rights of transgender people should be protected. As half of the country's citizens, women's rights and interests naturally need to be protected. This needs to ensure that women's education and employment levels are basically equal to men's, and there should be more socialization elements in child rearing, and more emphasis should be placed on the contributions made by women's heroes and laborers in the narrative. Men don't need to be forced to have "masculinity", and women don't need to be "good wives and mothers". This is a matter of free choice.

    As for the languages and cultures of ethnic minorities, they should also be protected. No culture is supreme. In addition, the protection of traditional culture may be necessary, but it is not so important, because human beings themselves are developing, not retreating. The focus of traditional culture protection is not to keep it blindly, but to learn the wisdom of the ancients. Of course, since tradition is formed in a class society, it is easy to be oppressive. Therefore, oppressive tradition must be abolished and abandoned, which is the consolidation of the revolution.

    As for movies, games, etc., a sound age classification system must be established, but at the same time it should not be too strict. Cultural creators should be organized by the government. Cultural products are published by the state. Audits should not have rigid mechanisms while they exist. (Those without obvious capitalist and/or fascist tendencies can basically pass the review. Those that are more explicit or have syndicalist or anarchist tendencies will only increase the age classification at most, but they can also pass the review. Review.) Popular culture (such as Anime) can be accepted, accommodated and actively used by revolution. We should be more vigilant and opposed to religions. They are superstitious, idealistic, deceptive, and important potential enemies of the socialist. We must use the strength of the proletariat as the basis to develop culture along a unique socialist line; and this will be a unique new culture of the proletariat, not a "new" culture created by the petty bourgeoisie, let alone an old culture.

    Abortion should be legal, but requires certain confirmation procedures. While incest is semi-legal, it is not advocated and cannot be married; if an extramarital affair is appealed by the married partner, it will be handled as a civil dispute, and compensation will be awarded under certain conditions, and the threshold for divorce should be lowered.


    The development of science and technology is very important, and the appropriation for applied physics should be greatly increased; nuclear energy can be used as an environmentally friendly and mature energy source as long as it is reasonably controlled, and it should be used as the main energy source. And we have to accelerate the development of technology and find ways to break through the current scientific bottleneck of human beings. Transhumanism's transformation of the human body may become the norm in the future; and human beings should also accelerate their flight to space and establish settlements on Mars and the moon.


    All forms of national chauvinism are our enemies, and sometimes sympathize with or support separatism (such as Kurdistan independence; but I maintain zero tolerance for Taiwan independence even if they use the way of becomes a socialist), but one earth one country is The only way for humanity. Every individual and every nation is equally noble, and we socialists want national unity and class struggle, not the other way around. People of the same class and creed are comrades and friends regardless of skin color and origin. Minority autonomous regions should have greater autonomy, such as comprehensive ethnic language education in compulsory education. For China, I think the standardization, simplification and promotion of ethnic minority languages such as square Zhuang characters are necessary; because ethnic languages can only maintain vitality by absorbing new vocabulary, so the creation and transliteration of vocabulary cannot be stopped (creation based on morphology is preferred).

    but sometimes, we must to be intervenes:

    1. Sends the ANTI-HUMAN THINGS to *Construct Socialism*.
    2. Crushes the STUMBLING ROCKS of human progressive.


    Society will not stop developing, and contradictions will always exist, but they will all be resolved, societies will continue to evolve. Perhaps, Communalism and animal liberation will be achieved after the realization of communism. Prostitution, drugs, and private guns should all be banned; These are detrimental to the safety and health of the people. They are Darwinian evils produced by capitalist society, and they are ideas that need to be eradicated. As for the refugees, we can take a small number and provide settlements, jobs and cultural courses, but they will be more supervised in the early days of settlement to integrate into our society; unfriendly and/or not socialist Immigrants from some countries are allowed, but must repay part of the welfare subsidy, and immigrants from these countries need to pass political vetting.


    We must pay attention to people's livelihood while attaching importance to the construction of armaments. We can't become Militarism, and we can't completely forget it, because in this way, the Anticom's power will eventually make a comeback (it's just the difference between relying on force and relying on inciting the people, the most intuitive example is Grenada and Soviet Union). Guerrilla warfare tactics are still very useful in modern warfare; urban guerrilla warfare is a tactic that needs to be studied and used. The equipment and tactics of individual soldiers are still worthy of attention; in addition to the regular army, the militia and armed police are also an important part of the national defense system. In military construction, we need more advanced technologies and bold innovations and attempts.


    The main purpose of justice is to re-educate criminals, not just to imprison them. However, for some heinous criminals, punitive justice, even the death penalty, is just right. Be cautious before using sentences, but criminals cannot continue to endanger society after they are released from prison. Of course, the principle of innocence must be adhered to. The environment in the prison should be simple and clean, and the criminals should carry out production and study in the prison to ensure that they can live like normal people without committing crimes after they are released from prison.




    *Socialism = Besides based, what else can I say?




    • Anarcho-Commuism = 很难对你们给出绝对的评价。共产主义的性质一定是无政府的,但是你们在革命之后却选择跳过先建立社会主义无产阶级专政做过渡而是选择直接建立无阶级社会?我认为这样做的话,有不小的可能会“步子迈太大扯到蛋。” (It's hard to give you absolute ratings. The nature of communism must be anarchic, but after the revolution, you chose to skip the establishment of a socialist dictatorship of the proletariat as a transition and choose to directly establish a classless society? I think that if you do this, there is not small possibility of "walking without looking at the road and stepping on dog shit.")




    • Fascism = CLN is right, you are basically a sh*t, you not only promote extreme nationalism, also inspire modern white extremists, may every your follower and sympathizer all are end up in like Mussolini's death treatment.
    • Soycial Dollwinism = 我只能说,信仰这个意识形态的,不是蠢,就是坏,或者两个皆有。你盗取了真正的达尔文主义的名称,而且你别想着把人类退化回茹毛饮血的社会!你绝对不可能在现实世界中被实践,因为无论是一个地区不成文的规定乃至国际法,都有对弱者最基本的保障。像你这样子反人类的意思形态,只会被全人类彻底的边缘化。 (All I can say is that people who believe in your ideas are either stupid, or bad, or both. You stole the name of the real Darwinism. don't think about want to degenerate human beings back to the blood-drinking society! It is absolutely impossible for you to be praxis in the real world, because whether it is the unwritten regulations of a region or even international law, there are the most basic guarantees for the weak. Anti-human thoughts like yours will only be completely marginalized by all mankind.)
    • REEEEEEactionarism = 反动派,革的就是你们的命!别想着把人类思想倒退回至启蒙运动前!在革命之后我只会给你们4个选择:要么挂在路灯上被人民当成痰桶,要么给科学家们做人体测试,或是在劳改营里踩缝纫机;和在火星上挖土豆!(Just REEEEEEEE reactards! Don't try to regress human thought back to before the Enlightenment! After the revolution, I will only give you 4 choices: Either hang it on the street lamp and be used as a sputum bucket by the people, or test the human body for scientists, or step the sewing machine in the labor camp; or dig potatoes on Mars!)










    • Smarter Greeceball Thought = Individualism is cringe, but btw, you are left than me, and more looks like Socialism.
    • Atronism = Basically the more progressive version of me ideologically! We are all against the Cappies and the divisions of the revolutionary left!


    • Yoda8soup Thought = The few Socdemists I can accept are also the few Socdemists I know who do not support Anticom'oids. Naturalism is based, but it is still a bit pro-center. Plus, you're the first person I made a relationship with after I joined PCBW, thx you.
    • Neo-Kiraism = Basically based, but I think revolutionaries of color should retain their platform of opinion after the revolution. If you don't mind, you can try to do my politic test..
    • ComradeAlaois = Glad you went from being a left wing reactionary to being truly left wing, but you're kind of auth.


    • Glencoeism =Too far of liberal, but atleast you aren't support him.


    • O'Langism = Chaoseotic anrchist, much too Accelerationism, but if don't look at the civic axis, your economic point of view is actually not bad.


      • Syncretic Tridemism = Chilling tridemist social anticom on steroid. If you don't have anticom'oids influence in your ideology, it will be based; but alas, you have.


    New Model Of Cheesenism = WTF what are you? Full support for Anticom'oids, and anti-chinese??? And want to establish greater indonesia? REEEEE! You and them are simply carved out of the same template, the difference is that you are regional.

    • Notice: If you want to be added in relationships, put your template in this section like the example and i will add it. :)
    [[Your Ideology Names]] (Your Ideology Icon identify with/Your Ideology Icon identify with)


    Waiting Lists:

    Test of Politics

    Only one of each question can be chosen, unless otherwise specified.

    Civic Axis

    Anarchist (+0)
    Minarchist (+1)
    Libertarian (+2)
    Liberalist (+2)
    Moderate (+10)
    Statist (+7)
    Authoritarian (+3)
    Totalitarian (-5)

    Political Axis

    Representative Democracy (+10)
    Liberal Democracy (+1)
    Peoples Democracy (+5)
    Authoritarian Democracy (+2)
    Totalitarian Democracy (+1)
    Moderate (+3)
    Anti-Democracy (-3)
    Direct Democracy (+6)
    Semi-Direct Democracy (+7)
    E-democracy (+4)

    Ecomomic Axis

    Communism (+10)
    Socialist (+10)
    Welfarist (+6)
    Moderate (+5)
    Economic Liberalism (+0)
    Capitalist (-3)
    Darwinist (-10)


    State Socialism (+3)
    Keynesianism (+1)
    Mixed Economy (+10)
    Social Market Economy (+2)
    Moderate (+5)
    Market Socialism (+7)
    Decentralized Planning (+3)
    Laissez-faire (-10)
    State Capitalism (-7)

    Diplomatical Axis

    World Federalist (+2)
    Globalist (+3)
    Cosmopolitan (+5)
    Internationalist (+7)
    Moderate (+10)
    Patriotist (+10)
    Nationalist (+6)
    Jingoist (+1)
    Chauvinist/Ultranationalist (-10)
    Ethnonationalist (-15)


    Pro-Western (-7)
    Pro-East (+1)
    Total isolation (-1)
    Interventionist/Exporting Revolutions (-5)
    Non-Aligned (+10)
    Nation First (+3)
    Separatism/Pro-Separatist Movements (-10)

    Cultural Axis

    Revolutionary Progressive (+3)
    Progressive (+5)
    Reformist (+2)
    Moderate (+7)
    Centrist (+10)
    Tradicionalisme (+1)
    Conservative (-2)
    Reactionary (-10)

    Environmental Axis

    Humanial Extinction (-5)
    Eco-Fascist (-3)
    Ecoist (-0)
    Environmentalist (+7)
    Moderate (+10)
    Industrialist (+5)
    Anthropocentric (+3)
    Pollution (-3)
    Planetary Destruction (-10)

    Neural Axis

    Utopia (+3)
    Dogmatic (+2)
    Idealist (+4)
    Moderate (+10)
    Realist (+5)
    Pragmatist (+6)
    Rational (+2)
    Dystopian (-5)

    Technological Axis

    Degradationist (-6)
    Primitivist (-5)
    Pre-Industrial (-2)
    Deceleration (-0)
    Moderate (+7)
    Acceleration (+5)
    Automatist (+10)
    Transhumanist (+8)
    Posthumanist (+0)

    Additional plus points (Multi-choise)

    Theoretical Anticom (That is: communism is theoretically feasible, but human beings still need to wait for sufficient productivity before they can enter a communist society.) (+1)
    Anti-Revisionism (+4)
    Anti-Reformist (+5)
    Leftwing-Anti-Social Democracy (+6)
    Anti-Anticom (+7)
    Anti-Capitalism (+8)
    Anti-Fascism (+7)
    Atheist (+3)
    Ergatocracy (+5)
    Anti-Totalitarianist (+4)

    Additional minus points (Multi-choice)

    Fascist of any type (-9)
    Anti-Communist except theotical on previous (-7)
    Racist (-6)
    Nation Self-hatred (-8)
    Theocratic (-5)
    Social *Justice* Warroir (-4)
    Sinophobia (-15)
    White Supermacy (-10)
    Succdem (-3)
    Anti-Progressivism (-5)
    "dressed in socialist coat, do the cappies things."(-3)


    Example: Ascheominhism - 100/100(+50, -0)


    • Smarter Greeceball Thought - By the way, I support communism. What do you mean by saying that I am a left-wing radical anti-communist? Can you stop buttoning your hat? The libertarian left is also left, let alone I am so radical. Can you add me?
    • Ascheominhism - Just looks the icon, Anti-Anticom is means Anti-Anti-Communism's short whitten that is means opposites the Anticom'oids. and i will adds you in the future until my beliefs are full writed.
    Ascheominhism - Added you two.

    Glencoe- add me?

    = New Model Of Cheesenism - add me

    Ascheominhism Added you two.
    • Apple - Add me?
    Ascheominhism Added you two.
    Ascheominhism - Added.
    Ascheominhism - Added.

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