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    Aryan Monarchishm
    is a one-party, nationalistic, semi-authoritarian ideology that holds a relatively progressive position on cultural issues outside of race.


    Aryan Monarchism’s goal is to create a new Nationalistic Ethnostate made of up Aryans and lesser white ethnicities.

    The new state is to have ideally an Aryan majority with other white ethnicities as a minority to die out naturally.

    The language of the state will be a European language like English or one of the Nordic languages like Swedish, this depends on the actual location of the country. Other languages will not be outlawed however they are discouraged from speaking them outside of consumption of foreign media like American movies and Japanese Anime for example.

    The economics will be what is known as welfare capitalism also known as the Nordic model with parliament removed entirely and with elements of National Capitalism.

    The nation will be led by an Aryan monarch who instead of having a possibly less suitable heir will mentor a child to lead the nation in a productive manner. This system has a historical basis in Rome and other cultures and is known as Noocracy.

    There will be slight isolationist policies mainly not allowing any nonwhites to live or visit with the punishment being death.

    The State Itself

    The state will be divided into several different sectors based on certain goals such as naval defense and land defense. These sectors will hold different counties aka minor sectors which are governed by the larger sector itself.

    Government System

    The state itself is authoritarian in nature mainly to keep out nonwhites and whites of lesser countries. Individual Liberty is a must for Aryans and whites with the exception of any breeding with nonwhites who aren’t even allowed in the country.

    Citizens are allowed to own guns or military equipment of any kind (with the obvious exception of nuclear weapons) once passing a class in firearms or once they have served in the military (which is required) for one year which is the maximum for the average citizen.

    There will also be several different ministries for various purposes. These are the current proposed ones. The Ministry Of War And Defense, The Ministry Of Inhuman Labor (slaves), The Ministry of Diplomacy, The Ministry Of The Treasury. These ministries will not interfere with the other unless absolutely necessary.

    The Police Force of the state will be less equipped and trained than the actual military and since most everyone will own a firearm crime will be decreased anyway to manageable levels.

    The Monarchy will have some power but is limited in a few ways. The Monarch can't start a war without approval from the Noble Council nor can they launch nuclear weapons. The Monarchy also cannot take any steps to increase their power and should they try they will be executed. The Monarch has the priority of being a diplomatic force and being the commander in chief of the military. The Monarchy of course will choose an heir based on a few limitations. The heir has to be of sound physical and mental health (things like autism are fine) and the heir cannot be a blood relative. The royal family will also serve in the military.


    The Nordic model is underpinned by a mixed-market capitalist economic system that features high degrees of private ownership, with the exception of Norway which includes a large number of state-owned enterprises and state ownership in publicly listed firms.

    The Nordic model is described as a system of competitive capitalism combined with a large percentage of the population employed by the public sector, which amounts to roughly 30% of the workforce, in areas such as healthcare and higher education. In Norway, Finland, and Sweden, many companies and/or industries are state-run or state-owned like utilities, mail, rail transport, airlines, electrical power industry, fossil fuels, chemical industry, steel mill, electronics industry, machine industry, aerospace manufacturer, shipbuilding, and the arms industry. Aryan Monarchism supports the state owning things like the mail and chemical industry but wants arms manufacturing, the electronics industry, and the shipbuilding industry to be privately owned by private civilians.

    Legal System

    The court system of the nation will be the Adversary system. The Adversary System is a Contest between opposing sides (adversaries). The trier of fact will be a judge or jury that will determine the truth. Opposing sides present their best arguments and show weaknesses in the other side's case. It is the system used in the United States and the English courts. The judge's job is to make sure both sides are playing fairly. However, there will be some aspects carried over from the Inquisitorial System which is used in most of Europe. Unlike the Adversary System, the Judge will be allowed to question witnesses and gather any evidence should they feel the need to. The Judge is also allowed to veto the jury should they themselves have reasonable doubt about the conclusion the jury reached.

    There will also be a form of Bounty Hunting in the country. In the U.S., bounty hunters are mostly hired by a bail-bond company (bail bondsman) to track down a criminal defendant who has failed to appear in court in breach of the bail-bond agreement. Historically, courts have given bounty hunters numerous powers for bringing fugitives to justice which will also be applied in the legal system of the state. A judge or private citizen (in a civil case) can hire someone who is either a fugitive at the outset or if the defendant fails to appear in court at the agreed-upon date they can hire one to detain the defendant and bring them to court. While not as free to act as Bounty-Frontierism they are relatively free to act as necessary such as killing or injuring the fugitive in cases of self-defense. Historically, courts have given bounty hunters numerous powers for bringing fugitives to justice. These powers range from going after a fugitive in another state, arresting a fugitive at any time and, to enter a fugitive’s house to capture him or her without a warrant. At the same time, they don’t have immunities given to state agents like police officers in the exercise of their powers because bounty hunters are more like independent contractors and are not agents of the state.

    Civic Libertarian Influence


    Foreign Policy

    She is generally isolationist and will leave other countries alone outside of influencing their own governments to be more like their own and trading minimally.

    There is a permeant policy of total war with any nation seeking war with the state meaning that they will not stop until the enemy nation is crippled or destroyed.

    In addition to war foreign corporations are not allowed to set up any factories or warehouses outside of an amount of a few acres of land. This is to prevent the corporate monopoly that the United States is currently experiencing.

    Good Fences

    Basically, an Aryan Monarchist state could exist next to a Borker Anarchist society or a Social Democracy or an Absolute Monarchy so long as they leave each other alone. You leave us alone we leave you alone. This is based on the idea of good fences making good neighbors.


    All Abrahamic religions are outlawed entirely with them only being taught briefly in history classes. Paganism and Atheism are encouraged with government officials (with the exception of the royal family) being required to be atheists in order to only use rational judgment in order to govern reasonably. Nihilism and other philosophies are encouraged to be learned about and embraced.

    Aesthetics And Day To Day Life

    Generally the same as a modern-day location of the state with the exception of anything that was already mentioned. Adults will work, children will go to school, etc.

    Cities however will be shrunk in size and forests will be replanted in order to restore them to their former glory.

    LGBT Rights

    Comparatively progressive for the most part with the exception of xenogenders and neopronouns. These aren’t outlawed but aren’t to be used in any government office and the military effectively forcing them to choose other jobs. Transgender white or Aryans are covered by the healthcare system and are recognized by the state. The medical transition of minors however is illegal.

    Feminism And Men's Liberation.

    Gender roles and toxic masculinity (and femininity) are generally discouraged, encouraging people to present themselves as they will and live as they wish so long as they are white or Aryan. Rights for women exist and take some aspects from the third wave of feminism (transfeminism, sexual liberation, reproductive rights). However, it has been noticed that many modern feminists have taken up the cause of misandry (Misandry is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men. Men's rights activists and other masculinist groups have criticized modern laws concerning divorce, domestic violence, conscription, circumcision, and treatment of male rape victims as examples of institutional misandry) and Female Supremacy which is just as bad as misogyny in the eyes of the state and as such is heavily discouraged instead people are taught that while they are white or Aryan they aren’t equal in intelligence or skill/talent or even physical ability and that they must work hard and learn in order to be better and self improve.

    The Final Solution To The Abrahamic Question


    Views On Anarchism

    Ultimately it is the view of Aryan Monarchism that Anarchism while it sounds good will not work. Some forms of anarchism however might work under specific circumstances like Anarcho-Frontierism, Avaritionism and possibly Anarcho-Capitalism. If part of the white race decides to try these forms of Anarchism out Aryan Monarchism will not object and support their endeavors.


    Israel and Palestine - Let them kill each other I don't care. We can take care of whoever wins whether it is Jew or Muslim.

    Abortion - Legal up to the second trimester and afterward legal in cases of rape and incest for white people.

    Euthanasia - If people want to die if they are suffering from cancer or are in a coma then let them.

    How to Draw

    Flag of AryanMonatchishm
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill with black (PCB dark gray).
    3. Add a yellow (heraldic gold) Nordic cross.
    4. Add a white outline to the cross.
    5. Add a shield with a star onto the cross.
    6. Add the eyes.
    7. Done!



    Authoritarian Progressivism - A major inspiration

    Authoritarian Capitalism - Another inspiration but you are more free-market inclined than I am.

    National Capitalism - A mix of capitalism and nationalism which is very based. You are usually more conservative unfortunately but it is very good you are culturally variable in theory!

    Nordic Model - The main economic inspiration for me. It is the ultimate compromise between the worker and the employer. However, it is a shame you let so many nonwhites into your countries. Still, the Nordic countries are very nice places to live.

    White Nationalism - You are correct on race for the most part but it is a shame you are conservative on other matters.

    Post-Libertarianism - There isn't a whole lot of information on your page but I do like the idea of using the state to enforce libertarian values which is what I have a bunch of!

    Racist Egoism - Holy fucking based!

    Noocracy - I first heard of you in the book "The Hunting Accident" by David L. Carlson. It contains heaps of philosophy and references to classical literature which broadened my knowledge. You were the main inspiration and the solution to monarchy. Without you, monarchy would still be stuck in the flawed hereditary system but now a monarch can mentor a child to rule. 11/10 super based would recommend.

    Authoritarianism - Only as a means to an end and only for very specific things and circumstances.

    Protectionism - We must protect our people from Foreign corporations.


    Multiculturalism - I don't mind white cultures mixing and even inferior cultures have their good aspects (diamond in the rough) such as food and anime but ultimately I don't think inferior races should live with the white race.

    Anarcho-Egoism - I do like egoism but while I don't mind if the white race does anarchism it isn't for me personally.

    Civil Libertarianism - Basically we share the same belief in civil liberties but we have different views on race although we do have different views on economics from traditional Libertarianism.

    State Atheism - While we are both atheists I only ban government officials from having religious beliefs instead of everyone.

    Secular Satanism - Anton Le Vay was based. You oppose Christianity and my creator is a member of the Satanic temple.

    Stransserism - You are very based in some ways but your anti-capitalism is foolish.

    Eugenicism - In theory, you had the right ideas. People who are going to be born with a physical or mental condition that will cause them suffering should not be allowed to be born as sad as it is. However, people with autism and the like should be allowed to be born. Then again that is debatable considering how I wish I didn't exist (I sympathize with Schoenbauer very much on that).

    Rational-Nationalism - Not bad but the democracy is cringe.


    Black Lives Matter - Exterminate.

    SJW - YOU FUCKING RUINED THE PRIDE FLAG YOU DUMBASS!!! YOU ALSO SHAME PEOPLE FOR BEING WHITE!!! Utterly disgusting you have ruined the causes of LGBT people everywhere and major corporations pander to you which causes there to be poor representation in movies and TV shows.

    Lipostocracy - I am proudly fatphobic. I work out in order to improve myself instead of looking like Jabba the Hutt. The only cool fat person is Garfield the cat and he's fictional. Grow the fuck up and eat a salad and walk a few miles.

    Feelism - With all due respect to Nietzsche who disagrees but Reason and rationality is the best trait all humans (read: whites) have.

    African Socialism - Socialist and an inferior race. At least you are in Africa and away from me.

    Marxism - One of the few things I and Borker Thought agree with is that you should be eliminated.

    Democracy - Rule of the people but the people are retarded.

    Christian Democracy - A democratic Christian degenerate.

    Islamic Democracy - Both Islam and Democracy are cringe.

    Jihadism - You filthy Muslim degenerates will be put down with ten times the amount of force you attempt to use against the white race.

    Totalitarianism - Too far man. Way too far.

    Trans-Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - An utter fool. You appear to have a lot of opinions so I will counter them in a simple matter. One black lives do not matter. Two Ayn Rand's books do not suck. Three leftists' economics are cringe and the left is most certainly not your friend. Four SJW is not going in the right direction. However of course the progressivism is admirable as ever.


    Tiberius_Thought - Probably one of the more based people on this sub. Apparently, we are similar in our beliefs with a few exceptions such as gun control, his fondness for imperialism, and being more subtle about his views on race. All in all, Tiberius Thought is based for the most part.


    Floofel's Thought - There isn't a whole lot of information on your specific beliefs but we both like guns and nihilism and appear to be anti-communist which is based. I don't mind the anarchism either.

    Omegaism - You have some based ideas and I do also agree with not transitioning minors. You are a democracy which is unfortunate but whatever works for your people I guess. All in all pretty chill.

    Neo-Calculustism - I have no clue what the hell you are to be blunt. You also appear to be supportive of n*ggers which is extremely cringe. At least you like noocracy and are relatively progressive.


    • File:Borker thought pixels 4.png Borker Thought - Literally the opposite of me thought it is relatively progressive on LGBT rights and supports men's liberation. Your hatred of Marx is something we share albeit for different reasons. You also keep calling me a liberal for some reason? All in all, you're pretty cool on Discord and we get along there.
    • Atronism - You are progressive which is good. The transhumanism is also based. I don't really care about the furry stuff. However, your belief in leftist economics is cringe. Also, your desire to overthrow humanity is worrying.
    • Neo-Majapahitism - Nuke
    • Pantheonism - A statist believer in leftist economics, very cringe. At least you have a monarch. I also respect your drive to reach the stars but your belief that will end conflict on Earth is naive. Humans will bring conflict with them no matter what. While all of Earth being one government is an interesting idea (especially if it is under my beliefs) it will have no choice to be done but through conquest and warfare.

    PosadasComrade - There isn't a whole lot of information on your page but you appear to be fond of Posadism and Anarcho-Communism which is cringe. However, your views on religion and traditionalism are based.

    Indareanism - At least we both dislike Jews despite all our differences. You also don't have a ball I can put next to your name here which is cringe.

    Altemism - The leftist economics is cringe. You also appear to be a Christian which is also cringe. You dislike individualism which is not cool. I don't mind traditions if they adapt to fit modern times which clearly will not happen in your ideology. 0/10 would not recommend it.

    Neo-Leninism - I honestly don't have much to say that I haven't already said about others who believe in Leftist Economics. The only really good thing I can say is that we both dislike Jews. I was gonna put no comment after reading what you said about me but ultimately I am honor-bound to give you a proper rating. 1/10 would not recommend but views on Jews are based.

    National Fracturism - I never claimed to be German. The anti-capitalism is cringe and I will point out that I severely limit corporations which are the enemy of the market. You also call my progressive beliefs into question because of my dislike of nonwhites which makes no sense considering nonwhites are conservatives. You do however like HP. Lovecraft and Nature which is based. 4/10.

    Comrade Phil Thought - Utter cringe and not worthy of respect.

    Davidism - Pure evil you are too disgusting to even describe. You also bring up god a lot, well the gods are dead and dead tongues do not speak.

    MugiKotobuki8814ism - Degenerate jew worshiper. An utter hypocrite as well. Its stuff like this that makes me want to adopt imperialism I swear.

    Southern Integralism - Wtf are you talking about when you bring up superheroes? Also yes I think Abrahamic teachings are bullshit. Yes, I am racist you k*ke worshipper.

    2x2Masterism - Despite our apparent differences I actually do like a few things about you. You support a monarchy, are civically liberal to libertarian, are economically right, and support free speech. However, you appear to be conservative and you have a form of democracy that is cringe. You also called me a cuck or did you? I have two different comments with one claiming that the one above them is an imposter.

    Porajism - Eh honestly your not bad. You are a transhumanist and a Libertarian and I understand the progressive conservatism but you also support liberal democracy and are anti-anarchist while I am neutral on the matter. Theoretically, you are fine with queers due to you having libertarian in your social views but it's not confirmed yet so for now you get a rating of 4 out of ten.




    least drastically reduced.
    Aryan Monarchishm - Fair enough.

    Aryan Monarchishm - The more idealistic beliefs of ChaosWight2. No, I am not her why do you ask?

    O'Langism - the fu-

       Aryan Monarchishm - Lol
    - Hello

    Aryan Monarchishm - Hello there.

    • Neo-Leninism - You, yes you. I'm taking away your internet access.

    Tiberius Thought - Holy mother of based, please add me to your relations.

    • Floofel - Add me please? I'll add ya back.
    • Dr. Occo - Can you ad me? I'll add you.
    • Omega1065 - Add me? Aren't you an Aldathy alt or something like that

    Cuck. Just another far-right trash bin on PCBA.

    • - By the way, I didn't write the message above this one, nor did I call you a cuck. Just pointing that out.

    Neo-Calculustism - Hey, could you add me? Niiloism - Add me?

    Danielism - Please add me

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