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    Arturitism is an ideology based on the thoughts of Arturito, seeking for an anarchist society mostly with his interpretations of Mikhail Bakunin, Emma Goldman and other famous anarchists writers.
    For Arturito anarchism can be reached within a Democratic Confederalist or Libertarian Socialist system, or even a alliance with some communists to form a state based on direct democracy, but being abolished when the conditions are possible. For Arturito as well this conditions go from a stable food production, a new school system based on those proposed by Bakunin in God and The State (seeking for everyone have the material condition to make their on analysis, like other anarchists) and even a great gun production (advocating for Gun Rights with preference on the access for minorities and people who live in dangerous places).
    Arturitism also don't think Internationalism will be reached easily and believes in a transition between Post-Colonial Anarchism, and pacific separation for in his concept "people colonized by the state and it's idealist morals" inspired on Black Nationalism and Black Anarchism but applied to other groups.
    And he has a similar thought about work and economy, defending transitions economically from a Anarcho-Collectivist model economy or Mutualism, to a Gift Economy, and for work from a Anarcho-Communist model to a Post-Work Society.

    Political Journey

    Apoliticism - (2006-2008)
    Manosphere - (2009-2010) (I used to not play with girl and think they were dumb in Kindergarden)
    Apoliticism - (2011-2012)
    Childism - (2013-2015)
    Left-Wing Populism - (2016)
    Social Democracy - (2017-2019)
    Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - (2020) (still with some in there)
    Mutalism - (2021)
    Arturitism - Present



    Introvertion 60%
    Intuition 85%
    Feeling 85%
    Prospecting 81%



    Cauã-Marinsmo -Tu é gente boa só para de mamar o Ian Neves
    Anarcho-Communism -My dad
    Revolutionary Progressivism -Yes
    Existentialist Anarchism -I need to read Albert Camus
    Mutualism -I used to be you, but you still cool
    Anarcho-Collectivism -The Chad Bakunin
    Agorism -I can use some aspects of you, you cool
    Anarcho-Femboyism -Yes
    Airisuism - Based


    Left Illegalism -Just organize yourself, don't rape woman and kill innocent people. The other crimes are based
    Brazilian shitpostism -The community kind of got better, I like that you are anarchist lmao
    Jucheism -Honestly I like your economy


    Bolsonarism -Die scum
    Fascism -Die scum
    Anarcho-Nihilism -Joker is the worst INFP of all time I relate to him
    Vollgerism - Why the fuck don't you become a commie again, it would be ok.

    - based 

    Atronism - Add me. You have an amazing username, by the way. Perfect, some might add.
    Ego-Progressivism - Kinda based, also add me?

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