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    Artistic Absolutism is a Opposite Unity, Artistic Ideology, that believes that the original Artist should have complete control over their creations. It's mostly present in literature, due to the tendence of movie adaptations of books, but sometimes branches off into other arts when people demand changes to it.


    Personality and Behaviour

    Artistic Absolutism acts like a stereotypical snobby artist. It gets very angry when someone mentions Disney or tries to argue for transformative art. In its free time, it watches Lost In Adaptation and other Booktube stuff.



    Rival Authors

    • Progressivism - Some Authors are Progressive, but there are also progressives who want to change my stories.
    • Traditionalism - Some Authors are Traditionalist, but there are also traditionalists who want to change my stories.
    • Racism - I won't ever let anyone remove you from my stories, but yeah, we've moved on.

    Meddling Studio Executives

    • Disneyism - Y O U .
    • SJW - Stop demanding I change my stories! I don't care what is acceptable today, [REDACTED] was a completely normal word when I wrote this book!
    • Radical Feminism - No, I will not give you points because of JKR! She is a traitor who supports people changing her stories! And you always call me a misogynist because of that stupid Bechdel Test.
    • Paleoconservatism - Stop banning my books!
    • Nazism - You Monster! Those Sexology books were important!
    • Homophobia - Stop trying to be my friend! Those words were completely normal when I wrote the book, I was not being homophobic! Oscar, can you help me here?
      • - I'd rather not get involved, thank you very much.

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