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    Arthurism is an ideology that follows the thoughts of ArthurMtBrabo (or Arthur Flores), which includes Anti-Capitalism, Conservatism, a bit of Anti-Authoritarianism and etc. And as you can see in the influenced by part, he is conservative and traditionalist, why? Because he hate social media like Tik Tok and Twitter and his users (MOST of it), and he also don't like furries and gays.


    In the economic category, Arthurism thinks that there should not be ANY economic privilege or privilege at all, he thinks that everyone should be payed equaly and is against rich people and corporacies, but ironicaly, he thinks that people should amke their own business.


    In the civil/libertarian category, he thinks hat the goverment should have much power on people and that people should have freedom (not in a 'm*rican way), but he also thinks that pure anarchy isn't good because everything would be stolen, destroyed, set on fire and more, so there should be at least some authority to keep things under control.


    In the Diplomatic category, he is peaceful and doesn't want war with anyone, because he know that war cause a lot damadge, so it's not worth it. And since the goverment doesn't want war, the goverment doesn't focus on military, but since it's still important in case of defense, 2% of the spendings of the country is on military.


    In the Social category, Arthurism thinks that the industrial progress is important, but we should not abolish old things from society, because they can still be cool in nowadays society and still should be accepted and remembered.


    In the Religion category, Arthurism is christian ironicaly , but doesn't have discrimination on other religions (except the ones based of celebrities or famous people).


    He is a chill guy that sometimes want attention, but he most of the time just make puns, no matter wich situation he is in. Also, he is emotionally fragille but also cynical some times, but most of the time he is happy.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Arthurism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill the flag with green
    3. Fill half of te flag with blue
    4. Draw a blue star in the top-left corner of the flag.
    5. Make the eyes and your done! (or make the star a eyepatch)
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Green 64,194,31 #40c21f
    Blue 47,35,175 #2f23af


    Frens :)

    Not so fren :/


    • Totalitarianism - Why can't you be more democrat?
    • IngSoc - I mean, the concept and the book are both cool, but it would suck to live in Oceania.
    • Ingcock - NO NO NO!
    • E-Girl Feminism - Why do you sell pics of your feet? Everyone have a feet, i just can't uderstand why people have fetish on feet.
    • Feetism - Same as the above, also, your design is so cursed im gonna have nightmares tonight.
    • Lipostocracy - Don't worry, i know you have a BIG heart. (oh wait this is enemies, im not fatphobic, i just think fat people are funny)
    • Burgundian System - You're basically nazism 2.
    • Sex Anarchism - YOU SICK BASTARD!
    • Gelatinism - I can't express in words how much i hate you.
    • National Socialism - Think about it, if you make a protest to turn your country into a fascist goverment, and you succeed, you will fuck up your own country purposely, so why would you do it? Because you hate jews? Why? They did nothing wrong, stop getting brainwashed by Hitler
    • Imperialism - So you're the guy that killed and enslaved millions of people just to show how powerful you're nation huh.
    • New Model Of Cheesenism - Funny name but you're f#cking fascist dude.
    • SJW - I hate you, i hate you so much, you're a fascist with a mask that hate people just for being white, you think that everyone should be gay and normalize it as much as possible, you are becoming a danger to this society and i realize that, you create genders that doesn't make any sense (no, seriously, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS AN PANSEXUAL????) and think that is fine to be them, you disgust me.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Please don't tell me this is a self-insert, OH GOD IT IS!
    • Cringeism - Ew

    * Anarcho-Authoritarianism (I didn't created the page, my Friend did, but i created the ideology)

    • Superiorism - I like the page but the ideology is... a bit off-limits
    • NSFWism - OMEGA BASED! One of my favorite pages... WAIT NO-
    • Scaryism - This page is underated by me
    • Auto-Racism - This one i made both a serious and an ironic version on the same page
    • Dark Satirism - I can't say this is funny or else i will be crossified by twitter users.

    Pages i haven't created yet but i had the idea of the ideology

    (if you want to make these pages, go ahead, i probably won't make them)

    • Right-Wing Communism
    • Left-Wing Capitalism
    • Minimalism



    Stilluserr's Thought Can you add me?

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