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    Artelordism is the main ideology of PolCompBall user Artelord.



    Among all systems that have been tried the best one is semi-direct democracy where (almost) all parties are legal and competing for votes of electors. All important problems should be decided through referendums and media should be independent from the government.

    Fair and democratic elections are needed to don't let politicians get corrupted or gather too much influence. Plus, if the current government does something people don't like, it will be replaced by another democratic government and a revolution won't happen.


    A more efficient system can be made through combining technocracy (rule of specialists) and democracy. This can be made by making a government with both specialists and elected politicians or by making a technocratic government where all important questions are solved using referendums. The second version is more preferable.

    Scientists should also get involved into politics using the scientific approach to all issues. At the very least, they can provide more in-depth analysis and advice. Those should be shared with the public and with the government.

    Memes about politicians and the government are welcomed.


    "Steady wins the race though impatience run it faster"

    All changes should be made through reforms with slow but careful approach. This way many negative consequences can be escaped.

    Rise to Power

    If the current government is democratic, popularising democratic socialism and winning the elections should be the main way of rising to power.

    If the current government is authoritarian and getting power through elections is impossible, illegal organizations and secret masons should be found with a goal to peacefully overthrow the current leader and establish anti-authoritarian democracy. Thus, protests and peaceful revolutions against dictators are considered to be a good thing.

    Welfare for the Welfare God!

    The state should provide free healthcare, education, public transport, etc. It is also good if those services are provided by commerce organisations and the state organises competitions to decide who should do it.

    Regulated Cooperatives

    The government should be always considered about the economy and make (almost) all decisions that affect it in a good way, increasing quality of labor and average incomes. There also should be worker rights, anti-monopoly policies and ecological regulations. The state should intervene in order to prevent downfalls and bad consequences of events. All of that is within a market economy, where organisations optimize their work and invent in order to get more profit.

    Workers' company management should be popularized. Each worker can either directly own their workplace or vote to elect their managers. This can be achieved by implementing a 20% tax on profit of companies with 50 or more employees. The money is then given to worker unions and used by them to buy up shares of those companies. That is done until the economy becomes market socialist.

    In such economy managers can still have a huge role but instead of managers hiring workers, workers hire managers.

    AI planning is considered to be a great opportunity to increase effectiveness (once it becomes more developed). Cybercommunism is the only non-market economy that is found beneficial.


    Artelord hates corruption and always tries to decrease its level. "A corrupted country is a bad country". The corruption must be decreased using a special agency as well as independent researchers and journalists. This is also a good reason to keep most of government's trades and actions open without hiding any information.


    Artelord doesn't pay much attention to the global warming as it might be not only the human influence but also the warming of the planet itself because the Ice Age was not too long time ago. Instead, he focuses on local pollution, which results in same policies: no polluting water, all factories should have air filters and cities must develop ecological public transport so people won't need cars. All animals should be reserved if possible as well as their natural habitats.

    Hunting on endangered species and without a license should be illegal.


    Whenever a conflict happens Artelord tries his best to solve it through any peaceful methods because "the war doesn't decide who is right, it decides who is left" and he doesn't like violence. Although, Lorden Lands have an army (which is small but technologically advanced) and wishes to have a small amount of nukes (for keeping the independence only). Nukes and other weapons of mass destruction should never be used and a "cold war" is better than a "hot war", peace is better than a "cold war".


    Even though the army should be as small as possible, there must be some and it must be technologically advanced. It also should be fully voluntary.

    Any soldier can have any faith.


    The main principle here is "less banning and less forcing as long as people don't force or hurt". Because of this people are free choose their gender and who to marry while nothing anti-LGBT is banned.

    Light drugs should be legal but those that are too dangerous for health should be banned. All people should be reminded what is pro-health and what is not.

    There is also no official religion, all religions are free as long as they don't force or command people to do something illegal.

    Some cultural and natural objects that attract tourists should be preserved though.

    Civil policies

    Anyone except the most important professionals can protest. All protests are legal as long as protesters don't harm anyone and don't block transport movement.


    The country is a federal system so that local areas can have more freedom to act according to their own needs.

    Foreign policies

    Artelord is friendly to governments that are also friendly even if their political views differ.

    Patriotism is approved but nationalism is opposed and ethnic/racist nationalism is illegal.

    The are two major ways of treatment to unfriendly governments:

    • By default the "opponent" should be influenced only through diplomacy and other peaceful ways, like creating alliances with other countries and their neighbours or helping their political opponents.
    • If the unfriendly government becomes "aggressive" by saying that they want/will attack/invade or calling their allies to do that, it should be overthrown (if that's possible, of course).

    Once an "aggressive" government is defeated, a new one should be created. Then the locals should be introduced to democracy, education, welfare and other things like that and every local, including radicals and opponents, should be heavily advertised to join the new elections. If an attempt to make the country more democratic and modern fails, all soldiers should withdraw from that country. "Let the people do their stuff."


    Nowadays its cheaper and more effective to transports goods from one place to many countries than to make them in each country. It is also necessery for higly advanced products like microchips.

    People should be able to freely travel between different countries.

    The international law of the UN should always be followed.

    Any form of globalization should be fully voluntary.

    All alliances and unions, both military and economic, should be expanded as much as possible. They even should share members.

    The United Nations should have more power and be involved more often.


    Researches should always be sponsored by the government though they should be made by private companies and corporations as well so inventors will be more interested in creating something useful. Researches shouldn't be accelerated too much though as all things must be safe for people and the environment. If the invention is good and safe, everyone can use it. Robots, "robot arms" and AIs are welcomed.

    Future Possibilities

    There are some things that can potentially ruin something in the human society, like creating humans in vials, so that should be used very carefully. Besides that, Artelord is excited to see artificial limbs for the disabled, space traveling and more advanced AIs. The last ones can play a major role in the future and should be used even in economy interventions/planning after some more preparations.

    For more, see Experimental Artelordism.

    Why Am I A Demsucc?

    You fools!

    What would you think so?

    And even if I was a DemSoc, turning Soc into Succ doesn't change anything, as I accept, I take the Demsucc name. Just read about self-bullshit here. It's not an insult unless I take it so. And for me, DemSucc is the sign of POWER. It's what I acknowledge myself to be. I embrace it gracefully. DemSucc isn't just about "succing", it's about others doing so.

    End Goal

    End goal? Who said there is an end goal? There is an endless goal, the evolution itself! We all always change, or, at least, we all should change. Because there is nothing that is always right and nothing that is truly ideal. Any utopia you've read about either can't be achieved or is just another step in the evolution of humanity, an age in history. Same about dystopias.

    So the goal is to always learn, grow and evolve.



    • Pantheonism - Don't understand why you like monarchy so much but as long as it's democratic it's still good. And you like both EU and socialism, that's nice!
    • Socialist Third Way - AntiPutin social democracy? Sounds good! I wouldn't legalize drugs but that's a minor difference. Also, why did your icon change from wide to normal and then back again?
    • Aquiles Paraizo - A fellow Scandinavian Model enjoyer? Really, really good!
    • - You looked like a classic capitalist at first but on the second look you're quite close to the center and you are liberal/libertarian, so you're good. Anti-socialism concerns me though.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - Democratic socialism is good. Environmentalism. Regulated markets are good. And a combination of the three is based.
    • Gooberism - I am more globalist and centrist but you're a good classical liberal, like . And, yeah, environmentalism is based!
    • Market Syndicalism - More left than me both economically and culturally but still pretty good.
    • - You sound way more Marxist than me and I suspect you might start a violent revolution... But other than that you're based. Also, stop smoking Acid Communism's stuff, that can ruin your health! Who'll lead your revolution then, a ghost?
    • Skinny Populism - Yeah, I'm not fat. I have a healthier life and diet than most of people in my country.
    • Armandonian Liberalism - If were to become a president, I would support you for sure!
    • Blue Nephalemism - I like the merge of technocracy and meritocracy into democracy, and a lot of other views. And, indeed, globalism shouldn't be used for exploitation. You are basically a bit more left, yet still based.
    • Innovativism - I also support globalism, environmentalism, transhumanism and the libertarian part of the compass. The economy isn't well described, but I think it's good too.
    • Macielism - Finally, a non-nationalist Brazilian! Even better, an anti-nationalist Brazilian! A bit more economically right... That's a minor difference, that I wouldn't even count. I see a great potential here!
    • - Yes, democracy is slow, that's my point for it. We carefully take one step after another, not run like burning people.
    • - So far so good, keep on expanding your page. I hope your views are anti-authoritarian enough.


    • Brazilian Liberalism - More nationalist Brazilians?! At least it's cultural nationalism, but still... The Brazilian Fourth Reich is coming. Besides that, even though you're in the AuthRight Center, you're still good enough for me.
    • Atronic - You have based policies but most of them were tried out in the Soviet Union and failed. Also while you highly oppose the right unity, I focus on fighting authoritarianism. And the revolution doesn't completely change the system, you'll need reforms anyways, so why not start with them?
    • Serbian Socialism - Left-wing welfarist environmentalism is really good but your anti-pacifist and Serbian superstate part is just... suspicious.
    • Tasavaltism - Agriculture alone won't make a country great, but at least you're democratical. And... You have a quite unique outlook.
    • Chilean Reactionaryism - I didn't get to see your page but I suggest you are leaning towards Reactionary Libertarianism. It's good you're in the lib part of the compass, yet reactionism is... well... too old?
    • The Alliance of Free Markets - Free markets are fine as long as their are not totally deregulated but you guys are completely ignoring other axis and would invite even a NazCap to your team.
    • Schumacherianism - So, what do I even start with... *reads the page for one more time* Let's say... that you have some good goals... and some too radical methods... I like your views on "progs" though.
    • Jefbol Thought - You remind me of him a lot. The bourgeoisie are less of just a group of people you can delete to never see them again and more of a phenomenon. Stalin, Mao and other "bourgeoisie" were ordinary workers at first. Because in any dictatorship there is an elite with special rights and power and that elite eventually becomes new "bourgeoisie". We don't need a "dictatorship of the proletariat", we need a country where the proletariat is happy. I'd better don't say anything here.
    • 2x2Masterism - No globalism and a lot of capitalism... Fine cultural and civil views though. Also, you'll have to wait a LOT more than 3 seconds in order to see China collapse.
    • Mordecaism - Uncontrolled market and welfare? That is an unexpected combination... still, libertarianism is much better than authoritarianism. But doesn't laissez-faire create monopolies that hurt consumers?
    • Council Marxism - I already know in what Realtionships section you would put me. But I put you higher because I respect your libertarianism and determination to free workers.
    • Niiloism - Libertarian-leaning, a bit too violent and with soulist characteristics... I just don't know how to evaluate this, so let this be in a mid section.
    • - I see your good intentions, but we have different views on what's better. While economically you're just me before joining the Artel Gang, I always preferred liberal democracy to illiberal. We don't need to crack down on extremists, they simply won't have public support if we succeed.


    • Neo-Majapahitism - We both like cheese and this is the only reason why you're not my arch enemy. Some of your statements look unbased like "states will rebel if they have too much power". They won't if they have a good life anyways.
    • Meowxism - I appreciate your will to liberate workers yet with authoritarian and anti-revisionist policies you are risking to go down the path of the USSR or North Korea. They failed not because of their enemies but because of their inability to change and because the party members got separated from workers leading to not the dictatorship of workers but just a dictatorship.
    • Glorified Communism - You have some good sides and interesting ideas but there is one thing that overweights everything else: violence.
    • Rigby Thought - You would be really good somewhere in the 19th century when the world was divided between empires fighting over colonies... but now this is just inefficient and wouldn't lead to glory, USA are democratic in the end. And why do you want the almighty president? Make him a king! (*worried thinking* Why are there many nationalist self-inserts in Brazil? Are they making the Fourth Reich?)
    • Gumballism - Forget what I said above, Brazil AND Argentina want the Forth Reich, each for their own country. No wonder it's unstable there. And, of course, I would have never expected someone to combine parliamentalism and neo-feodalism.
    •  Bread and Circuses Thought - More drinking beer? Nah huh.

    Something Weird

    • Artelord Test 01 - I created this while learning how to create PolCompBalls. Most of its text is generated by an AI and it's crazy that Chaos itself (who, apparently, lives on an island) calls him "weird".
    • Neo-Optimateism - Wow, it's cool to see someone from PCB Minarchy... Wait, you're dystopian?.. and avaritionist... ...I'm speechless.
    • Modularism - In my personal opinion egoism is better than IngSoc, yet no off-compass is good, including a libertarian one.
    • Hysteria thought - Glory to almighty senatorialism!
    • !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism - Holy... bucket, that is some scary ideology. Ironically, not the worst one I've seen. But still dystopian-like.



    You can put a link to your ideology here if you you want to be added to the Relationships list. Fulfilled requests will get deleted.


    • Pantheonism - Hi.
      • Artelord - Hello there!
    • Serbian Socialism Hey bro i also play Hoi4
      • Artelord - I'm sure it fits your anti-pacifist and other ideas. What about modifications to Hoi4?
        • New leaders, subideologies and Nations
    • HeredyBall - Hi, just pass by because I've changed the political test on my page. Mind changing the results ?
      • Artelord - Got 1 more point (lol)
    • add me plz here is my ideology link https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/Innovativism
      • Artelord - Sure!
    • - Привет, товарищ. Я провел ребрендинг и запросил повторное добавление
      • Artelord - Вы проделали хорошую работу, товарищ!


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