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    Hi ! Join us on Discord ! You have to ask us beforehand to join the gang.

    The Artel Gang is a group formed by HeredyBall and constitued of market socialists (that contains also distributists, mutualists, Left-Wing Market Anarchists, Left-Rothbardianists and other ideologies that advocate a market and socialism). We have many beliefs, ranging from authoritarian to anarchist, from traditional to progressive, from reformist to revolutionary, from technological deceleration to technological acceleration.


    "Since economical globalization, the richests hold the power and they would do anything to keep their power by destroying nature and enslaving people. It is not the fault of the market but material conditions and history leaded to a corporatist mindset, which is harmful for society as a whole."

    "The systems by which a government is run are so engraved into society that escape from them is near impossible. Only in conditions of total revolution has the fundamental ideals by which a nation governs truly changed. The February revolution brought change. The October revolution all but restored the tsar."

    "Capitalism has outlived its usefulness, it breeds authoritarian and abusive power structures in the workplace, socially dividing us and perpetuating bigotry, it corrupts and buys democracies like a stock exchange, selling our livelihoods for profits, it eats our earth alive, never satiated, taking and taking until, like many times before, it falls apart drowning out the livelihoods of those at the bottom before reanimating, like the corpse of a system it is, keeping the wealthy that hold its reigns high and dry. Or like the monster it is, it will devour the earth making it uninhabitable."

    "If liberalism overthrows kings, why cannot we overthrow the "kings" of the workplace? Liberalism's natural conclusion is something more akin to market socialism than unrestrained capitalism: workers banding together as equals, deciding the future of their own workplace, using the principles of democracy. Why is that? Freedom is, ultimately, freedom from oppression and from coercion, freedom to decide one's path in life, which capitalism's inherently authoritarian economic system prevents."

    "Post-Capitalism does not, as Heredy assumes, relate to the installation of an alternate system. On the contrary, Post-Capitalism is capitalism defending itself. Capitalism ended when it failed in 2008, the system we are living under, the post-capitalist system, is a system where capital is trying to fit itself into a place where socialism belongs."

    "If Capitalists understood empathy they wouldn't be Capitalists."

    "When Tony Benn said that how a nation treats it's refugees is how it would treat the rest of us if it could get away with it, he could only see the first signs of what would eventually be a complete mismanagement of a refugee generation that should have been. I'll start packing for Rwanda."

    "I will liberate worker’s dicks from consumerist clothing’s"


    "The history of Fascism just tells us that capitalism is inherently against liberal values"

    "Revision is essential, without revision, a hellhole will stay a hellhole and a paradise will turn to hellhole as culture and technology move forward"

    "How can anarchists say that we'll be free without a government or a state, despite it being there to help and protect us, input laws?"


    "Don't thread on me also goes against the 1%"

    Armandonian Libertarianism

    "Everything needs to evolve, including the economy, and one of the best things we can do now is to merge the benefits of socialism with the best aspect of capitalism - competition."


    "Incompetence and corruption, doesn't matter how rich, how diverse, how united or how much potential a country has, those two aspects will guarantee failure"

    "This is our moment to make change, not just in our society and to our economy, but in the world at large."

    "When the 99% own 1% and the 1% own 99%, something is most definitely wrong. This is the reality of capitalism, which has moved beyond the point of rescue. We've got to put a stop to this mental plague of greed, and we've got to do it before it becomes epidemic."

    "Never ever successfully converted a populist of any ideology, because they argue with their ass. I cannot shut someone's ass as easily as I can shut someone's mind"

    "someones outside my window bro and i dont know who it is "

    "To grow a tree, you have to plant a seed in the soil, the soil in question is your region, and the seed is your ideology, that's how you define Regional Technocracy, from region's seed, to world's tree."

    Regional Technocracy

    Neoliberal culture is a degrading and unfulfilling brain disease which saps the revolutionary fervour out of the proletarian with its subjugating values of pacifism and compromise.

    Psychedelic Liberationism

    Money is a middleman to happiness that should be pacified by robot executioners.

    Psychedelic Liberationism

    Unlike what my first quote (the vistula one) says, capitalism is already ecidemic as we find ourselves begging for an alternative to no avail. Culture is the biggest enemy to the proletarian, not the the immigrants, the government, anything falls to insignificance when culture is in the room.

    Psychedelic Liberationism

    Property is the necromancy of labor-value. And what is more theatrical than a spell?


    Not everything is as it seems.




    • Baxism



    • Uzarashvilism (//) (Leaning progressive)



    • Baxism ()

    Green Industrialisation

    • Uzarashvilism (//)


    Liberal Democracy

    • Uzarashvilism (//)



    Technological Acceleration

    Technological Centrism

    • Uzarashvilism (//)

    Technological Deceleration



    • Uzarashvilism (//)


    • Baxism ()


    • Uzarashvilism (//)


    • Baxism ()


    Batshit Insane

    Timeline Of Events

    08/16/23 - HeredyBall created the gang. The same day, the first members, MrNoNonSense, Yoda, Nephalem and Pantheon joined. We were firstly strictly market socialists.

    09/16/23 - One month later, Leerder, Duy and Arma joined. We got the idea of forming a pyramid for the picture.

    09/24/23 - It is Artelord whom completed it. Ironically, he was at the top of the pyramid (Artel-lord). By doing so, we unleached an incommensurable amount of evil forces scattered around the quadrant. We had to be stronger, and to do so, expand our realm to other ideologies with market and socialist characteristics.

    09/30/23 - We formed alliances and, in the way, made ourselves enemies. For the glory of the invisible *social* hand, we would've do everything !



    • Harbinger of The End, Vilified Of The Poor. () - We swear to the god of raw progress that we may banish the scourge of the free market from the land. We may see not eye to eye on how to achieve such a banishment, but we remain united through what we have in common nonetheless. Keep fighting the system, for all of our sakes.
    • Dissenters of the Digital Age () - We have similar economic views to each other (though a little more open to economic planning) and you also have the insight to see that capitalism and incompetent leadership are unsustainable in the long term. May we form an alliance with each other and provide a better future for everyone.

    Neutral Parties

    • Faithful Servants of the Free Market () - Fellow advocates of economic alternatives, in research of a more just and equitable society. Together, let us strive towards a society that values the well-being of all its members.

    Incorrect Groups

    • Keepers Of Ideological Purity () - Your doctrine is nonexistent. You claim to fight with full force against the far-left and the far-right, but showed your true colours when you allied with the latter. The group you chose to ally with even had Afun in it, who on your own page, you decried as 'Far-Right'. Your doctrine proves the inescapable truth- Centrism serves the right, it panders to the status quo that was created off of the backs of workers. You have demonstrated as much.
    • Perverters of the market, soul of the system () - Dislikeable by the sheer nature of who they choose to work with. Of course, their system is corrupt, meaningless, fails almost constantly and kills millions but the truth of the matter is that it is status quo. It is merely 'fine'. But the number of people this alliance contains proves one thing- the status quo is one entity. Keynesianism, Hayek, Mises, and Friedman unite in this unholy amalgamation to prove that they are one and the same. All for the purpose of feeding the obsession of that File:--Autist.png Damned industrialist. We see no 'Alliance Of Free Markets'. We see -, and all those who see benefit in aligning with him. Your sheer numbers are not a mark of quality, but quantity. Enjoy the masses, BERNVICTIM. You deserve to surround yourself with people who agree with you.
    • The Eldery Clan, Fuelers of Cruelty () -

    In realms where echoes of tradition reign,
    A clan emerges, cloaked in shadows' disdain.
    Authoritarian whispers, a silent decree,
    Bind economies to chains, restricting the free.

    Religious fervor, a guiding light,
    Yet dimming the hues of diverse insight.
    Reactionaries dance to the tunes of yore,
    A stagnant rhythm, stifling the innovative core.


    * Ad Astrum Coalition - Can you add us?

    • Danielism - Hello could you please add the Cornerstone Alliance toyour relations? we have an icon. Also we might copy your icon soon.
    • - Hey, for the Artelballer thing, I don’t have discord, but I would like to be the villain as an American remnant taking the Midwest and Central Canada, with the American Union State flag from Kaiserredux

    Terekhofism Can i join your Gang ?

    Thug - May I join?

    * Ayafantoho Thought - can i be an enemy cus y e s

    • Anti-capitalist progressive - Hello, can I join you?
      • HeredyBall - You are a social corporatist, not a market socialist.
      • - No, you are wrong.How did he know my identity? Maybe I should find another way to infiltrate their gang?
        • BLNFLM - We know that it's you, Khomeinism. Don't try to fool us.
    • BLNFLM - Hey, Heredy, can I join the Artel club, too? I'll need some time to develop a self-insert, though.
    • Calculust - may i join?
    • Hanperborea1911 - Can I join ?(I will add my own icon)
      •  Great British New Left - My recommendation to both of you is to properly flesh out a Self Insert with detailed information regarding your beliefs. Artel is going back into a period of selectivity, and we recommend members have decent information regarding their beliefs before they are allowed to join.
    • h-hey I am not good at using code but this is irony science, I finished my page innovativism, who add artel gang to my sandbox and, I AM MARKET SOCIALIST SO ACN I JOIN???, MY PHONE IS CHARGING, CAN I JOIN, INNOVATIVISM IS ALSO A MARKET SOCIALIST LIBERTARIAN, DISCUSSIONOCRATIC, ENVIRONMENTALIST AND ACCELERATIONIST, can I join??, I ONCE A LIBLEFT BUT NOE LIBUNITY, I am not capitalist, just distributist, syndicalism, corporatists, yellow socialists (I believe in class struggle which make all class have a hard life so collaboration between type of people between many types of interest and profession with workplace democracy and trade union, business unions and labor union at international class would solve jobs racism and class struggle), can I join because I lean on lib-left?
      • I do not know who add me to artel gang in my sandbox (which is my true self) but I want to asked who do that? Also, check innovativism, just asking several questions! :)
        • I forgot the mutual aid and welfare 😉 hehe
        • do you guys accept mutualist? my user is aukan 22
    • Artelordism - If you want to join the group, you'll need a self-insert page and market socialist economic views. You can use self-inserts of other people as an example or even copy their code and structure. You can also make it less detailed if you feel like it. Then you can join the Discord server and ask there or put a link to your self-insert here in the comments.
      • W-wait i-got my self insert page already, it is INNOVATIVISM, check it
    • Artelordism - We now accept Mutualist and Anarchists with market characteristics that are not capitalistic nor third way. We also accept civil and cultural nationalists (but no ultra-nationalists).

    yo my page is called aukanism can i join or do i need to work on my page more?

      • HeredyBall - Join the discord, the rules to join are listed there :)
    • Kvasirism - Ill be back... just you wait... its only matter of a few centuries xd
    • HEW Thought - Hey guys, HEW here, i just want to say that i will not be able to interact with the PCBA/FPCB for a whole month because my phone broke and i'm currently waiting for a new one, which really sucks but don't worry i didn't left the community or plan to leave it. I'm writing this on my old ass tablet which doesn't has discord or ibispaint but hey at least it has Google i guess.



    1. Anti Demagogy ! I'm looking at you and
    2. Cubean Model aka help the south instead of exploiting them :)
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