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    Arstotzkan Communism is the Communist Fictional ideology of the country of Arstotzka from the game "Papers, Please". The country itself is based on a stereotypical viewpoint of Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War. It supposedly uses capital punishment and wage labour and is classified as tyrannical by the EZIC. The relationships between Arstotzka and its neighbours have degraded due to a very recent war called the Six-Year War, between Arstotzka and Kolechia, so it is very isolationist, as well as culturally traditional due to a strict state control by fear of revolutions.


    Not much is known about Arstotzka's history before the Six-Year War.

    Six-Year War

    The Six-Year War is a war that happened between Arstotzka and Kolechia around the late 70's and early 80's. Little is known about the events that took part in that war, but it can be assumed that the main reason for it to take place are about the countries' ideologies or religions. Arstotzka has probably been around since before the war, but its communist ideology may have either risen in the middle of the war or it may have been put up in a revolution before the war and may even be the war's starting point. A peace agreement had been reached after the war, but a city called Grestin was kept divided as West Grestin, in Kolechian territory, and East Grestin, in Arstotzkan territory. Even after the war, tensions between Arstotzka and Kolechia were still very high and they only get higher after terrorist attacks throughout West Grestin's checkpoint.


    Arstotzkan Communism believes in a society free of terror and inequality through strict rules and laws. It advocates that a monetary system should only be used to guarantee a performance of an individual in the society, acting like a "You work, you live" structure. This is reinforced with the arrest of any citizen that has any type of debt to the government. He also promotes population growth, by letting any person who's not considered an enemy to the state (enemy nation citizen, terrorist, outlaws in general) into the country, as well as the obligation of having at least one fellow family member alive to be eligible for working.

    Personality And Behaviour

    Arstotzkan Communism is usually angry and talkative. He speaks with an Eastern European/Russian accent and has a complete hatred towards his neighbouring countries, anarchists, capitalists and terrorists. Also, different from other communists, he never says "comrade" or its variations.


    The Arstotzkan government is separated into administration sections as ministries, Those being:

    • Ministry of Admission (M.O.A.): It is in charge of border control. It issues most of the official documents required by entrants and also issues citations to the inspector of the border.
    • Ministry of Labour (M.O.L.): It issues work passes to entrants that wish to work in Arstotzka and administrates the work documents in general.
    • Ministry of Information (M.O.I.): It acts as an intelligence agency. Its Office of Investigation[7] conducts information audits on government employees and monitors possible domestic and international threats to Arstotzka.
    • Ministry of Justice: Serves as the national law and order control, having legislature, executive and judiciary powers.
    • The Ministry of Health: It is in charge of public health. It administrates the general health institutions, sciences and technologies in Arstotzka.
    • The Ministry of Income: It investigates financial anomalies and take care of salary subjects.
    • Ministry of Trade: It produces legal tender and hold actions on business and trading issues.
    • Ministry of Propaganda
    • Ministry of Recreation and Entertainment
    • Ministry of Stamps
    • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Ministry of Finance
    • Ministry of International Outreach
    • Ministry of Entertainment Software Production
    • Ministry of Property Registration
    • Ministry of Bridge and Turnpike Construction
    • Ministry of Entertainment Software Planning
    • Ministry of Media and Communication
    • Ministry of Security

    How To Draw

    Flag of Arstotzkan Communism
    Flag of Arstotzkan Communism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in with almost black.
    3. Draw three horizontal greenish grey lines in the center slightly apart from each other.
    4. Draw the red Arstotzkan symbol (an eagle with a shield in the chest and a diagonal line in the shield) with almost black borders in the middle.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. Add a grey ushanka with a red Arstotzkan eagle and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #0F0F0F 15, 15, 15
    Greenish Grey #3C483C 60, 72, 60
    Red #CC0C1C 204, 12, 28
    Grey #606060 96, 96, 96


    Entry Approved

    • Stalinism - Hmm, yes, that's a nice mirror.
    • Marxism-Leninism - My inspiration. Money only serves the state!
    • Nationalism - GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA!!!
    • Barracks Communism - Communism is not just an ideology, it's a lifestyle.
    • State Socialism - You're the best way of avoiding monetary accumulation, or in other words, CAPITALISM AND TERRORISM!
    • Republian Nationalism - The community is the nation, it doesn't matter how. Although money circulates too freely in Republia.

    Entry Denied

    • Obristan Socialism - You're kinda cool, but you are stealing my citizens!
    • Maoism - Nice communist, bad revolutionary.
    • Gaddafism - Fellow communist, but stop funding terrorists!
    • Gamerism - Father, thanks for creating me, but why did you create them?
    • Antegrian Fascism - Too manipulative, even for me. But you do know how to put your citizens under control, I respect that.


    • Capitalism - As I said befor, money is a way of controling protecting society from chaos and terrorism, NOT AN ACCUMULATIONING SYSTEM YOU СУ**Н СЫН!!!
    • Anarcho-Communism - You'll never throw me off the government, EZIC!
    • United Federalism - You capitalist pig think you can do something? HA!
    • Kolechian Model - Don't bring your sickness to our glorious nation, you filthy terrorist!


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