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    Arloist Thought is an ideology that inhabits the Authoritarian Right side of the political compass. He was the main ideology of Wellston Private High School from the webcomic Unordinary under Arlo until John Doe overthrew him. Arloist Thought really likes hierarchies.


    Arloist Thought just like his aunt High-Tier Hierarchycracy believes in a society where people with strong abilities rule over people with weak abilities. Arloist Thought also believes in strictly maintaining a hierarchy with the Royals at the top and the lower tiers on the bottom. Anyone who tries to disrupt the hierarchy should be strictly and severely punished. All students shall learn their place in the hierarchy or get punished.


    The Royals are the highest class in the hierarchy and make decisions for everyone else in the school. The Royals are made up of three people, the King who's the strongest boy in the school, the Queen who's the strongest girl in the school, and the Jack who's the second strongest person in the school regardless if it's a boy or a girl.


    Arloist Thought is a leader and also a big bully as well. He likes to rule things the way he wants. Arloist Thought likes bullying the weak to get what he wants or just simply for enjoyment which's why some people call him Assloist Thought. Arloist Thought really loves hierarchy and is strict about maintaining it and would beat anyone up for anyone who tries to mess it up. He really loves turf wars and would try to show his superiority towards others by fighting others.


    Fellow Royals and High Tiers

    Cripples and Jokers

    • Unordinaryism - The weak are below us, we shall not help them.
    • Egalitarianism - Fuck off Dissents!
    • Rei Thought - When you were king you messed Wellston up, now that I'm in charge, I'll show you how to actually rule Wellston and make everyone learn their place in the hierarchy. Still I like you
    • Enlightenment Thought - Don't tell me that crippies have Human Rights!
    • Republicanism - Noooooo!
    • EMBERism - All terrorist shall be beaten up and destroyed, may the Authorities remove you from the face of the world wait you are the Authorities NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    • Spectreism - Another pathetic terrorist, his agents are easy to beat up.

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