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    Arlecchinoism is the ideology of Arlecchino which's an Authoritarian Unity, Religious, and Internationalist ideology. Arlecchinoism became the main ideology of the House of Hearth after Peruere killed Crucabena who was the Mother of the House of Hearth with Peruere becoming the new head of the House of Hearth taking the new title as "Father".


    The House of Hearth

    The House of Hearth is one big family where members are closer than blood. The House of Hearth takes orphans from all over Teyvat to be nurtured and raised in the House of Hearth. Since the House of Hearth is a family, Arlecchinoism expects all its members to be treated as family, no one is allowed to talk behind a back or keep secrets from another family member. House of Hearth members are bound to the House of Hearth for life and leaving the House of Hearth is considered betrayal. Any form of betrayal against the House of Hearth is punishable by death. However if someone can prove their will in battle, Arlecchinoism might give them a more softer execution by allowing them to drink a bottle of flame which would make them forget all their memories of the House of Hearth. Arlecchinoism believes memories essentially makes a person and forgetting memories technically "kills" a person which afterwards allows the person to live freely without any ties to the House.


    Any disagreements with family members should be settled with duels. However unlike Crucabena's House of Hearth which are to the death. Arlecchino's House of Hearth duels are friendly spars mostly there to settle disagreements and will end if both parties are satisfied. Duels also happen if there's a betrayal in the House of Hearth and can fight Arlecchino to prove their will in battle to get a softer punishment.


    House of Hearth members are also considered children of the Tsaritsa. As such all House of Hearth members are essentially Fatui members in relation to Arlecchino. Members of the House of Hearth deemed worthy by Arlecchino can eventually be enlisted into the Fatui. Most of these fatui members often act as sleeper agents for the Fatui.


    Arlecchinoism basically has the personality of Arlecchino. Very cold and basically showing no emotion in any sort of situation whatsoever. The only time Arlecchinoism does show emotion is when talking about her children which is somewhat endearing. Despite being very cold, Arlecchinoism loves her children and would kill anyone who dare hurt her children. Arlecchinoism really hates betrayal and anyone who betrays the House of Hearth will be punished by death. Although Arlecchinoism will give leniency if the person is willing to show his/her strength in battle. As such Arlecchinoism will give a different execution which's to make someone forget their memories which to her "kills" the person allowing that person to live a normal life. Arlecchinoism often suffers a flame curse and as such is seen on fire a lot of times.



    • Patriarchy - I am the father of the family. What do you mean a woman can't be a father?
    • Communitarianism - Members of the House of Hearth are family. Everyone treats their family members closer than blood.
    • Humanitarianism - I take in orphans to be nurtured and raised into the House.
    • Internationalism - The children of the House of Hearth come from all over Teyvat.
    • Khaenri'ahism - I just call my self a Fontainian to blend in with the people. In reality I'm from Khaenri'ah and a descendant of the Crimson Moon Dynasty.
    • Oceanid Humanism - I helped advert the prophecy and prevented Fontainians from dissolving back into the primordial sea.
    • Anti-Celestism - I helped adverted the prophecy brought by Celestia.
    • Neo-Imperialism - I do carry out missions from time to time and send my children to be sleeper agents for the Fatui.
    • Reformism - Unlike Mother, I will raise you like my child, as a strict, unfeeling "Father".

    Co-workers and Partners

    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - All children of the House of Hearth are also children of the Tsaritsa. I believe once she finishes her plan she can truly show her love to humanity once again. Although some of the other harbingers are suspicious of me.
    • Matriarchy - I may be a woman in reality but I refuse to take on the title of "Mother". The last "Mother" was a cruel mother so I prefer my children to call me "Father" instead.
    • Combatocracy - Children that have any disputes should solved their disputes with a duel, however unlike under Mother these duels should be friendly spars and more of a way to settle disputes instead of a fight to the death.
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - It was rather unpleasant that you imprisoned Childe on very dubious grounds, but we were able to settle this and worked together to advert the prophecy. I also made a deal with Neuvillette that I won't carry any special missions in Fontaine unless absolutely necessary. Also I appreciate the gnosis as a diplomatic gift.
    • Machiavellianism - As members of the Fatui we do have to do any means necessary to complete our missions. But any member of the House that betrays the family no matter the circumstance will be punished by death.
    • Conservatism - Yes I do believe in family values but you are too dogmatic.

    Enemies of the Family

    • Crucabenaism - She was a very cruel "Mother", she made the House of Hearth all fight against one another to the death to become her successor. I was able to kill her and become the "Father".
    • Kraterocracy - I was able to end her rule over the House of Hearth and change the House of Hearth as it is today.
    • Dottoreism - When I first took over the House of the Hearth, he proposed a number of plans for us to work together. He wanted me to send any "rejects" to him. He planned to experiment on them and then share the results with me. I heard that he and the previous Knave had quite the professional rapport in that regard. All I can say is that, if he weren't one of my fellow Harbingers, I would have expedited their happy, little reunion long ago.
    • Jingoism, Irredentism, and Revengism - Anger makes you impulsive.
    • Anarcho-Nihilism and Nihilism - and sorrow causes you to waver.
    • Focalors Theocracy - Allow me to speak to you just as a Fontainian: You know the prophecy by heart, and also that every part of it is being proven true. Yet here you are relaxing, drinking tea and eating desserts as if it's all nothing more than a few stray bugs in your garden. Do you really think that's acceptable? The prophecy's hanging above our necks like a guillotine. Every faction is looking for a way to either avert the disaster, or save their own. Even the orphans of the House of the Hearth have devoted everything to saving their homeland. But you? It beggars belief just how nonchalant and carefree you have been. From the very beginning, you, the god Focalors... You have utterly failed to take action.
    • Abyss Theocracy - If that whale is causing the sea levels to rise we shall surely destroy it without mercy.
    • Progressivism - Since you want to destroy a family so bad allow me to repeat this statement one more time. Any betrayal to the family will cost you your life!
    • Pink Capitalism, SJW and Right-Wing SJW - Those who parade their virtues often do the most evil.
    • Sexocracy - I'm not going to take you in just to satisfy your primitive instincts.
    • Celestia Theocracy - The House of Hearth will work hard to advert the prophecy placed by you!

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