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    Arksurvivalism is the ideology of the game Ark: Survival Evolved. It is basically Social Darwinism but With implanted players governed by ingsoc 'overseers' and by powerful server admins, alpha tribes (clans) can knock out other players and put them in cages or in jails made of metal walls as well as handcuffing them and filling the inventories with stones so they cannot move. (hence the police stateism) players can also force feed prisoners causing them to have to move servers after all the grinding. Alpha tribes can also demand taxes, in metal, oil, polymer etc. In ark when you die you respawn. In ark when you are jailed you cannot play unless they set you free (unlikely chance of that). A pro tip is to say on the good side of spanish players and just avoid Chinese unless you want to be jailed.


    In ark you can craft stuff, there are a bunch of engrams to learn which unlock new things as you level up. Level 100 is the max level (unless you are playing modded ark). You can craft up to metal bases and riot armour as well as making turrets and cages, you can make a bunch of weapons including a variety of guns. You can make dinosaur saddles and handcuffs as well as many more things (such as platform saddles). Arksurvivalism is an ideology that makes people grind (and i mean grind) for things. Turrets shoot people and can be placed on top of buildings. The actual highest level of stuff is tek gear and buildings, in ark mobile you get tek from dungeons found at giant obelisks (there are 3 red, blue and green). In main ark you get it from killing bosses.


    Arksurvivalism loves knocking out dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures like dodos and tiny monkeys to shove things up their gobs and make them pets, some creatures can be ridden on. The Argentavis is an eagle that people can pick people up with and drop them from the sky.


    This is why arksurvivalism is a Social Darwinist. You can use a LOT of weapons and guns can have darts so you can knock people out and jail them or just use regular bullets (but you gotta make guns and they break). In other words it is PVP so there is not much to explain there. (There is pve too)

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