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    Argentionism is the libertarian, socialist, and environmentalist ideology of Argention.




    My economic stance mainly borrows from Libertarian socialism and a little bit of economic mutualism. Ideally, the economy should primarily consist of cooperatives, unions, worker-owned businesses, and other things like that. Local planning should be a large part of economics, and mutualist co-ops should play some role as well.




    Literally me. People should have the freedom to choose who they want to be with. Unfortunately, the capitalist system exploits queers, and and conservatism restricts them, which is why I support the idea of queer-run co-ops to empower them. this also applies to basically any group of people.

    I am a strong supporter of women's rights, especially in terms of jobs. I mean, are we really going to stop half the population from getting jobs? the toll on the economy would be more than noticeable.


    I strongly support local direct democracy and unionized economic democracy.

    Thoughts on other ideologies


    Libertarian Socialism - My main inspiration.
    Queer Anarchism - QUEER LIBERATION! Tone down the anarchism though, just a little.

    Leaning positive

    Democratic Socialism - good, just be a little more libertarian and decentralized.
    Liberation Theology and Christian Socialism - The best christians. Just make sure you're being secular.
    Anarcho-Communism - Quite extreme, but still pretty cool.


    Social Libertarianism - You're a just capitalist and a mild libsoc, but some of your more extreme variants are cool and Jello Biafra is based, so I can't put you too low.

    Leaning negative

    Libertarianism - Liberty means the civil liberties of people, not corporations! At least you tried, I guess.
    Neoluddism - The industrial revolution was a necessary step in human development, and so is overcoming its consequences.


    Authoritarian Capitalism - NO.
    Authoritarian Conservatism - Literally Matt W*lsh.
    Ayn Rand - You can't stop monopolies if you let unregulated capitalism run wild. And if you call yourself an individualist, like, at least have SOME workers' rights?

    Anarcho-Capitalism - Fake anarchist. You're even worse than Rand.


    Yoda8soup Thought - Based.
    Tomjazzism - Somehow even more based.

    Leaning positive


    Neo-humanism - Not bad for a capitalist, but why can't co-ops and unions be the center of economics?
    Jefbol Thought - Communism can be good, councils are acceptable, but what's so bad about syndicalism? also, democracy is a good thing, dammit!

    Leaning negative


    Swedish Nazism - This is beyond stupid. Do you just hate all good things or something?



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