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    Arevalism, also reffered as Guatemalan Spiritual Socialism, is the name used for refer to the politics Juan José Arévalo used during the times he was president of Guatemala (1945-1951), arevalism is directed towards the moral development of people with the intent to liberate people psychologically.

    Arevalism emphasizes the importance of civil freedoms as the essential groundwork for human development, but the political principle maintained that "Individual liberty must be exercised within the limits of social order". Democracy, according to Arevalism, is a social structure that required the restriction of civil rights in the event individual liberties conflict with national security and the will of the majority.

    Arevalism opposes classical Marxism's materialist tendency and affirms that "Communism is contrary to human nature, for it is contrary to the psychology of man". Arevalism stresses the importance of government intervention in the realm of economic and social interests as necessary to sustain the desires of the majority's free will. Deviating from Marxism, Arevalism values property rights with the aim to subordinate them to benefit the country as a whole if required. Overall, Avelarism seeks to improve the social environment of the working majority through a reform of the capitalist mode of production.





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